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Ludwig stretched his arms out above his head, letting out a loud yawn as students fled the classroom. The blonde man sat back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head, and tried his best to take a few minutes to himself to just relax. Teaching the same lesson several times everyday was such a bore. It's not like Seniors listened to history anyways. They were all to focused on each other, their music, their friends' clothes, trivial things such as that. Kids just didn't care about the past.

"Hahaa! Look, wittle Feliciano is all bruised again. What, did your wittle kitty cat try to beat you up again?" Ludwig's sharp blue eyes flicked down, looking for the source of the snickers. His eyes finally landed on a group of punk-looking students surrounding something. Ludwig's eyes narrowed at the boy with a mowhawk, who was howling with laughter at his own joke. Ludwig quickly sat up and glared at the boy and his comrade, deciding to wait before taking action. He wanted to be sure he knew what was going on before he kicked the sorry little kid's ass all the way to the principle's office. Which, for the record, was on the other side of the building.

"L-leave me alone..." He head a small voice squeak from behind the cachinnation of the students.

"Aw, wittle Feliciano asked nicely." The mowhawk sporting one continued to mock, constantly using that annoying baby voice. The other rolled his eyes, and reached down. Ludwig's ears rang when he heard a slam the next second. That's when Ludwig had heard enough. His lips curled into a scowl, and he slammed his palms down onto the table. Both students jumped at the sudden loud sound, running out of the classroom as quickly as they could. His eyes, squinted in an enraged glare, followed the panicked seniors as they ran like dogs with their tails tucked between their legs. Ludwig rolled his eyes, having more than enough of bullies. Those are the students he couldn't stand. The ones acing like they were so high and mighty, yet were troubled themselves and decided to take out their anger on others.

Ludwig stood up, looking over the jumbled desks to find another student crouched down behind one of them in the back of the class. He frowned, and walked out from behind his desk to approach the student. It took him a few seconds, but he finally realized that the one crouched down on the ground with knees tucket to his chest, was the new transfer student from italy. Feliciano.

"Are you alright?" Ludwig asked the shuddering boy, offering a hand out to help him up. But Feliciano didn't respond, and instead only lifted his head up slightly (just enough to look at the tall man with his eyes) to look at the teacher. "They're gone now I promise. And trust me, I'm going to speak to the principle later about their behavior. It's alright to come on out." He said in a gentle voice, smiling as he crouched down in a frog like position to meet face to face with the italian boy. But instead of listening to the teacher, the boy shook his head, locks of uneven brown hair swishing side to side.

"No t-teacher... I'll wait here." The boy said, his voice quivering. Ludwig sighed.

"I'm sorry Feliciano, but you can't stay in the classroom forever. You need to go back home." He said, resting a comforting hand on he italian's thin shoulder. The boy then shook his head frantically, almost in a panicked manner.

"P-please teacher! Can I... Can I please j-just stay here for a b-bit?" Ludwig glanced at the boy, not sure what to say. He really did need to go home to his parents... But why was he so reluctant to leave? Why did he want to stay in this boring classroom. After thinking for a few moments, the tall German man sucked in a deep breath.

"Alright, Feliciano. I'll let you stay here with me for another thirty minutes. But that's it, alright? After that thirty minutes, you go home to your parents, alright?" Ludwig instantly saw a sense of relief in the young boys eyes.

"Th-thank you, teacher. I'll t-try not to cause you any t-trouble." He said, a bit more audibly. Ludwig smiled warmly.

"It's fine. Now why don't you stand up and we can have a regular conversation, hm?" The german man suggested holding out his hand for the boy again. Feliciano looked at him in a curious manner, peering at the mans hand from over his arm. After a few more moments of hesitation, Feliciano finally took the hand. Ludwig pulled the thin boy up with ease. Goodness... He thought. Does this boy eat at all?

"So Feliciano, what made your family move to Germany?" He asked, trying to start a decent conversation. Ludwig quickly noticed that the boy was always looking down, never at the german man's striking blue eyes. The italian's hair covered most of his face this way, and it was starting to tug at a string of annoyance in the back of his mind. Why doesn't he let me see his face?

"My-... Papa got a job here, but he's always on business trips. And my mother is currently out of work and looking for a job, so she's never home either." He said in a shy manner.

"Ah, so are you home most of the time?"

"No... My b-brother is there as well."

"Really? Is your brother nice?" At this, the italian somehow seemed to lower his head even further, as if upset my the mentioning of the brother.

"I guess." Ludwig looked at the boy curiously. He knew he was lying, but he decided to go with it.

"What about your parents? Are they nice as well?" The same response came from the italian.

