Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Rated: M

Author's Note. A little belated birthday gift to JackyKay. Happy birthday, woman! I hope everyone else enjoys this chapter as much as she does!

Author's Note 2: This is outside my future Pezberry verse, it's just a two-possibly three shot that takes place in an alternate future where global chaos has erupted after vampires came out of the coffin and made their terrifying presence known. Vampires overrun the world while humans have legal obligation to obey them. If you have the power and wealth, you're allowed to enslave human beings for your personal needs or entertainment.

A/2: I ought to warn you about minor non-consensual content you may find in this series. Beware of triggers. Angsty. And this mini-series will continue throughout these drabbles if people like it enough. I apologize for the long awaited update, I was on vacation but hopefully I'll update again next week!

Santana Lopez was a skilled huntress, a damaged young woman who knew how to survive in the world that currently existed. In front of her stood the King of the Undead himself, Lord Sebastian Smythe, casually approaching the young woman with a sense of satisfaction in his smile. She smirked as her master began circling around her with stakes drawn in hand and an electrical leash in her own. He was training his fledgling how to properly capture violent human beings/rogue vampires who openly resisted his Vampire Authority Forces. In fact, ever since vampires have come out of the coffin, an anti-vampire movement had been established and the battle for a dominant race had begun. Though Sebastian's company and his partners created synthetic blood in order for vampires to survive, there had been an uprising of resistance coming from rogue members of their race over how human beings were beneath them and should not be treated as equals as they were only a source of food. Their King assured them that though this was true, humans were also valuable assets in creating artificial blood to ensure their survival. Humans deserved to live as well but under certain restrictions of course.

It was by luck that when vampires had come out of the coffin and took the entire world by storm, Santana's life was spared by Sebastian himself. She was only twenty two at the time she was turned. While she didn't pledge allegiance to the Anti-Vampire movement, she wasn't necessarily supportive of the undead as well. She had not graduated from college; her classmates were disappearing one by one over the war that was brewing between humans and vampires so she decided to take off and head back to Ohio where her home was. Santana had been caught by Sebastian's cronies almost as quickly as she left St. Louis, who were sweeping through the states as they attempted to claim their territories in North America. Her strength, determination and fierce personality amused Sebastian when he personally enslaved her to the point where he eventually grew fond of her and decided to make her his fledgling. Though Santana had fought it for so long, she was bestowed the Dark Gift and became Sebastian's right hand woman, best friend, and a talented huntress. She was destined for greatness as Lord Sebastian's fledgling and she learned to embrace her undead lifestyle.

Training with Sebastian was a no-bullshit process. He was tough on her and she was grateful for that because she wanted to overcome any challenges that would present themselves to her. He was strong, swift, and flexible and she was determined to become stronger. "Santana, you need to understand that although I personally believe in freedom for the human beings, certain restrictions ought to be applied and enforced during this time while we're being openly oppressed." He told her after attempting to stab through her blackened heart with his wooden stakes. Skillfully evading the attack, Santana scoffed and tip toed around Sebastian, trying to distract him as she attempted to leash him with her custom designed electrical leash. Without trying very hard, Sebastian reached for the leash and broke it in half with just a pinch of his fingers. Disappointed with herself, Santana sighed and bowed, reluctantly accepting her defeat but thankfully Sebastian wasn't one to gloat very often.

Chuckling, Sebastian reached out for Santana's hand and pulled her up. He flashed her his infamous smirk, his abnormally thick fangs dominating his handsome features and making him seem far more dangerous than he appeared at the moment. "So what do you propose, Sebastian? It's not like it's completely logical to decimate the humans as not all of them feel the same way the anti-vampire movement does. We've offered them companionship but that's a bridge surprisingly many refuse to cross." Santana replied, brushing off the dust that her suit of black on black body armor and gauntlets. Sebastian had given his strikingly beautiful fledgling a quick once over before responding to her question. "We ought to discuss these professional matters some other time, perhaps. In the meantime, I nearly forgot about a gift I was supposed to present you with. We captured Anti-Vampire Movement rebels and these humans are especially exotic and beautiful in their own right; did I mention their blood is absolutely delicious and irresistible? Come with me, your loneliness only mirrors my own and we need to change things up a bit." Sebastian offered, hooking his arm through Santana's as they walked out of the training/exercise room of his mansion.

