"What is going on?" Minerva asked as they approached the head table.

"Harry pranked us." Cho screeched, "All of my clothes look like this."

"Mr. Potter?" Minerva turned to him, "Did you play any part in this?"

"Yes I did." Harry smiled like he was taking credit for a well performed task in class, "I supplied the power."

"The power?" Minerva asked.

"I did the spells that Rose requested to the people she selected." He offered, "I think it had to do with what they did to her Saturday afternoon and what they said while doing it."

"Ms. Chang." The Headmistress turned back.

"We only helped her get ready for the party." Cho disagreed, "We didn't do anything bad to her."

"NOTHING BAD?" Rose yelled, "You dressed me in PINK. I have red hair, pink looks hideous on me. A dress with ruffles, only a two year old would wear. You put my hair into curly pig tails and the makeup was plastered on. I looked like a clown in baby doll outfit. It was horrific. At least Seamus was able to hide me before too many people saw. Now you look just like I did."

"I saw her and agree it was terrible." Mary Transner said, "They stole my present for my little sister, who is two, and enlarged it to fit Rose. She kept telling them she didn't want to wear it or have makeup and they just ignored her and continued to talk about how Harry would dump Ginny and go out with them since they were helping his ugly little relative out."

"You didn't tell me they called you ugly." Harry turned to her, "They were wrong, don't listen to them."

"I agree you're very cute just like you are." Seamus added quietly.

"Are you saying Rose pranked them and you helped her?" Minerva asked.

"Yes Professor." Harry stood tall holding Rose close to him.

"Ten points from Gryffindor." She said then turned to the seven Ravenclaws, "Ten point each for your bad judgment and detention for stealing. You will also be buying her a new dress."

"No need for the dress Professor." Mary spoke up again, "Harry and Rose returned it to me earlier completely restored to its original condition."

"Ten points to Gryffindor." Minerva nodded to Harry again, "But you girls will still have detention. Ten points to Ravenclaw for your forgiveness Ms. Trasner. Mr. Potter, how long will this prank last?"

"A couple hours more or less." He scratched his chin, "Can't really remember."

"NEWTS start this afternoon Mr. Potter." Minerva reminded him.

"It will be long gone before tests start, promise." Harry smiled brightly.

True to his word the spell faded off their clothes after lunch but before the tests began. Every day after school during the week of testing Remus met with Harry's group, Sirius, Minerva, Filius and Severus to cover what had happened during Dumbledore's trial that day. Amelia had started the questioning on the first day by asking him how he had stopped Grindlewald. When his answer came back everyone was shocked and ready to hear any juicy detail he would give knowing that even if they were implicated it would be eclipsed by Dumbledore's actions. She had then gone back and asked for any other illegal actions he had taken and he began to tell them about his relationship with Grindlewald. How he had planned to take over the world and was continuing to work towards that goal even today. They spent the first two weeks of the trial just on Grindlewald. It wasn't until Harry could arrive that she got them back to the day he defeated Grindlewald. Dumbledore was kept out of the courtroom during his arrival.

"Mr. Potter, I am glad you could join us today." Amelia addressed him, "There have been some concerns brought up about your attendance would you mind taking the stand and putting those concerns to rest?"

"Yes Minister Bones, I would be happy to if it's alright with my guardian." Harry referred to Sirius.

"If you will meet my one condition I will agree." Sirius addressed the Wizengamot, "I wish to review the questions ahead of time and they should be related only to the Dumbledore case. Any questions I don't approve of do not get asked."

"We want to administer Veritserum." On member instructed.

"As long as my condition is met that is fine." Sirius said after Harry nodded his agreement.

After debating for several minutes Amelia handed the list of questions to Sirius. He read them over with Remus and they crossed off some and then handed it back.

"Very good." She looked it over, "Administer the potion please." Once it was finished and Harry was ready she read the first question, "Mr. Potter, why do you want to attend these hearings?"

"I was there the day Dumbledore got sick." He offered, "He let slip then that he had framed Sirius for my parents murders. He also said that he expected me to kill Voldemort. I would like to know the extent to which he manipulated my life."

"Question two is do you think you can handle what may be horrific things said during this trial?" she asked.

"Yes, I can." He said, "I saw Voldemort bleed to death as he tried to stab me with a poisoned knife not long ago. I've already heard about Dumbledore's part in my parent's murder. And I lived with the people he sent me to. I've not been a child for a very long time I can handle more than what others my age can tolerate. I've already had to."

"Well put." She admitted, "Has Dumbledore every done anything to you?"

"Yes." He explained, "He put me with people that hated me and lied about my relationship to them. When I told him they were mean he said it was the safest place for me and sent me back. He murdered my parents by his lack of action. He framed my Godfather and put him in prison so I couldn't be raised by the one stated in my parent's will. He put me into dangerous situations by giving me parts of information and clues to what was happening and encouraged me to figure it out. It was his form of training me to kill Voldemort."

