You guys...I declare this as THE LAST chapter. I appreciate each and every one of you for supporting me throughout this entire journey. It's been fun! I'm gonna save the sobbing. I know I said that there will be a couple more but...b-but...I-I just w-wanted to leave it h-h-here!


"Do you think they'll be happy to see me?" Beast Boy asked Raven as they walked down the hallway towards the Ops.

"Why wouldn't they? They haven't seen you conscious for days," Raven answered. She took a deep breath. "Just...brace yourself."

"For what?"

And that's when the Ops doors opened, and the two stepped through.


Before the changeling's eyes could register, four different bodies slammed into him at the same time, engulfing him in tight hugs and kisses.

"Friend! It's so glorious to see you doing the 'up and running'! How are you? Are you well? You are feeling the better? We missed you so much and everyone was worried and I cried and all the other Titans didn't want to leave but they did and we had to tell them that you were fine when we really didn't know how fine you were and-!"

Okay, that was Starfire.

"Star, I think you're smothering him too much."

That was Nightwing.

"Duuuude! He deserves to be smothered! He had us worried sick!"

That was Terra.

"Correction-had Star and Rock Star worried sick. Nightwing and I masked most of our emotions."

That was Cyborg.

"Yeah. Most."

And that was Raven, who was a foot away from the huddle with crossed arms. Nightwing and Cyborg drew away, but Starfire and Terra remained. Beast Boy chuckled, finally having access to his arms, and wrapped them around the two snugly.

"And you thought they wouldn't be happy to see you..." Raven murmured, smirking a little.

"Are you hungry?" Starfire asked Beast Boy, pulling away from him. "We can make a quick feast!"

"Naah, you don't have to," Beast Boy said, releasing Terra last. His teammates still looked at him as if he were to collapse at any minute. "Seriously guys. I'm fine!" They still didn't buy it, so he turned to the empath for help. "Raven, help meeee!" He begged.

Raven sighed, coming up on Beast Boy's side.

"Beast Boy is fine," she said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "I think he wishes for everyone to calm down and treat him as if the...incident never happened."

"But Raven-"

"Starfire..." Raven warned gently, arching an eyebrow.

Starfire sighed. "Very well then. Come, friends! Let us finally partake in the most delicious meal friend Cyborg has made for us!"

"Pleeeease tell me there's tofu!" Beast Boy begged.

"Actually..." Cyborg grinned, "there is."

Beast Boy beamed.

Titans Tower

2 Nights Later

5:30 p.m.

"Soooo why do we have to dress up?" Rose asked, her legs swinging back and forth on the stool as she sat in front of Starfire's vanity. She wore a simple spagetti strapped black dress, having a cute flare at the hips, and matching black sandals.

"Because we are going to be guests of honor at the Manor of Wayne," Starfire answered. The alieness was running a straightening iron through the smaller girl's hair. She wore a button-down, silky black tube shirt tucked in a matching high-waisted skirt and sequined black pumps; her hair was in long waves, the left part having more hair on that side than the right. Her hoop earrings matched her shoes and eye shadow.

Starfire added curls at the tips of Rose's silver locks.

"Aaaand why is everyone going in black?"

Starfire smiled. "It is quite customary for the Wayne family, but white and other colors of cool work as well."

There was a knock at the door, and the two looked up.

"Do you guys...need any assistance?" Raven asked, coming in the room. Her black dress was sleeveless and fitted, stopping an inch above her knees. The neckline area was covered in a layer of simple lace with no pattern. From the looks, and to Starfire's delight, she had used the big heat rollers for her hair again. The look really suited her, and the cateye look made her purple eyes pop. Her shoes were none other than black strappy stilettos. The only jewelry she bore was her mood necklace and ring; and that wasn't surprising.

"Of course!" Starfire clapped, beckoning Raven over. Once Raven reached her, the two looked in the mirror. "I'm trying to put her hair in a ponytail like this." She pulled strands from either side of Rose's ears, taking them to the back. This left a few shorter strands free to frame her face. Raven nodded, taking over Starfire's hair with her own, and grabbed a comb.