Santana laughed, shaking her head as she felt various emotions flow through her thanks to the connection she shared with Sebastian. One minute, he could be stoic and professional and the very next minute he could suddenly be bored and horny. "Damn it Sebastian, you're lucky all this lust flowing through these ice cold veins of mine is distracting me from the one topic you should no longer be avoiding. Ugh, I really hate it when you're horny. I feel it ten times just as much as you do because of our open connection and you know I haven't had a good lay in awhile." Sebastian simply shrugged as they walked through the entire length of their manor before reaching the stairway down into the dungeons. "I understand but that's why I've presented you an array of human beings you're allowed to enslave for sexual or other entertaining purposes. It's my gift to you, you deserve it love The leftovers...well, we'll figure something out with them." As wrong as that could have sounded to anybody else, it empowered Santana as it was just another reminder of her place in this world and how powerful she truly was. If she was allowed to enslave a human being, than by God she was going to do what she pleases with those peasants who are nothing more than just a delicious source of food.

When they reached the basement, more than half of the cells that they had built within Sebastian's palace were empty and it was a silent walk for about five minutes until shouting and protesting could be heard from the other side of the hallway. They reached their destination, the unique scents of each individual's blood blending together and offering both Sebastian and Santana a pleasant taste of what was to come. A shrill voice had broken the vampires out of their temporary trance, her words lacking credibility as she spoke them. "Tell your beloved King that we have nothing to fear for we will die for what we believe in. We will not bow or serve your army of the damned willingly. Your kind came and conquered without question when so many innocent lives were lost only for the mere fact that you creatures were starving. Stick to the synthetic blood or go crawl back to the coffins you should never have come out of." The person to whom the voice belonged to actually surprised Sebastian when he gave the courageous human a brief once-over; she was petite, quite beautiful with her dark curly locks and mean look upon her face but she was not at all intimidating. She was rather cute if Sebastian were to be honest with himself. His valiant knight that escorted this rag tag group of misfits(who were very much unlike the other group he'd imprisoned) scoffed and stepped away from the cell, allowing his King and Santana to step forward.

These anti-vampire movement rebels were…young fresh faced human beings, kids who looked like they belonged in high school or college. An extremely tall, oafish looking young man with uncertainty written in his facial expression clearly told the story of his questionable loyalties; if he could, he'd probably turn his back on his fellow members and run away if it meant survival. A handsome young blond man stood by the petite young woman who had spoken with defiance, a clueless blue eyed blond girl on the other side, clutching onto her outspoken friend which meant that this girl was too dependent on others for her own survival. A Black American woman who remained expressionless, an effeminate young male with a passion for fashion but appeared as though he could really put up a fight, and many others with familiar faces that Santana had seen over the years but there was something about this group that struck an odd nerve within the fledgling vampire. They reminded of her youth, the beauty of being human before she had been bestowed the dark gift. Not only that but these people…they looked so familiar, as if they held an important key to a part of her identity. When she looked over their faces once more, she suddenly locked eyes with the pair belonging to the outspoken young female; bright chocolate brown eyes that burned with a fiery passion for life and suddenly…Santana knew who she was.

"I admire the way you speak so eloquently and bravely might I add for I am the King of whom you speak of. Your words are laced with ignorance as my kind are misunderstood creatures of the night. While I agree that coming out of the coffin presented costly consequences for many, this world was begging for a change. This planet is bloated with seven billion of your kind, a cleansing was absolutely needed." Sebastian stated, now striding alongside of the cell as he silently judged the humans standing on the other side of the cell. His eyes fell upon a pretty face that caused him to stop moving, his tongue peaking out through the seam of his lips as he licked them. He'd found a suitable playmate, lust suddenly coursing itself through Santana's veins again. He'd been staring a dark haired young man with slightly bushy eyebrows and pink lips Sebastian seemed to be focusing on. Never mind the fact the boy was holding hands with the well dressed effeminate male beside him, Sebastian was interested. Santana, on the other hand, couldn't stop staring at the petite female glaring at her master as if he were some sort of pariah. She too had plump lips that seemed irresistible, smooth and silky tanned skin she wanted to feel against her, the coconut and vanilla scent of her blood singing to Santana in a way she'd never experienced before. Through the connection she shared with her master, they both felt an emotion overwhelm them as if tidal waves had come crashing against them. It was surreal.

