Note:This fanfic is exaggerated reality so there will be odd characters may act out of character as well. Also, the narrators/authors' job for this fic is to put the characters into as many awkward situations possible so please know to expect a lot of , and the narrators' dialogue will be written in play form. (Uploaded from our deviantart)

Disclaimer:We do not own Elsword, the game, or any of the characters in this story, except the narrators/authors and random faceless NPC people.

Story Start~

Ivanna: Mi! Mi! Look what I brought! *gestures to a huge crate*
Miyoko: W-What is that...?
Ivanna: I don't know... Let's put it together and see.
Miyoko: *facepalm* If you don't know what it is, why did you buy it?
Ivanna: I didn't buy it...
Miyoko: EHHHHHH?
Ivanna: A nice, old lady in a black cloak gave it to me.
Ivanna: You never know until you find out~ *opens crate and pulls out a microphone* Ooh! maybe she gave us a karaoke set!
Miyoko: I suppose we can put it together...

30 minutes later~

Miyoko: What is this?! It took up half the backyard! *gestures to a mini-city-thing*
Ivanna: I think that's a school-see it says Belder Private Academy
Miyoko: I think I heard that somewhere before...
Ivanna: And there's a ski slope with a lodge, a shrine, and a beach...
Miyoko: I see a whole bunch of faceless dolls...
Ivanna: I see a doll with long blonde hair-it looks like Rena...It is Rena!
Miyoko: Oh! I see Aisha, Eve, Elsword, Raven, and Chung.
Ivanna: The Important NPCs are at the school gates. See? Theres Ariel and Banthus.
Miyoko: Is this a fan kit for Elsword?
Ivanna: *not listening* I wonder what the microphone is for though... Mi! Say something!
*shoves the microphone into Miyoko's face*
Miyoko: Ehh?...ummm...*sees a football on a nearby shelf * FOOTBALL!
*a football magically appears in front of the cast*
Ivanna/Miyoko: It's MAGIC!
Ivanna: Hmmmmm...I wonder... *grabs microphone* Chung! Dance!
*Chung starts street dancing*
Ivanna: *Ojou-sama laugh* I have found a way to end our boredom Mi!
Miyoko: I can tell this is going to be the beginning of a really long time...
Ivanna: Oh look! The T.V. is showing us what goes on inside the set. Almost like anime! *grabs Miyoko*
Miyoko: *silently cries*
Ivanna: *gives microphone back to Miyoko* Okay, start the story. Since you made a magic football appear, tell a story about football with these characters.
Miyoko: Okay...since I'm bored too...

Prologue End~

AN:Okay this is the start of fanfic Romeo(Miyoko) and Kami(Ivanna)
made in boredom. It was told orally but we decided to write it down. It didn't happen until we were about halfway through though... Anyways please keep in mind that this is the PROLOGUE and enjoy the story.