Christmas Episode~

Note: This fanfic is exaggerated reality so there will be odd events. Also characters may act out of character, the narrators/authors' job for this fic is to put the characters into as many awkward situations possible so please know to expect a lot of randomness. Oh, and the narrators' dialogue will be written in play form.

Here it is! The first part of the Christmas episode-finally. YAY we posted BEFORE Christmas...please enjoy~

Disclaimer: We do not own Elsword, the game, or any of the characters in this story, except the narrators/authors and random faceless NPC people.

Story Start~

The snow fell softly against the window pane, myriads of ice crystals creating patterns like stars. As Aisha blew out a breath, an opaque canvas appeared on the glass and, using her finger, she wiped it away. With a child-like innocence, she giggled gently at the wonder that only Jack Frost could bring. Then, burrowing into the cozy seat underneath her, Aisha smiled and observed the snowflakes gather. The sight slowly caused her to fade into a reverie and a voice called out to her. "Why are you grinning like that? You look creepy", the voice commented from right next to her. Aisha sat up suddenly and punched irritably at the general area of the annoying, noobly voice. Sounds of intense pain and torture too morbid to describe followed.

Rena let out a slow breath and inhaled sharply. Chung, Raven, Eve, and her servants took initiative and covered their ears. "AISHA AND ELSWORD, STOP THAT IMMIDIATELY! WHERE DO YOU THINK WE ARE RIGHT NOW?! CONTROL YOURSELVES!" The scolding echoed loudly against the metal interior of the charter bus. The fisticuffs yielded quickly and the tangle of Elsword and Aisha separated.

A pouting Aisha moved to a seat at the very back of the bus and replied, "Fine… Since I invited you all here after all…" The Elsword cast was headed to a skiing resort owned by Aisha's parents where they would be staying a large, cabin-themed mansion. And the bus trip continued without a single argument…

Once they had arrived, their baggage was unloaded and they entered the sprawling abode to see… their parents…

Ivanna: Well, except for Eve and Rena's parents. Rena's grandma came instead.

"WWHHAAATTT?!" was the reaction shared by the younger generation. All the parents chuckled with the exception of Aisha's who just grinned mischievously. "Merry Christmas!" they all greeted their children. Still shocked, Aisha managed to mutter, "What is this?"

Glomping their daughter playfully, Aisha's parents pouted, "Eh? We thought it wasn't fair that only you got to bring friends over for holiday, so we brought ours too! Now let's go sit down for some pleasant conversation!"

Miyoko: Which translates to, "We brought everyone's parents to torture you with the embarrassing events that happened in your childhood!"

Everyone flopped into a circle of comfortable loveseats and sofas near a roaring fireplace. The flames crackled as Aisha's mother began on an interesting note. "You know, on Aisha's first day in high school, I was worried about her not being able to make friends. But surprisingly, I got an email from her the day after saying that she had met the man of her dreams right when she went in! Can you imagine it?" Aisha's mother glowed with pride as she continued, while Aisha's speech reduced to a series of strangled sputters. However, the other guardians were intrigued, inquiring more deeply about the email. "Well, it said something about he had a big sword and red…" Aisha leaped at her mother and clamped her hands over her mouth before she could say any more damaging things. Now the whole group was mystified. "Red…?" They all turned and stared at Elsword who, in turn, glared back at them. "What? What did I do?" In unison, all shook their heads and muttered, "Nah, I couldn't be." Aisha, thinking quickly, declared, "Jacket! He had a red jacket!" Again, glances were thrown at Elsword who scratched the back of his red jacket uncomfortably. Realizing her mistake, Aisha flushed brightly and shouted, "Never mind!" while burying her head under the plump pillows of the loveseat. Oberon sensed Aisha's distress and kindly changed the subject.

Ivanna: But failed.

"Young love must be so lovely. Mistress Eve's fiancé must also feel that way." Heads snapped in Eve's direction and jaws dropped. "EVE HAS A FIANCE?!" "Yes, of course. The marriage will be very joyful", Ophelia answered with sparkling eyes. Gears craftily began turning in the parents' minds and psychically conspired with each other to pair up their children. Unaware of their sudden peril, the Elsword cast took the silence as an excuse to leave. But Rena's still light-footed grandmother was too quick for them. She swung her arms amiably around both Rena and Raven, leading them to a sofa where she sat them down together. Stepping back, Rena's grandmother admired her handiwork and hailed the others to gaze upon her masterpiece.

"What do you think? Does it work?" she scratched her chin as she inquired Raven's parents. Raven's mother nodded approvingly and commended Rena's grandmother on her skill. "The children will be strong." In spite of his manly exterior, Raven's father's look of bliss could not be more noticeable. No doubt he was imagining himself as a grandfather. In his daydream, burly young boys and girls called out to him, laughing and smiling. "Hey, Grandpa! Let's go blow up stuff~ Let's go trek through the mountains! We love you Grandpapa~~!" Manly tears of happiness sprung to his eyes. A discussion of different parings suddenly flared within the parental group and embarrassing words were slung in all directions.

