Harry ran through the halls of Hogwarts. He took stairs three at a time, skidded around corners and shoved past slower people with nothing more than a yelled excuse me or sorry as they picked themselves up. His first destination was the Great Hall. He skidded into the room and found the one person he was looking for.

"Luna!" he called out as he raced to the Ravenclaws table, "Come with me please."

"Ok." she got up and met him as he approached, "What's up?"

Harry grabbed her hand and reversed his course dragging her along. "Hurry!"

"Can you explain," She huffed, "why we're running through the school?"

"I've had a bit of a discovery and we're in a hurry." he panted as he continued to pull her along.

"Did you find a Crumple Horned Snorkack?" she asked

"No, worse." he said as they swerved into a secret passage that he knew would get them to their next destination much quicker.

"A Blibbering Humbdinger?"


"A Starcrossed, Knockkneed, Rainbow colored Whatchawhosit?"

"I've never heard of that one." Harry admitted as they bolted out of a tapestry at the other end, nearly bowling over more students, and ran towards the tower that was his second goal.

"Me either." Luna added as they ran, "It was just a guess."

Harry chuckled as he looked at the map checking to see if they were all still there. As he approached the door he yelled out the password, "Quidditch rocks."

"I think so too." Luna replied as the portrait opened and he picked her up almost tossing her in, "Oh you mean the password."

"Harry?" Ginny called as she approached, "What's going on?"

"Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, and Neville come here, quickly." he shouted.

"What's up?" Ron asked as those he had yelled for were moving towards him from different parts of the common room.

There weren't many people in the room and most of them were DA members. He wished he could take more of them but they'd all find out eventually.

"Grab hold." he dictated as he pulled a rope from his pocket, "You too Ginny." Luna had already taken hold on it.

"Wait." Hermione stopped them all from reaching it, "Where was your wand during the troll incident?"

"Up his nose." Harry snorted, "Now grab on we don't have much time."

They all grabbed hold just as the door was flung open and Umbridge entered the common room. Harry tapped the rope with his wand and they felt the pull of the portkey grab them. Umbridge was trying to reach Harry to stop him. Everyone was surprised when he reached out and grabbed her and took her along.

"Harry got rid of Umbridge." Seamus yelled in joy.

"Twenty points to Harry." one of the prefects whooped.

They landed with a thump in an unknown house. Harry quickly stunned Umbridge and turned to his friends as she crashed to the floor.

"Harry you attacked a teacher." Hermione gasped.

"Not much of one." Ron glanced at the woman on the floor, "Why did you bring the toad with us?"

"She would have blamed the rest of Gryffindor for our disappearance." Harry pointed out.

"Too true." George agreed, "So where have you brought us to this time?"

"Don't know." Harry shrugged.

"What?" Hermione's glare intensified.

"I didn't ask where it was taking us." Harry was looking around the room ignoring her glare, "I trust Professor McGonagall, don't you."

"Of course I do." Hermione huffed, "But are you sure it was her?"

"Where is she?" Fred was the one to ask when Harry only glared back at Hermione.

"Right behind you." she chuckled as he jumped and spun around, "The rest will be here soon. Now whatever are we going to do with incompetent professor and spy that needs to be silenced?"

"International portkey to China?" Harry asked as McGonagall glared down at the woman she despised.

"Think Potter, she can return from there." Moody called as he stomped into the room. One quick spell at the woman and he continued, "She was injured in a potions accident while monitoring your detention with Snape. I've obliviated her and we'll have Poppy take her to St. Mungo's after she drinks a sleeping potion."

"I've got it." Poppy bustled into the room and forced the potion down her throat, "I'll head back to the school when I'm done."

"Won't the healers know she wasn't injured?" Hermione asked.

"I have friends that are willing to help us out on this matter." the medi-witch grinned then pulled out another vial that she poured on Umbridge, "Besides, see she had a terrible potions accident. It caused warts to grow all over her face and hands she'll want to stay in a quiet, dark room with no visitors for at least a week."

"Wicked." Ron, Fred and George said together.

"Well done." Minerva stated just before Madam Pomfrey took the toad to St. Mungo's via portkey, "Filius has the school and Pamona is helping. All students are being sent back to the dorms since several teachers are absent because of this tragic potions accident. As soon as the rest arrive we will get started."

"Will Professor Dumbledore be here?" Hermione asked.

"In a manner of speaking." Minerva answered evasively with her lips drawn into a thin line, "Follow me."

"What's going on?" Ron whispered his question to Harry.

"You are going to have to wait." Harry shook his head, "This is so big that anything I can say will just confuse you worse."

"Was there really a potions accident?" Fred asked.

"Yes but Umbridge wasn't there at the beginning." he said, "Just me and Professors McGonagall, Snape and Dumbledore."

"What potion?" Ginny asked.

"Veritiserum." Snape was the one to answer, "Fifty points to Gryffindor for getting rid of an offensive… toad."