"Ok, thank you." Amelia looked at the questions, "Does anyone feel that I need to ask any more of these questions? I believe he has answered them all satisfactorily." When no one replied she continued, "Does anyone think he should not attend this trial?" Again no one responded, "I'll that that as a no shall I. Please administer the antidote and then you may return to your seat Mr. Potter. Thank you for your cooperation."

"You're welcome." Harry replied after recovering from the antidote. He retook his seat between Remus and Sirius.

Albus Dumbledore was brought in and the potion administered and thus began the deluge of information about the war with Grindlewald and how he took over the school. Many twists in laws and manipulations of people were sewn into a tapestry that showed a life of lies, treachery and obsessive control. As time went on more of the professors of Hogwarts joined his group watching the trial. Rose spent her days with Ginny and the Weasleys at the Burrow. She completely supported Harry going to the trials but wanted no part of it herself. She knew the day of her exposer was coming and she was happy to put it off as long as possible. Dumbledore meanwhile rambled through his early years up to the time Voldemort began to show himself. Amelia then had members of the Order of the Phoenix attend so they could hear what he did. The day he talked about the Prewitt twins Arthur was in attendance.

"You knew Fabian and Gideon were targets?" Amelia asked.

"No I told Argent to target them. They were beginning to pull away from me and were trying to talk others into leaving." Albus explained, "I had to be the leader they couldn't take my control. They had to be taken care of. Voldemort needed to think Argent was firmly on his side and sacrificing them was the quickest way to that end. It worked he was a brilliant spy for me until his death years later. He gained us much information."

"Argent was convicted as a death eater and sentenced to live in Azkaban." Amelia pulled up his file, "You testified against him."

"Well of course I did. He was a double agent." Albus stated as if she was stupid.

"Then how do you know any of the information he passed was correct?" she asked.

"I used Legilimancy of course." Albus huffed, "I always checked everything. He never knew when I detected the lies. I only sent Order members to his traps when I needed them gone. Although James and Sirius seemed to be able to get out of every single one I sent them on. They were quite infuriating that way. Remus escaped several times with them but that was good because I needed him after all. Peter would have died nine times over if I'd have put him in anything like that."

Many members of the Wizengamot couldn't keep themselves from looking at Harry and Sirius when he said that. They may have been surprised to see Harry comforting Sirius as he wiped his eyes and Remus on his other side as he was looking torn between concern and anger. Many of the Professors had angry sets to their faces and shoulders but had placed soft hands on the trio for support. Harry felt they had been there for months when the court got to Rose.

"Are you saying that James and Lily Potter didn't die on Halloween in 1981?" today Moody was asking the questions.

"No of course not, I protected them." Albus huffed.

"Why did you protect them." He asked.

"In case Harry didn't survive I needed a backup." Albus sighed, "What better way to motivate a man to kill than to have someone kill his baby."

"What did you do to protect them?" Moody continued the questions.

"A spell." He said.

"What did it do?"

"The spell made sure the killing curse wouldn't work properly." Albus puffed up, "A spell of my own design. It doesn't stop the killing curse but it does slow it down."

"So instead of immediate death it takes hours or days?" he asked appalled even though he knew what the answer was.

"No it takes years but it kills you a little at a time." He explained, "For instance it took James fine muscle control first. Then later it was his liver and then kidneys. He died of kidney failure a couple years ago."

"But we have medication to fix that." Moody argued.

"It doesn't work because the killing curse is still killing you." He said, "It doesn't even slow it down any. Lily didn't respond as well as James though. Maybe because she's muggleborn I don't know. It may also be the other spell that I used to try to protect Harry it pulled most of her magic away."

"You turned her into a squib?" horrified again Moody gaped.

"Yes but it saved Harry so he can kill Voldemort when it's time." He explained, "First it took her magic then the use of her legs. I still think she would have lasted longer had she not gotten pregnant again. She died shortly after the birth. But at least it lived so if Petunia accidentally killed Harry I had another Potter to take his place. I realized James couldn't do anything when he got so weak."

"Excuse me Madam Minister." Griphook had been in the courtroom added details when needed, "Gringotts retrieved the child several weeks ago and placed her into Mr. Blacks custody per the Potter's will."

"Very good. Thank you for your quick action." Amelia nodded in agreement, "Was she being cared for?"

"Yes an elderly squib couple had been left as her care takers until her guardian could be informed of their deaths and her birth." Griphook replied, "They had spells on them that prevented them from contacting the wizarding world."

"Who put those spells on them?" Moody asked.

"I did." Albus said, "I couldn't have them letting Harry know he had a sister. He would have abandoned the fight to take care of her and he must kill Voldemort. Voldemort is not like Grindlewald. We can't just imprison him because he'll be able to walk out. He has done too much dark magic to control him. I can't kill anyone so Harry must do it."

"Why can't you kill anyone." He asked.

