I'm Not the Cheerios in Your Spoon

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Rachel felt vulnerable. She stared hard at her own reflection as she tried to recognize the person staring back at her. Rachel Berry, the notorious Glee diva of McKinley, was well known for her vocal talent, her infamous storm outs and tantrums as well as her questionable choice in fashion. She honestly preferred her "obnoxious" preppy school girl style over…well, whatever this was. It just didn't look or feel right, which she figured why she wasn't meant to be athletic if this was how ridiculous she was going to look.

"Berry, I swear on everything that is holy if you're not outta that bathroom in less than two minutes, we're 'bout to have some problems, you dig?"

Santana's voice broke Rachel out of her reverie. The singer sighed with annoyance at her girlfriend's inability to maintain a reasonable amount of patience when it came to her trying new things. Rachel was insecure about the way she looked but she kept her head held up high, despite the obstacles she faced on the daily each and every day she went to school. It was sad enough that she along with Kurt had to pack an emergency outfit just in case she was slushied at the one place she was supposed to feel safe. No, that wasn't sad, what made it even more tragic was the fact that her secret girlfriend of four months was her tormentor during the day and her lover at night. It was a bizarre situation that she still wasn't accustomed to and to be honest, it was tiring.

Santana Lopez was Rachel's first and only girl crush, ever since preschool, really. She was the brand new captain of the Cheerios squad, one of the best female singers in Glee club(second to Rachel herself) and she was an unapologetic, brutally honest, confident young woman with a cocky attitude that appealed to Rachel in ways it shouldn't. She was everything Rachel was looking for in a romantic suitor but there were a few downfalls that came with dating the fearful Santana also known as Satan. The biggest one being the fact that the Cheerio tormented and bullied Rachel for years, disguising the feelings she harbored towards the singer through acts of humiliation and cruelty. Although Glee club had slightly changed Santana for the better and helped her realize what she had been doing to the other girl for years was wrong, there was another obstacle Rachel couldn't quite get over yet.

Santana is a closeted lesbian and she happens to be one of the most popular girls in McKinley. She is adamant that she must maintain her reputation as well as her HBIC position in school but she's also just as determined to make their relationship work. Rachel would have no problem choosing her girlfriend over a silly reputation in high school any day as this was just high school, their problems now wouldn't matter tomorrow. Rachel rolls her eyes at the thoughts running through her mind; this was Santana Lopez she was talking about, the girl who wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She remembers their arguments, the ones about Santana stepping up to the plate and coming out, to stop being ashamed of her, and Rachel threatening to end their relationship if she could just choose which was more important to the Cheerio; her reputation or her loving girlfriend?

Each and every time, however, Santana would obviously get offended and push Rachel to the nearest wall and kiss the living daylights out of the petite girl. Their discussions would end in tears, Santana assuring Rachel that she means so much more to her than anything and that she was just waiting for the right time to come out to everyone, she was just scared and needed more time. Rachel believed her, for four months she continues to believe her but this was exhausting. She can't stop the sadness that overwhelms her when her girlfriend/enemy publicly taunts her to keep up appearances, but when they're alone, she swears Santana's the sweetest, most romantic overemotional weenie she knows.

"Santana, it would be in your best interest if you kept quiet for once if you truly believe this whole thing will achieve the desired effect. I highly doubt you'll find role playing adequate as I am personally uncomfortable in this ensemble. Please, remind me of what you see in me again, I look hideous." Rachel replies, unable to keep her emotions in check as she spoke. There she stood, wearing the uniform of those who torment her as though she were mocking the sport considering her status. She felt out of place in a Cheerios outfit. Even in another life she wouldn't quite fit the bill as a cheerleader. She was sure of it.

Suddenly, the door bursts in behind her and a familiar figure makes her way inside the bathroom, the diva barely having time to admonish her lover. Santana approaches Rachel aggressively with that same intense look she always carries in serious situation but then her mask visibly falls within seconds as the taller girl gives Rachel an appropriate once over. The singer blushes and takes a step back only for Santana to take two steps forward. She gulps, unable to move due to unnecessary anxiety and limited space in a small enclosed area. "Babe…you look beautiful like damn, this uniform hugs you in all the right places and shows off your fine ass legs. Why the hell would you think you look hideous? You know I hate it when you talk like that." Santana says delicately, her hand reaching out to tuck a strand of hair behind Rachel's ear. It tickles and Rachel's face grows hotter, pink tinting her cheeks.

"I-I just don't understand this whole Cheerios uniform fetish I suppose. It's not comfortable for me, I'd rather be dressed as myself or as Britney Spears. I apologize for being selfish and ruining your fantasies, it's just not doing anything for me." Rachel's head drops low and instinctively rushes to cover her face with embarrassment but Santana's firm hands reach out to her and puts a stop to it. As Santana wraps an arm around her waist in order to pull her close, Rachel looks up. Soft lips press against hers for a moment and the singer melts in her girlfriend's embrace.

"First of all, Rachel, you make this uniform look good, the other bitches on my squad will never compare. Secondly, you're not ruining anything for me. The fact you're being honest with yourself first and letting me know about it means a lot, especially since you went ahead and tried it on instead of waving off my other suggestions like you usually do. You seriously have no idea what you're doing to me in that uniform, Berry. You're makin' me horny." Santana says with that 'matter of fact' tone in her voice, her sly grin stretching even further which only made Rachel blush even harder. She was temporarily at a loss for words but not for very long.

As Rachel prepared to reply, Santana brought it upon herself to wedge her knee between Rachel's legs and pressed against her tightly, causing the diva to gasp and shyly look away from her wasn't having any of that. She brings up her free hand to forcibly turn Rachel's head so she was facing her and leans forward to press another heart stopping kiss against her girlfriend's lips. "S-Santana, I think we should stop. I can hear your mom's car approaching the driveway. I should go, I knew we wouldn't have time for this." Rachel says, struggling to break free of Santana's grasp but the other girl wasn't letting up easily. Instead, Santana smiles and backs away from her, only to grab hold of of Rachel's hands so the other girl wouldn't escape.

"Rachel, I just want you to know that even though you took up most of our time to get our mack on in this bathroom, I'm ready. I'm ready to tell my family about us. I have nothing to be afraid of anymore, not when I have you to call mine. My family already adores you, what happens now will only make us stronger, no matter the outcome. I-I just need you to be here with me when I tell them. Could you please do that for me, babe?"

The vulnerability in Santana's words struck a chord in Rachel's heart, it was as if the world outside of them no longer mattered anymore. It sounded almost too good to be true, as if Rachel were dreaming but this was real and it was actually happening. Santana was finally stepping up and making Rachel's dream come true.

The singer looked up at her girlfriend with wide open eyes, both girls sharing the same small smile that assured them both that everything would be okay as long as they were in this together. In that moment, nothing could tear them apart and if they were to do this, then they would be free of anything holding them back from happiness.

"Santana, I'm so proud of you. You know that I'm in this with you and I'll be more than happy to stand by your side and stand up for you by any means necessary. I-I love you."

That was the first time Santana had ever heard 'I love you' coming from Rachel and she certainly hoped it wouldn't be the last. It was overwhelming, but for now, Santana had to keep her cool if she was about to have a major discussion with her family, Rachel in tow.

"Ditto, babe."