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Raven wasn't the type of person to be the first to notice things, unless they were small, like changes in herself.

The sixteen year old had been pursuaded by her Tameranian best friend to grow her hair out, so now it was in long purple waves. Puberty had ran its course, just like with Starfire, because they were both curvier in the hips and thighs, and had fuller breasts.

Little did she know, nor did she care, that a few of her teammates had changed too-excluding Cyborg.

And especially, a green sixteen year old changeling.

It was a Wednesday when she first took notice. Robin had announced something about everyone doing a costume change-to "make them look older and more unique". Starfire was pumped about the idea, and even Beast Boy. Robin was smirking, most likely because he already had his suite ready.

Cyborg didn't care-he was just going to do a few upgrades to his parts.

Raven sighed as she retreated back to her room. A costume change? What was wrong with hers? Though she'll never admit it, she had been having a few ideas lately.

So she acted on it, getting right to work.

The following Friday, the Teen Titans filed out of their rooms and headed into the training room, and in their new suites.

Robin of course, was there first. Raven came in second, and her eyes traveled over him. Robin's hair, untidy as ever, looked somehow different; he grew his bangs out, two long strands on each side of his face, along with one extending down to his nose. His costume change was very nice; instead of his green gloves, they were black. His weapon belt was silver. His entire suite was dark red, becoming black on the outside-and on some inside parts-of his legs and matching shoes. The R was black as well. The outside of his cape was black, but the inside was red. His mask came up more narrow towards the top.

Robin had apparently been giving her a once-over too. Her cape and hood was a darker blue, though her leotard was the same besides some differences; instead of long sleeves, her leotard was sleeveless, her fingerless gloves matching. Her boots were matching too, knee-high, and slightly wedged.

"Nice job, Raven," Robin complimented.

"Thanks..." said Raven. "I uh...I guess it's nothing compared to yours."

Robin grinned.

Cyborg came in next, looking the same. When Robin and Raven looked at him, he shrugged, crossing his arms.

Starfire came in after that, her voice giving her presence away.

"Friends! You all look joyous!"

Robin, Raven, and Cyborg turned around to look on the redhead. She had kept her neck and arm plates, and her color scheme-purple, by wearing a leotard and knee-high boots with firmly higher wedged silver heels. But unlike Raven's, hers was more revealing-exposing the skin at her hips, some of the midriff, and bust. It wasn't innappropriate per se, but Starfire had gotten the memo of 'changing it up' alright.

Robin's mouth fell agape, a smile growing stupidly as Starfire walked over to him. Since Robin had gotten taller, she was barely taller than him in her boots.

"Robin, you are really looking the handsome," Starfire gushed, beaming at her boyfriend, who smiled back at her.

"Thanks, Star," he said. "You look beautiful." He ran his fingers along the texture of her suite, brushing his hand along the smooth skin of her shoulder. "Nice suite choice."

"I too admire your material of suites," Starfire said with a wide smile, flirtaciously touching his chest.

Raven fought the urge to roll her eyes.

"Where's BB?" Cyborg asked.

"Here," said a voice, and Raven nearly whirled around just as Beast Boy walked in.

His voice...Raven thought, and her eyes drank him in. He wasn't as tall as Robin, but now taller than Raven herself by about an inch. His hair was longer and more shaggy, and his bangs swooped down naturally on different sides of his face-the left, center, and right. His suite was white, short-sleeved, with layered purple-slightly metallic-parts along the sleeves, the inside of his arms, and around the waist and neck. His boots matched the purple too. He was long and lanky, with the perfect amount of muscles-and especially his abs.

Raven kept a straight face, looking away when Beast Boy came up beside her.

"Nice work, Beast Boy," Robin said in approval.

"Thanks, boss," Beast Boy said, giving him a thumbs up, and Raven felt his eyes on her.

Please don't say something stupid, please don't say something stupid...Raven thought.

"Hey, Raven. Like my new suite? It shows off my muscles." Beast Boy flexed, wagging his eyebrows at her.

He would comment about that. Raven gave him a skeptical look.

"By muscles, do you mean the possible cause of crime fighting and puberty and your excuse for 'working out'?" Raven said. "Look out, ladies."

Beast Boy frowned at her sarcasm as Starfire giggled. But as usual, he brushed it off. In fact, her sarcasm and flat demeanor has grown on him; he never got really offended. He just loved making comments like that so she'll retort in response; that's the only way he'll get attention from her in the first place...

"Alright, Titans," said Robin, rubbing his hands together. "Let's get to combat practice."