"You see me as a cruel, unkind vampire who conquered the globe with ill intentions and although I may have committed acts I would never have when I too was human, I did so with a purpose that would save this planet. Your people were suffering and so I came and took over swiftly with the assistance of my trusted partners and my company. Yes, I believe in equality for humans but with certain restrictions as you people have a tendency to behave violently when confronted with something strange and foreign. So many of you were sacrificed in order to perfect synthetic blood for the vampires that run this planet and unfortunately there are those who oppose my ideas and those that oppose me are not my friend. We could share this living space, co-exist and build a better future for a dying planet that deserves to live on; there are just some fires that need extinguishing first and I for one will indulge in my sins as I see fit for I am the King of the Damned. Your lives will be spared because I am kind, I believe in your freedom but during these troubling times of war, I will break you and I will show you the right way to life. You are now an experiment and though you may be reluctant at first…you will see things MY way!" Sebastian barked, the young woman who dared to defy him flinching at the tone of his voice.

Sebastian motioned for his loyal knight to come near and pointed at the handsome young man he'd been eye fucking nearly the entire time they'd been down here while Santana's eyes were glued to her own prize. The overseer of the dungeon nodded and pulled out his electrical leash and prodding device that would keep the other humans at bay while he wandered inside the jail cell. Screams echoed in the basement as electricity burned the skin of any unfortunate prisoners that were attempting to protect the young boy Sebastian chose to enslave. "BLAINE! No, you can't have him! Leave him alone! Blaine, Blaine! I LOVE YOU! Take me instead!" The well dressed male would not let go of Blaine's hand and the overseer had swung his prodding device, knocking the other man unconscious and bleeding on the cold stone floor. The defiant woman looked absolutely frightened but her determination to fight would not be deterred. The moment the jailer had leashed Blaine and brought him to his knees in front of Sebastian, she was quick enough to evade the shutting of the cellar door and climbed on top of the King when his back was turned. Sebastian was honestly caught off guard, too busy admiring his prize when the human girl began attacking him. Though her fists pounded against his ice cold back, she was not inflicting any damage and it was cute to think that someone as tiny as her was trying to harm him.

"Rachel, stop! You're going to get killed, please stop! You're vital to the mission!" Blaine cried out, who was now being held against his will by the strong overseer of the dungeon. Although Sebastian was laughing as he tried shaking her off, his fangs were now exposed which meant that he was clearly annoyed and he was ready to kill if the situation called for it. Not wanting to watch her master waste the woman she'd mentally claimed as hers, she hissed at the girl and reached for the tiny body and tossing it against the floor beside her feet. Rachel's back slammed hard against the stony floor and she cried out in pain, only to shriek even louder when Santana wrapped her hand around her neck and picked her up, throwing her up against the iron bars behind her. Sebastian turned to observe his fledgling, his brows raised when he could feel her emotions flowing through him like a waterfall. "LET ME GO! Unhand me now- oh, oh no! It can't be, can it? I know you, I know you! Oh my god, I know you…" Rachel struggled in Santana's grip for a moment, until a few moments later, she had finally stilled as she stared curiously into Santana's vibrant coal black eyes. Santana knew her too. That familiar voice, the way she carried herself, the bangs, the way she dressed and those damned pink lips. She knew exactly who Rachel was too, but it had been quite some time and the Rachel she knew then evolved into something far more desirable. Her blood called out to Santana, the feelings overwhelmed her and it terrified the huntress just a bit. This world was either just too damn small or perhaps this was fate finally colliding with her path…it was scary not knowing which theory Santana was more willing to accept.

