Once Emilie was calmed, and Snow finally had a reasonable explanation for why Emilie thought it was a good idea to buy a shotgun without telling him; he left the room. Outside Pallan was waiting patiently for him beside him was Darrian who looked like she was going to fall asleep any second. Snow immediately walked over to them.

"How's Emilie?" Pallan asked however his tone indicated that he could really care less.

"Fine," Snow answered then quickly changed the subject. "Now tell me more about this project."

"That is confidential."

"Well sure as hell isn't to me now is it? What the fuck are you pulling Pallan?"

Pallan and Snow went into a brief staring contest until Darrian rolled her eyes in annoyance and spoke up.

"At first it was just an experiment to test human cloning to perfection then when we managed that we began with speed growth."

"Humans have a conscious," Snow reminded.

Darrian bowed her head. "We took measures in order to secure the feedback in the brain nervous system that is the original piece of the original brain."

"And how did you do that?"

"By using a microchip implanted in the original piece, it temporarily shuts down that part of the brain unless we turn off the microchip then that part will in a sense "wake up" and the Ghost will remember its formal life."

"All of it?"

Darrian shook her head. "Only bits and pieces, the most a couple of years possibly, however we haven't tested that so who knows, couple maybe more than ten or so."

A question nagged at Snow's brain and before he was able to stop himself he blurted it out.

"Is there something wrong with Mace's microchip?"

"Was," Pallan corrected.


"Now corrected."

Snow eyed Pallan knowing that something was up, something didn't feel right but he didn't go on. One of the officers called to Snow and he walked over. Just as Snow headed over Pallan felt his phone vibrate and he took it out. There was a single message: M346 contained.

Monitors were people who took care of the Ghosts, watching them out in public or taking care of them either on the Farm or in the government facilities. They had permission to kill or maim a Ghost should that Ghost put the lives of civilians in danger in any way. They were also instructed to take a Ghost down if the microchip implanted in their brain were to ever, for some crazy reason, shut down involuntarily and deeming the Ghost a Rebel. They knew the schedule inside and out as well as the location of the twenty Ghosts who were allowed to roam free doing the minor jobs of society. So when it hit 6:50, they knew that it was time to go home. One Monitor watched closely as two Ghosts walked around back and he followed none too close. He watched as both slipped into the back of a black sedan before officially calling it a day.

Three large vehicles transported the twenty Ghosts over the bridge and towards the safe zone as quickly as possible. Each Ghost was locked in an automatic trance as soon as the time hit 7pm and need to be lead around like a lobotomized patient. As soon as the vehicles pulled up to the government facility, they drove around back avoiding the public and transferred the Ghosts from there. They used the part of the building that was blocked off to the public and after making sure that the Ghosts were steady, rode all the way down to the large underground Farm.

The Farm had only two hundred and thirty seven cells built each stacked one on top of the other like an ordinary prison. Also beside the cell was a small crack and a piece of rought metal sticking out, the metal was a cover that slide out from the crack for the cell, it would go over top of the bars acting as an instant solitary confindment if the Ghost ever were too behave unnaturally or become Rebel. However with only one hundred and fifteen Ghosts created till the point of the destruction of MS-One. It was more than enough. The twenty Ghosts were led to their assigned cells and all were accounted for; except one. Fifteen minutes later the bell dinged indicating that someone was approaching and the Head of Monitors, Arch, headed over to the elevator. Sedated and held up by two Monitors was M346 aka James John Mace.

"What the fuckā€¦." Arch demanded.

"Blacked out again on us," a Monitor groaned while walking towards M346's cell.

"What did you tell Pallan?"

"That we have him contained already."

Arch shook his head. "Not good lying to that man, he knows when shit like this is up."

"Well, just don't tell him," the other Monitor snapped. With a groan both managed to get M346 into the chair and bound him securely.

"What about the other one?" Arch asked pointing to M112's cell, a rough metal door was covering the bars.

The Monitor shrugged. "Up and down lately, we're getting another chip placed in him in a couple of days."

"That's being aborted, Pallan wants him gone."

The Monitor raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"The part's already to be taken out, we just need to get rid of the body."

Both headed back to the watchman's room and closed the door. Arch leaned over and typed in command codes for M112's cell. There was a loud whoosh followed by an inhuman scream. As soon as the command was done everyone slowly started to relax again, watching as small drifts of smoke escaped through the cracks.