Miyoko: They should all start a Tumblr forum about their kids = 3=

In order to save the dignity and pride of his fellows, Elsword unexpectedly thought of a brilliant idea. "If you need us, we'll be outside playing in the snow!" The guardians faced them with shining eyes and glistening tears. "Go on!" they all urged tearfully. "Go make some youthful memories~!" The Elsword cast hurried out into the newly fallen snow.


Outside, Elsword made the suggestion of making forts and having a snowball fight. And thus, the teams were divided as follows: Elsword, Chung, Raven v.s. Rena, Aisha, Eve (with the added bonus of Oberon and Ophelia). Building start~ Ten Minute Limit!

Ten minutes later, towering structures looming overhead. (With the assistance of Oberon and Ophelia) The girls had erected a vast fairy tail castle with flying buttresses, tall towers and ornate carvings set with hidden traps around every corner. Meanwhile, on the boys' side, Raven had solidly constructed a large igloo as the main stronghold. Beside that, Chung was putting the finishing touches on his snow teepee for which he was rewarded with a pat on the head by Raven. And further away lay an abomination within itself: Elsword's creation. Elsword had furiously smashed the delicate snow into a structure that resembled something that had come out of the other end. But, being the gentleman that he was, Raven commented in a grave manner, "That's a nice… beaver dam, Elsword…" To which Elsword deflated a bit, mumbling that it was supposed to be an igloo. In the background, Chung just sighed. A war horn blared and all players took their positions.

Battle Start~

Flurries of snowballs rained on both fortresses, however these attacks were in mutual ineffectiveness.

Miyoko: Not including Elsword's… fort which was obliterated in a matter of seconds.

Taking the stalemate as a challenge, the boys planned an ambush on the girls. It was decided that Chung would stay behind and hold down the fort while Raven and Elsword scaled the castle walls into the girls' bulwark. Stealthily (at least in Raven's case), the pair snuck up to the moat where they cleanly leapt over it. Raven whipped out some rock climbing equipment and together, they made their way into the castle through a hatch in the roof.

Oberon and Aisha were at the first post, mechanically shaping out snowball of the perfect consistency. Clumsily, Elsword dropped down from the ceiling and triggered a trip wire, falling over in the process. In her haste to absolutely destroy Elsword, Aisha tripped over Elsword and land on top of him. This, in a chain reaction, caused Oberon to fall onto her. A massive amount of snowballs fell from the trap onto the group. Out of sheer luck and blessings from the gods, Elsword emerged from the dog pile unhurt and free of any snow, indicating that he is still in the competition.

Ivanna: *ojou-sama laughter *

Aisha and Oberon left the castle slightly downcast and returned the cabin/mansion to enjoy piping hot mugs of hot chocolate. Back in the battlefield, Raven and Elsword parted ways in search of their other two opponents.

Raven's Path~

Miyoko: Wow that sounds like a dating sim… then…

Raven's Way~

Ivanna: Hmm… that still doesn't sound right…

Miyoko: Eh? Then… Well whatever! This is what happened to Raven.

Raven cautiously paved a path to the west wing of the castle, abundantly laden with ready snowballs. A sudden whistle of an arrow flew a few feet away from him, startling him slightly. He bent down to examine it, careful to not lower his guard. This was no ordinary arrow; it was a snowball arrow.

Miyoko: What the what?! How did they make a snowball arrow?

Ivanna: This is exaggerated reality remember? Anything is possible!

Miyoko: *sighs

Glancing up quickly, Raven saw another arrow come loose and make impact with his arm. A victorious Rena leapt down from a nearby balcony and… fell into her own pit trap, receiving a shower of snowballs. Raven grinned slightly and knelt down to help her out. They grasped each others hands and for a moment, shared a mutual warmth.

Miyoko: *face desks* What in the world am I writing…? My brain must be slowly dying…

Ivanna: *sweat drop* You just haven't written it down in a while…

Miyoko: *tears* It's turning into a shoujo manga situation! *sobs

Ivanna: *sigh* And they went back to the mansion for hot cocoa…

At that very moment, Elsword was trudging noisily to the center throne room where he found Eve perched at the panicle of the room with Ophelia standing guard. A final showdown initiated and, after a series of fancy kicks, flips, ninja glares and slow motion shots, the trio was covered from head to toe with remnants of snow. Fearing for her mistress' health, Ophelia rushed Eve out of the castle so quickly that Elsword did not have a chance to follow them. For a while, Elsword wandered about in circles of despair, searching desperately for an exit, but not bothering to look up.

Outside, the rest of the cast brings Chung in upon their shoulders, declaring him the winner of the competition. They had a celebratory lunch with a variety of foods and it was not until Eve glanced at the platter of meats that she remembered, "Oh… We left Elsword in the castle…" Everyone rushed into the castle and hunted about until Aisha found him frozen and shivering in an emo corner spanning the entire throne room. By the time they had lugged him back to the cabin, however, Elsword was frozen solid. Elsword's parents panicked until Aisha had the common sense…

Ivanna: Note: This is exaggerated reality. Do not try this at home.

to toss him into a tub of boiling water, where he could defrost in peace.


Story End (until Part 2) ~

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