"I guess." Ludwig now sighed.

"Do you not want to talk to me?" He asked, almost sounding offended. Feliciano shook his head side to side quickly.

"Of course I want to talk to you, t-teacher! It's just... I d-don't really talk about my family too much. That's all. I like talking to you, teacher." Feliciano admitted, beginning to fiddle with the hem of his shirt. Ludwig raised an eyebrow, and the boy continued. "Whenever I talk to you teacher, I always feel better. I feel... comforted some how. I feel like I can tell you anything." The german man finally smiled.

"I'm glad, Feliciano. If you ever need to talk about something, I'm here. Or you could go to the counsilor-"

"No!" Feliciano interrupted in a rush. "If I tell the counselor, she'll tell someone else!" There was panic in his voice. Ludwig frowned again. Tell the counselor what?

"Feliciano... Tell someone else what? Is something wrong?" He asked, grabbing onto the boys shoulders. Why wont he look at me?! What's going on with this boy? It was then that the boy finally looked up tp meet the German's sharp blue gaze. When the tall man got a good look at the boys face, his eyes widened. He couldn't believe what he was looking at.

There was a black, purple and blue bruise painted across the boys cheek the size of an apple. On the same side, his eye was swollen almost completely shut. Not only was there two on his face, but there were a few smaller ones covering his neck as well. On the side of his face that wasn't bruised, there were scratch marks from under his eye to his chin.

"Wh-... How...I-..." The german was at a loss for words. He didn't know what to say. His mind went completely numb. After a few moments, one sentence finally ran through his brain. What in the hell happened to this boy?

"It's nothing, really..."

"Nothing?" Ludwig barked, making the boy jump in surprise and then cringe away from his teacher. "You call this nothing? It looks like you were hurt by five people at once! Are there any more bruises or scratches?" Feliciano gave a small nod, leaning away from the tall man. "Let me see them. Now." He ordered sternly. The thin boy then slowly lifting his shirt over his head, making he teacher blush slightly. W-wait... what was he-... His eyes widened even further when he saw that more bruises and scratches littered his pale skin.

"F-..." His mouth was wide open in shock. Yet again, his brain went blank. The boy looked down, looking ashamed and began to cover his chest with his arms.

"What. Happened." The german barely managed to sputter out. Feliciano said nothing, only looked down at the ground as he did before. This only enraged the german man further. He shook the boy almost violently while practically screaming, "Look at me!" The boy shrieked out and forced his head up to look at the taller man in fear. Feliciano began to tremble at the look on his teachers face. He'd seen that look before...

He felt tears sting the back of his eyes.

At seeing the boys reaction, his face softened. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. I just-... This is very serious and I need you to talk to me. I want to help you-"

"YOU CANT." Feliciano screamed, salty tears beginning to break through. Ludwig sighed.

"Please, tell me how this happened. Even if you think I can't do anything, I can at least try." He said gently, running a comforting had through the boys messy hair. Ludwig watched as tears overflowed from the boys eyes. He stood there, stroking the boys hair, unsure of what to do. Then, seemingly for no reason, the boy threw his arms around the german's waist. Ludwig grunted as he felt Feliciano's body ram into his, but stood there in shock as the short boy sobbed into his chest. He watched as the boy clutched tightly onto the cloth of his shirt, crying heavily into the cotton. Ludwig was frozen. He could move, he could speak, he couldn't even think.

"I-I-I'm sorry t-teacher!" Feliciano blubbered out, tightening his grip around the mans waist. "I-I'm really really s-sorry!" Without thinking, the german man threw his arms around the shorter boys shoulders. Feliciano gasped out when he felt Ludwigs freezing hands on his back. The italian's body froze. His teacher was... hugging him? Was he... Giving him affection? All Feliciano ever knew was cold harsh abuse. He had never been held tenderly like this... Ever in his life.

It felt so good. To be held like this in his strong arms-

Wait... What was he thinking?! This was his teacher for Gods sake!

But... it felt so nice... Feliciano was beginning to not care. He buried his face into Ludwig's chest, his weeping slowly calming down. Ludwig began stroking the back of the boys hair comfortingly, hushing him quietly.

"It will all be okay, Feliciano. It's all okay." He whispered. No it wouldn't be. Feliciano thought to himself. It wouldn't ever be ok.

"F-FRATELLO!" A scream tore through Feliciano's throat as the gruff man shoved the thick plastic into his arse. Lovino grunted, looking up from his book. "MAKE HIM STOP~!" Feliciano cried out, tears streaming from his eyes. The brute slammed the vibrator in and out of the scrawny boy, smirking as he watched the pained look on his face. Lovino shrugged.

