Age of the Founders Timeline

01/09/990AD  Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny arrive in the time of the Hogwarts founders.

02/09/990AD  First day of classes. 

03/09/990AD  Research the amulet in the library.  Tell Ardwick and Christabel about the time travel.

04/09/990AD  Ardwick finds information on the amulet.

05/09/990AD  Monday – Start to write their books.  First sword fighting lesson.

06/09/990AD  Tuesday – First animagus lesson.  First confrontation with Horatio.

07/09/990AD  Wednesday – First Dark Arts lesson.  First martial arts lesson.

08/09/990AD  Thursday – First invisibility lesson.  Harry shows his first bit of wandless magic.

09/09/990AD  Friday – First archery lesson.  Meet Lolide.

10/09/990AD  Saturday – First duelling lesson.  Harry has a flashback.

11/09/990AD  Sunday – First wandless magic lesson.  Harry speaks to Lolide for the first time.  Starts to study the Dark Arts and elven magic.

30/09/990AD  Marauders founded.

01/10/990AD  First big prank on the school.

12/10/990AD  Gallatea and Ardwick first hear about quidditch. 

13/10/990AD  First practice game of quidditch.

15/10/990AD  Plan Gallatea's birthday party.

21/10/990AD  Gallatea's birthday – party, presents, quidditch pitch revealed.

22/10/990AD  Rest of the school find out about the quidditch pitch.

31/10/990AD  Hallow'een feast.  Slytherin acts suspiciously.  Gallatea reveals her telepathy to Harry.  Harry shows her his snakes.

01/11/990AD  Harry and Gallatea share their revelations with the others.  Find out about Slytherin's snake spies.

21/11/990AD  Quidditch tryouts.

23/11/990AD  Meeting in the Chamber of Secrets.

01/12/990AD  First ever quidditch match – Gryffindor Vs Ravenclaw.

11/12/990AD  Harry wakes up in the hospital wing after being hit with a bludger.

12/12/990AD  Harry overhears Lolide and Gryffindor talking about the founder's heart problems.

13/12/990AD  Harry goes back to classes.  Makes quidditch deal with Ministry and Flourish & Bott's.

14/12/990AD  Care of Magical Creatures – Sleeping dragon tickled by Horatio, Gallatea rescued by Harry.  Their first kiss.

19/12/990AD  Christmas holidays start.

20/12/990AD  Ardwick proposes a prank war between the Marauders.

21/12/990AD  Peeves' prank.

22/12/990AD  Ardwick's prank.

23/12/990AD  Ron's prank.

24/12/990AD  Harry's prank.  Peeves finds out about the time travellers.

25/12/990AD  Christmas day prank.  Horatio casts the Cruciatus on Hermione and is expelled.  Gryffindor and Slytherin duel.  Harry first uses the parseltongue magic removal spell.  The school motto is founded.

26/12/990AD  Trip to Hogsmeade.  Buy costumes and immunity necklaces.  Soul Magic lesson for Harry.  Overhear Slytherin's plans.  Yule Ball.  Harry and Gallatea go as High Elves.  Ardwick, Hermione, Ron and Ginny go as the founders.

18/04/991AD  Harry first visits the elf world.

13/06/991AD  OWLs start.

18/07/991AD  Last quidditch match of the season – Ravenclaw Vs Slytherin

19/07/991AD  School breaks up for the summer.

21/07/991AD  The time travellers and Gallatea start to get bored.  Study to pass the time.

26/07/991AD  Harry visits the elves for a month.

28/07/991AD  Battle in the Chamber of Secrets.  Harry's elven skills are revealed.

29/07/991AD  Gaerwyn first visits the human world.

31/07/991AD  Harry's birthday.  Lots of alcohol.  Harry is given the Gryffindor Tower room, and a handmade holly wood broom.

01/08/991AD  Harry and Gallatea wake up in the same bed, half dressed.

06/08/991AD  Ravenclaw proposes the time travellers take their NEWTs.

17/08/991AD  Lolide finishes teaching Harry.

18/08/991AD  Ron and Harry are given their specially ordered quidditch rule books and their new Gringotts keys.

22/08/991AD  Hogsmeade trip.  Harry orders the building of Domus Corvus Corax.

30/08/991AD  OWL and NEWT results.

01/09/991AD  Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny go to the next time period.  Gallatea tells Harry she's pregnant.

04/04/992AD  Glenadade Harold Potter, the first of the Potter line, is born.