Santana growled, fangs extended as she asserted her dominance over the younger girl who once again began to struggle in her grasp. "I know exactly who you are. Rachel Berry, you're Rachel fuckin' Berry from Lima, Ohio. You were that irritating little freshman bitch that revived the Glee club but my friends and I…we shut it down that year after Regionals before I graduated. You wouldn't let me live it down until I finally left for St. Louis while you were fuckin' stuck in a loser town for another few more years and look at you now! Ha ha! Look where you ended up being. God your presence irked the shit outta me back then as it does now; you were conceited as fuck and you walked like you owned the place 'til I knocked you down a few notches. Tell me, how does it feel being where you are now though you pathetic excuse for a human being!" The vampire hissed angrily, unsure of how to handle this awkward situation properly. Conflicted feelings arose within her, feelings that nurtured her sympathy for Rachel as this was a girl that she had grown up with in a small town, had gone to school with and tortured in her senior year of high school. Then there was this dominant part of her that wanted to put the girl in her place again, the monstrous feelings of taking the girl and ravaging every single inch of her body and making her mark. She wanted to mark Rachel as if she were her territory and she had no idea where these feelings were coming from.

The singer's voice trembled as she spoke, tears now free falling as her former enemy from high school bared her true self once more. Santana Lopez had become one of them, she had evolved from a hardworking and mean spirited individual into a feral, heartless creature. "S-Santana…w-what happened to you? You had so much potential in such a small community. Out of everybody w-we knew, I always thought you would overcome the odds and that you would go and make your dreams come true, despite how mean you always were to me. What happened to you?" Rachel asked, her supportive comments coming as a surprise to Santana. Though they were on opposite ends of the social spectrum, Rachel believed in her? The vampire was at a loss for words. She had honestly never expected to run into anyone she knew from back home after she had been turned but here she was, face to face with a young woman she loathed back when she was an immature girl who followed the high school norm in order to be well respected. While she wasn't surprised that someone like Rachel would be apart of the revolution standing up for human rights, she had not thought about the girl in years. Holding the girl in her arms was a completely different story; it was just so unexpected yet something felt right about it.

Santana Lopez didn't know what to do so she allowed instinct to take over though that meant Rachel would once again see the ugly side of her vampirism. Her nostrils flared the moment she leaned in to take in the other girl's scent and by God, she smelled delicious. She wanted her. Santana wanted to taste her, lick her, and fuck her until she blacked out. These animalistic instincts were coming out in full force and at this point, it would be impossible to stop them. Rachel was her playmate and she had earned every right to enslave her, to bend and break her until she learned to become obedient. Santana Lopez was a vampire, she was on top of the food chain as she'd been back in high school and she was going to once again put Rachel Berry in her place. She looked over to her master, Sebastian, who was caressing his pet's face and molesting the other boy struggling for freedom just as much as Rachel was. Blaine whimpered, his eyes begging Santana to release his friend while he fought hard to resist Sebastian's aggressive actions. Without a second thought, through the shared connection with Sebastian, both dominant vampires slid their hands in between their victim's legs, inside their pants(skirt, in Rachel's case) and both roughly squeezed their nether regions possessively.

Rachel and Blaine involuntarily moaned at the action neither of them expected, the full body blush that formed on Rachel's body relentlessly teasing Santana. It was beautiful. Sebastian sighed and met Santana's lust filled gaze - their minds syncing together as both vampires knew what the other was going to do with their brand new pets. This was a gift Santana was going to have to thank Sebastian for later but for now…she was going to own Rachel and play with her in a way the other girl will never forget. "Sebastian, we shall discuss tonight's events privately in the next few days and I promise to repay you for everything you've done. For now, I plan on breaking in my new toy, I hope you'll forgive me for my absence, my lord." Santana whispered, her fangs scraping the edges of Rachel's skin after she licked a tender spot on the other girl's neck. Her master chuckled as he'd done the same exact thing to an unwilling Blaine. "Trust that I will only if you forgive me if you should feel neglected by me these next few days, my prodigy. While I am curious as to how you two know each other, I am blessed to know you are satisfied with your gift. Do what you want with her, there are no limits."

With that said, it was Rachel's turn to whimper as the aroused look in Santana's coal black eyes sent a terrifying chill down her spine. "Oh the fun we shall have, Berry. It'll be just like high school all over again but better…"

To be continued…