Title: Feel So Close To You

Pairing: Rachel Berry x Santana Lopez

Rating: M(For language & adult situations)

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, sadly.

Summary: Various Pezberry Drabbles from yours truly!

Author's Note: For JackyKay who asked for future!Pezberry drabbles. This is part of a fic verse I plan to work on once I have my computer back. Its cute and fluffy at first but adult situations are implied. If you'd like to see more from this verse, please don't hesitate to request prompts via my Tumblr ask. My username is the same as this one!

Author's Note 2: All mistakes are my own as I worked on several of these drabbles on my mobile phone. Haha Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

*Every morning, I look at you and smile…*

After another typically long day on the set, Rachel was driving to her humble Los Angeles home just twenty minutes away from work. She'd been cast as the main protagonist of her new hit television series, Living Dead Girl, a unique musical about surviving the zombie apocalypse. She played an ordinary college student trying to get by her average everyday life in community college until a virus breaks out and she becomes infected. The twist is that she still retains her human memories and feasts on blood instead of human flesh. She leads a group of misfits and helps them survive in their darkest hours, using her inhuman strength and senses to guide them. Rachel enjoys the horror and whimsical mixture as they occasionally break out into song about the terrible reality they face. From Pink Floyd & Rob Zombie to Good Charlotte, Rachel Berry gets edgy and belts out popular rock songs, earning several awards for her performance in this dark comedy.

After acting out several scenes in which she's brutally attacked by a horde of starving zombies, leaving viewers wondering about the fate of her character, she's naturally exhausted and wants to spend time with her wife and twin baby girls. That's right, Rachel Barbra Berry had gone to California with Santana Lopez, first as roommates before eventually becoming lovers and then they finally became a family unit once the twins were born. Naya Chantal Lopez & Noelle Elizabeth Lopez were toddlers now but good grief were they ever the feisty little ones. Nevertheless, both proud mothers loved their babies and the more Rachel spent time away from them on set, the more she missed them everyday.

Once she finally arrived, the paparazzi gathered around her vehicle as she pulled in slowly. The flashing lights that greeted her everyday on her own property was a major obstacle born from her fame & success but she could deal as long as they didn't touch her family. Politely answering their questions and briefly posing for TMZ, she made it inside her home and the paparazzi scattered away. "Woman child, munchkins…mama's home! " Rachel called out excitedly, immediately hearing her babies squeal with joy and Santana pounding the floor above her as she attempted to grab hold of her girls.

Santana greeted her wife in clothes that Rachel would have worn back when she was 16 - plaid skirt, black and white animal sweater that didn't quite fit the former Cheerio, mismatched knee high socks - and a badly done ponytail and lipstick that stained the other woman's face. Rachel chuckled at the sight, then burst out laughing when her babies struggled to jump out of their mommy's arms to greet their mama.

"Mama's home, mama's home! I missed you, I missed you even more!" The twins cried out in unison, running towards Rachel and crashing into her. Rachel playfully growled as she embraced her daughters lovingly, kissing the both of them twice on each cheek before letting them go. She stood up, and smiled as Santana enveloped her in a hug before they shared a brief passionate kiss.

"Honey, we missed you. How was work?" Santana asked, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman's waist. Rachel caressed her wife's cheek, smirking as the twins teased the couple for being "weenies".

"Exhausting but it was fun, gave me quite the work out. What happened to you, wifey?" The actress playfully smeared more lipstick across Santana's lips as the woman in question responded with a shrug. "They wanted to play dress up and I made the mistake of letting Naya rummage through your old clothes so here I am. She's developed your former sense of fashion. We need to have an intervention already."

Rolling her eyes at her wife's teasing, Rachel pulled away and picked up Noelle, who randomly took off her pj bottoms and tossed it in her sister's face. "Noelle is turning into you, babe. It's very endearing but come on, please help me put them to bed and we can have some fun of our own." Rachel offered suggestively, purposely wiggling her ass in front of her wife as she walked away with their future little hell raiser. Santana smirked as she picked up little Naya and followed Rachel upstairs. "Wanky."

After the girls were read their bedtime stories, they finally fell asleep which left Rachel and Santana to their own devices. Santana led her eager wife to the bedroom and enjoyed the look(and gasp) of surprise as they entered. On their California King Sized bed, surrounded by rose pedals dead center was a realistic strap on and a basic bondage kit. Santana shut the door, growled and pulled Rachel by the hair against her. "I spent my past few days off completely soundproofing this room, picked up and activated the baby monitors in the girls' bedroom. I wants to get it on tonight and I intend to make you scream my name, baby." The dangerous promise in those words made Rachel weak in knees, accepting her wife's kiss which quickly turned into a battle of teeth and tongue. "I love you, Rachel but you needs to put out. Now dress down and lie on the bed." Santana whispered, undressing herself and disappearing into the master bathroom.

Funny how Santana was the laid back, silly mom who enjoyed playing with her daughters in the day but when they entered their bedroom, Santana was a tiger with an insatiable sexual appetite.

Rachel wasn't complaining as she wouldn't have it any other way.