"Practice today was most wonderous! Did you not think so, friend?" Starfire was saying as she and Raven walked down the hall together. Practice had lasted for a long five hours-this included going through many advanced courses, as well as going against each other quite a few times, lifting weights, cardio, abs, butt, etc.-and the Titans were exhausted, now returning to their rooms to freshen up and get ready for dinner..

Raven had been walking alone up until Starfire had caught up with her. While Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg's rooms were on the opposite side of the tower, Raven's and Beast Boy's were on the same side. It surprised the empath that it wasn't him trying to talk her to death.

"It was okay," was Raven's response. "Nothing special about it."

"Just the okay? I think these sessions of training are most fun!" Starfire said, playing with her fingers.

"You're just saying that because you got to go one on one with Robin," Raven said with the smallest of smirks, making Starfire blush as they reached her door.

"I believe boyfriend Robin and I had the fun," Starfire admitted. She watched her dark friend punch in her code before the door slid open and she stepped inside. Before Raven could close the door, however, Starfire stood in the way.

Raven studied Starfire's face, seeing the curiosity and mischievious glint in her wide green eyes.

"May I help you?" Raven questioned flatly, arching an eyebrow.

"I have been quite the curious lately," Starfire began, lowering her voice a little.


Starfire started smiling. "Why you and friend Beast Boy, of course."

The mention of Beast Boy's name instantly made Raven's heart flutter, unnaturally for her. She ignored the butterflies in her stomach, keeping a poker face on.

"We are not having this conversation," Raven said, and her door closed.

"Okay! You can't hide forever!" came Starfire's voice from the other side. "We shall have the girl talk sooner or later!"

As soon as Starfire's footsteps faded away, Raven released the breath she had been holding.

I need to take a bath...meditate...Just stay calm...and breathe...Raven told herself as she removed her cloak. She made her way to her bathroom, grabbing some towels as she did so, as well as a few candles. She walked over to the tub, turning on the water. Once it was at the perfect temperature, she stripped down to nothing, lit the candles, used her powers to keep them levitated, and got in.

Raven sunk down until the lower half of her face was submerged in hot water, and she started to think some more.

There's nothing going on between me and Beast Boy. Absolutely nothing. What would make her think that something's going on? She's obviously mistaking what we have for infatuation. Hell, it's anything but that...

Besides, I can't afford to be in a relationship-period. Even if I did...kind of...maybe...

No. No, Raven. Stop thinking like that. Being in a relationship means being unstable.

But Robin and Starfire being all lovey-dovey and mushy does rub off on you...And I can't help but feel what they feel. Unbelievably, it's amazing...Love. It's just fuzzy. Warm. Heart-racing. Thrilling. A ride that's too easy to get on, but then you want to get off.

I'll be seventeen in a few days, and I'm probably the only teenage girl in the world that has never been in a relationship. I'm not a normal teenage girl, so that doesn't apply to me. Boys don't like me. They tend to avoid me. They stare at Starfire. I'm just so...so invisible.

And then there's Beast Boy. He's so annoying and childish, yet he has matured and...believe it or not, he's kinda brave and smart and good looking and...

Oh who am I kidding, he's handsome.

Stop it, Raven, stop it! What you're feeling right now is all because of Robin and Starfire's emotions!

But what if it wasn't? What if the feelings for him were always there? And I just shut them away for all this time?

Raven opened her eyes, sitting up straighter.

"Nevermore," she whispered. "I need to know."

After quickly washing up, she got out of the tub, blowing out the candles. She changed into a dark grey graphic tee and black shorts, leaving her hair wet to air dry. Then, she walked over to her bedside table, picking up the mirror.

And she was sucked through the portal to her mind.

Nevermore was, summed up into simpler words, indeed her mind. Much like her personality, it was very dark and spooky with a forever night sky and various pieces of earth that could flip around any second, along with black ravens that instantly snapped at unwelcome visitors. Only Beast Boy and Cyborg had been in there, but it was once and by accident.

Raven didn't do too much walking, because after crossing into an empty archway, she was greeted with her Emoticlones. Emoticlones were the different sides, or personalities of Raven herself. The only difference besides the way each of them acted was that their cloaks were different; Happy was pink, Timid was grey, Brave was green, Rude was orange, Knowledge (or Wisdom) was yellow and wore glasses, Love was Purple, and Sloth was brown. Another side of herself was Rage, but she rarely showed herself anymore.