"I am the leader of the light. It just wouldn't be proper for me to go around killing people. What would people think if I did that?" Albus seemed horrified at the thought of killing someone.

"And sending people into ambushes is ok?" Moody asked astonished.

"I didn't kill them personally, someone else did." He claimed, "I have never killed anyone."

Dumbledore continued to weave circles in circles. His manipulations twisted and turned to the point that many people had gotten lost in them. But one thing was clear throughout the entire trial; the Potters had been targets for generations. Harry was extremely glad they had never requested Rose to come and testify. He was sure neither he nor Sirius would allow them to get near her. Towards the end Harry had begun to wear the ring of the Hallows. Dumbledore knew he had the cloak and his wand; Harry was curious to see his reaction when he found out Harry had the ring too. The day the sentence was to be handed down ended up being Harry's birthday. Dumbledore was off the potion for the day so he could be completely aware of his surroundings.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you have been found guilty of far too many counts of all kinds of crimes. It is the opinion of this court that you should be sent through the death veil."

"You can't. I have to stop Voldemort. He cannot be allowed to hold sway over our lives any longer." Dumbledore argued, "Everything I've done is to clear our world of the dangers of men like him. You can't allow him to remain."

"He's already dead." Moody supplied and pointed to Harry, "Mr. Potter already took care of him, after we destroyed his horcruxes."

"You don't understand." Dumbledore yelled, "If Harry is still alive so is Voldemort. Harry is his horcrux, my spell insured that he would be. Someone kill him quickly."

"I think we should at least check on this possiblility." Moody agreed, "Mr. Potter would you please approach the bench."

"Once Dumbledore is secure, I don't want him to be able to even lift a finger." Harry said.

Moody tapped the chair and additional chains wound around Dumbledore. Harry stepped forward and allowed Moody to test him for a horcrux and the test came back negative.

"I was so sure…" Dumbledore started before he noticed the ring on Harry's finger, "No, no, no, no, NO!"

"Yes." Harry whispered, "I have all three and there is nothing you can do about that. You are too late."

Harry spun and stalked back to his seat as Dumbledore thrashed and screamed his frustration. Moody silenced him before he could give Harry's secret away.

"Thank you Mr. Moody, I'm afraid Mr. Dumbledore has quite lost his mind." Amelia sighed, "Mr. Potter you have been cleared of being a horcrux thank you for your continued cooperation. I hope you and your sister live long happy lives."

"Think you Minister. We will be sure to do that." He smiled at her before it dropped off his face and he watched Dumbledore being taken away.

He sighed with relief as the last of the two men trying to kill him was taken away to the new prison which he didn't think even Dumbledore could escape from. But
he only had a little bit of time to try and escape before he would be sent through the veil. That night the party for his birthday was loud as it was also a celebration of Dumbledore's internment. September first approached way too fast for Harry and on the train he and Rose were bombarded with well-wishers.

"I can't believe she's your sister." Seamus exclaimed, "No wonder you're so protective of her."

"I can't believe Dumbledore did all those things." Parvati was the one who brought them around to the subject, "Did it all really start with that potions accident last year?"

"It did." Harry said, "But I was still really surprised during parts of the trial. How is your Grandmother Neville?"

"She's doing better." He nodded, "She was so cut up when she found out that Mum and Dad were sacrificed to the greater good. She had to take sleeping droughts for a couple days and calming droughts in the evenings for weeks. I suggested several times that she should leave but she refused. She had to make sure he was put in his place, scum that he is. The good thing though with the new information about the spells he put on them St. Mungo's is altering my parents treatment and hoping they can improve."

"Í hope so too Neville." Harry said and everyone agreed.

"What I can't believe are the changes in the ministry itself." Lavender said into the silence that followed Neville's speech, "Mum is so happy with her promotion."

"My Dad got promoted too." Ron added, "That improved Muggle liaison office covers the misuse department he use to work in as well as helping muggle parents with their magical kids as soon as they can be detected."

"I hope that means no more kids mistreated in muggle schools because weird things happen around them." Dean stated.

"When is the new primary school supposed to open?" Hermione asked.

"October." Harry informed her, "They're calling it Potter Hope Primary. Even though it was started to give muggleborns a place to learn about our society and the basics of education I understand many pureblood families are asking to be included. Mrs. Tonks suggested that if we only allowed muggleborns then we were still segregating them."

"I think it's a brilliant idea." Rose said before changing the subject, "Harry can you please tell me if Dad was telling the truth about the sorting?"

"What did he say?" Ginny asked.

"He said I have to find a way to wash Professor Snape's hair." She looked horrified and outrageous laughter filled the compartment.

"He was just teasing." Harry said after they calmed down, "I won't tell you what it is. But it's not anything to worry about."

"Promise?" she asked.

"Promise, I would never let anything bad happen to my little sister." He said with a tone of finality that settled her. She hugged him and sat back ready to face whatever came her way knowing her brother would take care of her.