Starfire sat down on her bed, crossing one leg over the other. "So, has Beast Boy seen you yet?"

Raven shook her head. "Nightwing seen you?"

"No. I believe the...boys are awaiting downstairs by the entrance?"

"They do get ready faster," Raven pointed out, and Starfire nodded with her gaze on the ceiling.

Terra came in next, handbag in hand. Her dress was also fitted and black with halter straps, and she wore matching heels. Her hair was curly, some pulled back behind her ears, but her bangs remained swept to the side.

"Everybody ready?" she asked.

"Hold on," Raven said, spreading the hair out a little more to give it more...'oomf'. "Okay. I think we're all ready."

"So are Blackfire and Jason coming?" Terra asked Starfire.

"They will meet us there, yes," Starfire said as Rose got to her feet. "Let's go, girls!"


"OH MY GOD," Beast Boy sighed heavily for the thousandth time. "Where the hell are they?" He pulled at his black tie. He wore with it a dark purple dress shirt, black skinny jeans, and black converse with black soles.

"Patience, my pupil," Cyborg said in an ancient voice with a little guffaw. He wore a light blue dress shirt, black tie, black dress pants, and dress shoes. And yes. No hologram rings tonight. "I bet they'll be down any minute."

Nightwing stood quietly, arms crossed as he leaned up against his N-Cycle. He wore a black suite, with a white dress shirt, black tie, and black dress shoes. Quite a few things were going through his head right now. Starfire and the rest of his team were finally gonna do it. They were going to meet his family. And most importantly, they were going to meet Bruce. No doubt Beast Boy and Terra would embarrass him to death over it.

"We're ready, we're ready!" Starfire called, now walking as fast as she could with the other females (as fast as they could manage with heels, excluding Rose). "Sorry we were so late!" She looked up from digging in her purse, smiling big. "Well, don't you all look handsome!"

"We do try," Cyborg said, and he and Beast Boy snickered. Raven was walking towards Beast Boy now, and Cyborg had to cough to cover his next snicker at the look on the changeling's face.

"Your tie is loose. Stop pulling it," Raven said, straightening Beast Boy's tie.

"S-Sorry," Beast Boy stammered. Okay. This was worth the wait. Big time. "You look great."

Raven arched an eyebrow. "I felt your impatience."

"But it was totally worth my three bathroom trips!" Beast Boy smiled down at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"Nightwing?" Starfire asked, placing her hand over his, and he looked up at her. "Are you the okay?"

"I'm fine, Star." Nightwing smiled, and she had a soft smile in return. She wasn't completely convinced. "I'm just a little nervous," he admitted, and Starfire used her free hand to cradle the side of his face.

"Everything will be fine," she said. "Even if Beast Boy goes overboard. This is...the Batman we are talking about!"

Nightwing smiled wider, giving her a thorough once-over. "You look beautiful."

Starfire blushed, murmuring a thank you. Nightwing rose his head, getting everybody's attention.

"Alright, Titans. Let's go!"

While the rest of the Titans and Rose rode in the T-Car, Nightwing and Starfire road on his N-Cycle. With her arms around him tight, and her face buried in his back, Nightwing really started to feel like things were back to normal again. She even agreed to wear the blue helmet and he wore the black one.

He was in the lead the entire way, and could tell that everyone but himself and Rose gasped in wonder as they pulled into the long driveway up to Wayne Manor. He parked along the side of the mansion, and the T-Car swerved next to him.

"Duuuude! This is sick!" Beast Boy jumped out of the car, nearly fanboying from where he stood.

"I know!" Terra jumped up and down, gripping his arm. "We're gonna meet Batman, we're gonna meet Batman!"

"You're going to meet Bruce," Nightwing corrected sternly.

"And you're going to behave," Raven hissed.

"Gee, you'd think they were our parents," Beast Boy whispered behind his hand to Terra and Cyborg. Rose, being the shortest, was in the front with Nightwing and Starfire as they all walked towards the front door.