"Thanks." Harry laughed at the shocked looks of his friends, "Will that still appear at Hogwarts?"

"No." he smirked which pulled grumbles from the students.

Everyone finally arrived and Minerva called the meeting to order, "Attention, in a moment some of us will be viewing a memory that started a few hours ago. Madam Bones you and your aurors should feel free to speak with the other two witnesses if you wish. Arthur you will be viewing the memory with her and the Aurors as Mr. Potter's representative. The rest of you will be informed of the memory but you will not go in right now as the pensieve cannot hold that many people. Only Madam Bones, her aurors and Arthur are going in now. You may view it at a later time if you wish any questions?"

When no questions were asked Minerva asked her elf for a tea tray as the others entered the pensieve. She put the tea on the table and sat with Molly and her children, Charlie and Percy were the only ones not present. Harry, Hermione, Luna and Neville rounded out the group of students. Sirius and Remus were also present although Sirius was in his dog form to hide him until Amelia Bones understood he was innocent. Tonks, Kingsley and Moody were the aurors that were present with Madam Bones.

"Shall I begin Professor?" Harry asked. Getting a nod from the woman Harry began, "As most of you know I had detention with Professor Snape this afternoon. I was tasked to clean cauldrons while Professor Snape was beside me making a potion. That potion turned out to be Veritiserum but I didn't know that at the time."

"Harry just use last names." Minerva instructed, "If you have to say professor before each name every time this is going to take forever."

"Right." Harry nodded with a smile, "During the detention Dumbledore stormed in with McGonagall right behind him. Evidentially he didn't see me because he tripped over me and fell into the cauldron of just completed truth serum."

"Is he alright?" Hermione asked in alarm.

"Physically he was perfectly fine." Minerva interjected, "However the fallout from his words did cause him to become injured. I just wish Mr. Potter hadn't beaten me to the punch."

"After I hexed him he is most definitely not fine." Harry huffed.

"Harry! You hexed a teacher? Again?" Hermione was exasperated.

"Technically no." Minerva interrupted, "He's fired or will be very soon. He is no longer a professor or headmaster. Besides Mr. Potter's curse wasn't nearly as painful as mine was. I just wish I would have been faster. His on top of mine would have been much better. Of course the rest of his curses and mine were on top of that one so that is a good thing. It helped that Severus petrified Albus so we could hex him easier."

"Why did you both hex him so badly?" Ginny asked, "What did he do?"

"He's been manipulating everyone so that he could take over the world." Luna said, "Wouldn't you love to live in a world ruled by peace and love. A benevolent dictator that would ensure everyone was treated equally. Of course everyone would be on the level below him."

"How did you know?" Minerva asked shocked.

"Daddy discovered it several years ago." she shrugged, "He printed an article about it. He was going to make it a series until Dumbledore threatened him. My mum died in a potions accident around that time and he told Daddy I was next if he didn't quit printing the articles."

"I'm sorry Luna." Harry hugged her.

"It's ok." she smiled, "Maybe someone can take his spell off now."

"What does it do?" he asked.

"Makes me talk nonsense, kind of like when the nargles clog my head." she replied smiling at the students in the room, "My friends are nice enough to overlook the jabber and see the real me."

"We will work on that later." Harry assured her, "Maybe the aurors can help."

"Back to the subject at hand." Minerva patted the girls shoulder, "Luna is correct. That is his base plan. Everything he's done since he was a teenager was calculated to fit into his plan."

"But he never took the job of Minister for Magic." Hermione pointed out, "Wouldn't he just take it to rule our world?"

"Why be the puppet when you can be the puppeteer? It's the same reason Malfoy doesn't try for the job." Harry stated, "This way he can get laws passed without being attached to them. He authored the underaged magic law to hurt muggleborns so he could act the benefactor to them and get them in his debt, same thing with anti-werewolf laws. On top of that this year he reduced the area the centaurs are allowed to claim as their own to stir them up for some reason. That's not all, not by a long shot. I think the worst for this part is how he managed to manipulate others into believing they are the authors of the laws and that he fought against them."

Sirius in his dog form had his head in Moony's lap and whined for him as Harry explained. None of them could be prepared for what Minerva told them about next.

"One of his biggest atrocities started when Robert Potter, Harry's great grandfather, was killed during the final fight with Grindlewald." She sighed.

"I thought Albus fought him alone." Molly said, "All the books say Mr. Potter was killed before the battle started."

"Robert was reported to have died several days before the battle. It was reported by Albus just after the battle." she shook her head, "But he didn't, Albus lied. He was supposed to be helping but had faked being hit by a spell and just waited until Gridlewald was worn down. Robert Potter stunned Grindlewald at the same time that Grindlewald sent a killing curse at him. After Grindlewald was down Albus disarmed him, stunned him again and then tied him up and claimed the victory as his own."

"That's terrible." Hermione sniffed, tears running down her face.