"Raven! Raven! It's so great to see you!" Happy exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Raven waved herself off, approaching Knowledge, who had been reading a book, and Love was sitting beside her looking content. "Knowledge, Love." She nodded curtly before sitting down across from them.

"Raven," Knowledge said, closing her book and straightening her glasses. "You look troubled."

"I am. Sorta," Raven admitted.

"I know what's going on!" said Love, smiling big. "Raven's very confused because her feelings for Beast Boy are finally coming into play."

"Ah," said Knowledge.

Raven looked down into her lap. "That's the thing. "I don't know what to do. I can't be in a relationship and-"

"Believe me, we've been hearing your inner turmoils and Starfire wants to have girl talk sometime later," Knowledge said, eyeing Raven with a glint in her eyes.

"What do I do?" Raven murmured.

"I know you're feeling scared, but you should do what we do best!" Love cheered, grasping Raven's hands. "Let love come in! Listen to your heart!"

Raven's eyes narrowed. "Um, last time I checked, I wasn't a sap for romance."

"If you weren't, then I wouldn't be here, now would I?"

Raven growled in defeat.

"However," Knowledge interjected, and Raven looked over at the wise emotion. "You should be cautious when you let love in."


Knowledge sat up straighter, now a little hesitant. "Well...If you do become romantically involved with Beast Boy-and there is no doubt that you will in the near future-it is very likely that you'll gain another Emoticlone."

"And which one is that?"

Timid slowly approached, fiddling with her cloak.

"I-I-It's Lust," she stammered. "She...sh-she's l-l-like Love's polar opp-pposite."

Raven looked over at Love, who nodded with a slight frown.

"The sin," Knowledge continued. "Love is one thing, and it's very beautiful. But Lust is entirely different-more powerful-and can take control of your life. You know, the way you think, the way you act, the way your thoughts process."

"So...say we become..." Raven rolled her hand in a semi circle. "Active...in the future..." She got chills at the thought, and she tried not to think about it too much.

"Then Lust will be most pleased and will get the most out of every moment of it," Knowledge answered. "You see, Raven, you are indeed in love with Beast Boy. This might affect you and the way your powers work. When he's in danger, your powers could react more powerfully because of the emotions you release."

"But my powers are already powerful..." Raven said, now confused.

"That's not what I meant," Knowledge continued with a sigh. "Being with Beast Boy means that you're releasing more emotion-him being in trouble may strongly affect you. For example, if he's hurt, Rage might take over and actually kill the person. If you see another girl flirting with him, Jealousy might make you do something you'll regret later."

Raven buried her face in her hands. "Okay, so falling in love with Beast Boy. Bad."

"No, no, that's not bad necessarily," Knowledge reassured.

"Do not worry, Raven!" said Happy, and she and Love sandwiched Raven in a tight embrace. "Love and Happiness always wins in the end!"

Raven sighed. "Maybe you're...I'm right."

Happy and Love squealed.

Sloth walked by, rubbing her stomach and belching.

"When am I gonna get some food around here? I'm STARVING!" she said.

"When you win a brawl against me!" said Brave, getting in a fighting stance. "C'mon, I'll take ya! I'll take allaya!"

Raven facepalmed herself.

Knowledge chuckled, getting to her feet. "Go eat, Raven. When you're in desperate need of our assistance, we'll be here for you."

The Emoticlones nodded to her before disappearing.

Raven opened her eyes, and she was back in her bedroom. She placed a slightly shaky hand over her forehead.

Whoa...She thought.

Knock knock knock

"Oh RAVEEEEEEN!" came the changeling's voice from the other side of her door. Raven felt an odd wave of excitement, along with annoyance, but once again she kept her face emotionless; she grabbed her purple jacket and put it on, pulling her hood over her head as she made her way to the door.

It slid open, revealing her purple orbs to his green ones.

"What?" She deadpanned; she noticed that he was wearing a black wife beater and grey sweats.

And it was quite distracting.

"Cyborg said dinner's almost ready," Beast Boy said with a smile, his tooth poking out as usual.

There was a pause before Raven sighed, her stomach giving herself away as it growled, and she stepped out, the door closing behind her.

Beast Boy laughed. "Sound like someone's huuuuungry!" he singsonged.

Raven rolled her eyes and started walking away. Beast Boy, of course, fell into step with her with a smile on his face.

"You smell good. Did you just take a bath?"

"Beast Boy..."

"Sorry, sorry...Can't help it. Super sense of smell ya know..."


"So what are you hungry for? I'm always in the mood for some good ol' tofu-"

"Beast Boy!"

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