Before Nightwing rose a fist, the door swung open, and there stood Alfred with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Alfred," Nightwing smiled warmly at him.

"Richard and friends," Alfred replied, stepping to the side. "We have been expecting you! Please come in."

The Titans walked in, looking around the huge space.

"EEEEEP!" Stephanie squealed, coming down the stairs with the rest of her step-siblings; all of them looked beautiful and handsome in their formal attires. "You're here!"

The Titans watched in amazement as Nightwing embraced each and every one of his step-brothers and sisters with much love and affection-a side that they've never seen of him before, not even with Starfire herself.

Stephanie, Barbara, Cassidy, Tim, and Damian spread out in a line, facing the Titans for the first time.

"I'd like for you to meet my other family," Nightwing said. "Titans, these are my brothers and sisters-Barbara, Cassidy, Damian, Stephanie, and Tim," he introduced. "You guys, these are the Titans-Beast Boy, Cyborg, Terra, Raven, you all know Rose, and this-" he went to stand beside her-"is Starfire."

The Bats shook the Titans hands, greetings friendly and welcoming.

"THIS is Starfire?!" Stephanie squealed, hugging the Tamaranian tight. "Oh, it's so good to finally meet you in person!"

"Yes it is." Damian grinned, licking his thumb and smoothing his hair back.

Starfire giggled. "Glorious! It is most pleasing to meet you all as well!"

"Dick, she's so out of your league," Cassidy said.


"Hey, Rose," Tim said, and Rose smiled up at him.

"Hi, Tim," she said.

And then-

"Oh God," Beast Boy was almost faint now, his shaky finger pointed at the top of the stairs. "Oh God." He had to grip Raven's shoulder for support. "Oh God, oh God, oh God."

Bruce descended down the stairs, with none other than Selina Wayne, Blackfire, and Jason not far behind him.

"Hello, sister!" Starfire smiled and waved, and the older sibling smiled back.

Beast Boy couldn't help himself.

"You're...! You're...!" He managed in not-very-manly squeals of excitement. "You're...!"

"Bruce Wayne," Bruce answered, looking over at Nightwing. "This is...Beast Boy right?"

"AHH! YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" Beast Boy jumped up in down. "YOU GUYS! HE KNOW'S MY NAME! HE KNOWS MY...knows" he put his hand against his forehead and fell backwards.

Raven facepalmed herself.

"From what Richard's told me..." Bruce stepped closer to the now beaming Titans. "Cyborg..." He shook his hand.

"Nice to meet ya," Cyborg said.

"Terra," Bruce said, shaking her hand next.

"Hehehehe, yeeeah!" Terra said, her smile so big and wide it looked like it stretched around her head.

"Raven." Bruce shook her hand.

"It's nice to meet you," Raven said with a little nod and smile, and he returned it.

"And you must be Starfire." Bruce stuck his hand out, and Starfire took it nervously, but she smiled anyway. "It's nice to finally meet you, young lady."

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Bruce," Starfire said.

Beast Boy had regained conscious, getting back to his feet.

Selina smirked at him.

"You're...! You're...CATWOMAN!" Again that pointing and shakiness from the changeling. "Duuuuude!"

"Please," Selina outstretched her hand, and he took it eagerly. "Call me Selina." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Beast Boy squealed with glee.

And then he fainted.


"Selina..." Nightwing muttered.

"Mom!" Damian moaned.

"What? Can't a kitten have her fun?" Selina purred.

"I like this chick," Blackfire muttered to Starfire. "There's a high chance that she's gonna be our future mother-in-law."

"Not when she's married," Bruce gruffed under his breath.

This didn't go unnoticed.

"Wait a second..." Nightwing said, and his team joined him in unison.


Four Titans ended up on the floor with Beast Boy, revealing the empath facepalming herself.

"Alright," she said. "You two got married. I feel like a windchime."

An impatient groan emitted from Damian, his stomach growling.