"It's not the end though." Harry said, "He then manipulated my Grandfathers life. My grandfather was engaged to be married and Dumbledore broke them up. He sent each one a letter from the other saying they had to end the relationship. Embedded in each letter was a jinx that made them sterile. Neither of them believed their letter and didn't break up. But Grandfather had to marry a woman that could bear a child. When the girl was found to be sterile he couldn't marry her. Both were devastated and it took my Grandfather years before he found a woman he could marry."

"What happened to the other girl?" Ginny whispered.

"She went on to replace Dumbledore as the transfiguration professor." Minerva sniffed, "I never married thinking I could not have children. I devoted my life to teaching other people's children instead. This was part of his plan."

"But Harry is here." Neville pointed out.

"Dad was a late in life baby for my Grandfather." Harry said, "The jinx had worn off after so many years. Dumbledore never planned for Charles to live long enough to get past the jinx. He pushed him to join the aurors in honor of his father Robert who had been Head Auror at the time of his death. The plan was to get Charles killed with no heir and show a will that left all the Potter wealth to Dumbledore."

"He didn't do that with James did he?" Remus asked.

"No, but another dark wizard was on the rise and he needed someone to take Voldemort out." Harry grumbled, "At first his plan was to have Dad die trying to kill him. Dumbledore decided to make him fall in love with a muggleborn girl and then let Voldemort kill her so James would go after him and get himself killed while hopefully hurting or killing Voldemort, just like Grandfather Robert. "

"He was still visiting muggleborns himself back then." Minerva sighed, "He picked out Lily because her family was nothing important in the muggle world and wouldn't gain any attention when she disappeared."

"So he started giving dad a strong love potion on the first day of first year." Harry sighed, "Since he already liked Mum the potion forced him to do stupid things to get her attention. Kind of the same way Veela allure works but not quite that extreme. Two major events during Christmas Dad's sixth year caused him to stop giving dad the potion. My grandparents were killed and so was the person making the potion for him, he didn't have another potions master that owed him enough to make it yet."

"They got together during seventh year." Remus smiled at Harry, "So that wasn't the potion right?"

"Correct." Minerva agreed, "The potion took a while to wear off since he had been getting it for so long but by the end of January or so all traces were gone. Albus didn't worry about it since it seemed that James was still crazy about Lily so his plan would still work. He then needed Lily to like James so it would drive him over the edge when she died. He was in the process of planning to give Lily a potion to make her fall in love with James when they started going out. He then engineered the death of Lily's parents to make her more dependent on James."

"That's horrendous." Remus gasped.

"True but it still doesn't end." Harry said, "He kept putting the two of them into situations where they would have to fight Voldemort. They had already faced him and lived through it three times when mum found out she was pregnant. After that she was no longer part of the order. Dumbledore was already starting to plan my life when a prophecy was made."

"What prophecy?" Molly asked quietly.

"Basically it said that I would be the one to defeat the dark lord." Harry sighed, "But Dumbledore wanted to get the glory for that so he changed his plans again. Remus do you know why Sirius and dad decided to switch secret keepers?"

"Because they thought it would be a great prank." Remus repeated the words that Sirius had told him.

"No. They did it because Dumbledore used a memory charm on Sirius and implanted the suggestion into his head. He knew who the spy was and he wanted my parents out of the way." The dog beside Remus began to howl as Harry pushed on, "With them out of the way he could manipulate me better."

"I'm going to kill him." Sirius transformed with a roar, "He took our best friend and hurt Harry."

"He also let you rot in Azkaban." Remus growled pulling Sirius back to the couch, "Let's hear the rest of this."

"I don't care about Azkaban. He killed James and planned to kill Harry." Sirius growled.

"He took all of our friends away from us. He even took us from each other." Remus said, "I do care about Azkaban."

"Do you want to know why you went to Azkaban?" Harry asked loudly to be heard over their argument.

"Why?" both stopped ranting to ask.

"To keep you away from me." Harry said, "Once I knew you were innocent he kept you on the run to keep you away from me and dependent on him. He could have demanded a veritiserum trial at any time since you were arrested and he didn't do it. The prophecy the Order is guarding is a fake only there to lure Voldemort to the Ministry. Snape told Dumbledore that Voldemort is going to try to lure me into going to the ministry to get it by tricking me somehow into thinking someone I care about is being tortured there, most probably you Sirius. Dumbledore is planning on making sure you die in the fight. It's the reason he won't let you leave Grimmauld. He's making you so stir crazy you'll jump at any chance to leave."

"I wonder about Peter." Remus tilted his head as he thought.

"Peter was the spy all on his own." Harry interrupted, "He should have gone to Hufflepuff because he didn't fit in any house. Dumbledore however had the hat put him in Gryffindor so he could spy on Sirius. He was shocked when you didn't go to Slytherin. You botched his plans for a bit. However he was able to use Peter to his advantage."

"Why is he doing this?" Ginny asked.

"He wants me totally dependent on him." Harry sighed, "The only reason he allows your family to stay around is because he's not done with you yet."

"What?" Molly demanded.