"Eh, I don't wanna. He's payin me, so I gotta let him do whatever." He said nonchalantly.

"Oi, can I fuck him now?" The giant man asked, turning the vibrator up from nothing to the highest setting. Feliciano moaned out in both pain and pleasure as the brute shoved the toy straight into his prostate, the vibrating effect sending him over the edge. Just to tease, the gruff man held it against the poor boys prostate. He struggled against the handcuffs, feeling his release so close all of a sudden.

"Whatever, man." Lovino grunted, turning the page. The man yanked the toy out of the italian, eliciting a whine of protest from him. He was so close...

It was like this almost every day. His brother used him as a prostitute, letting strange men in their house, doing whatever they pleased with the poor boy and then paying Lovino when they were done. The worst part was, some of them made him feel so good. They made him scream and cry out in pleasure. And every time... Just as he was about to cum, they would finish first and leave him there, a filthy mess. A mess smelling of sex and covered in semen, bruises and scratches. He hated it. He hated his brother for doing this to him. He felt so filthy.

Like now, he was already drenched in sweat, the brute's cum covering his face. He was already positioning himself at Feliciano's entrance. Without warning he slammed himself into the boys arse, hitting his prostate dead on the first thrust.

"FRATELLIONE! OH MIO!" He screamed out. It didn't hurt. He was used to large cocks entering him without preparation. He was used to being treated roughly. The brute slammed into the boy as hard as he could. Feliciano listened to the giant above him groan out in pleasure.

The sick thing was, Feliciano was enjoying it as well. Shudders of pleasure raked through his body. Maybe, he thought, if he was a good boy this one would let him come. Then an idea clicked in the brutes mind. Not stopping his motions, he reached over to grab the still vibrating toy. Without removing himself, he shoved the shuddering toy as well.

Now it hurt. Feliciano screamed louder than he ever had before. "GET IT OUT! OH MIO IT HURTS! FRATELLO MAKE HIM TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!" He shrieked. Lovino grinned. He knew his little brother was a masochist, so he knew the boy would eventually get used to it, and maybe even enjoy it.

"Really? Why should I? I think you'll like it." He smirked.

"MY ASS IS GOING TO TEAR! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" The feeling of the giant's enormous cock and the huge vibrating plastic was just too much. He didn't think he take it anymore.

"I think you like it, Feliciano." Lovino teased. "I think you want him to hurt you more." He snapped his fingers, and the brute above him rammed the plastic in deeper. Feliciano felt as if he was being ripped apart from the inside. He was beginning to see spots in his vision. It was just too much. The giant muscular man grunted and moaned, releasing inside of the boy in a few seconds. The man pulled out, wiping the sweat from his brow. Feliciano groaned in relief when he felt his arse empty out, semen leaking out as well. The man began to put his clothes back on, and when he was through, he tossed a pile of money at Lovino and left without a word. But after a few moments, he mentally groaned. The man hadn't bothered to take out the vibrator that was shoved deep into him. He struggled in his bindings, wanting to take it out. Shivers shook through his body. The large toy was crammed against his prostate, and the fact that it was vibrating on the highest setting was beginning to send him over the edge.

"F-fratello..." Feliciano whimpered, arching his back. Lovino finally put the book (that he wasn't actually paying attention to at all) down, and crawled on the bed as well. He loomed over his little brother, savoring that flushed expression on the boy's face. Lovino grinned, and licked his brothers face next to his lips. Lovino then cringed.

"Ugh." He spat, wiping his mouth. "That man tastes disgusting. And he got it all over your beautiful face." He wiped a thumb against Feliciano's heated face, smearing a bit of leftover cum. He wiped it all off of the boys face, ignoring the fact that the boy was desperately moaning out from under him. He bent down to gently kiss his little brothers opened lips, causing the boy to come out of his trance and squeak.

"Fratello? What are you- AAH~!" Felicano began, but cried out in pleasure when his brother began pumping his length. He was already so close to his release... He was beginning to see white spots in his vision... Just a little more... But Lovino smirked when he felt his brother tense up, and quickly took off his hand and yanked out the vibrator. Feliciano whined and groaned, near tears at how his release was denied once again. Lovino chucked.

"Feliciano doesn't like it when I don't let him come, does he?" He cooed, kissing his brothers cheek. He grabbed the boys thigh gently, making him jump. He dipped his tongue into his brothers mouth, taking Feliciano completely off guard. While keeping his brother occupied, he yanked down his pants. He then grinded down onto Feliciano's erection, causing him to cry out again. Lovino gently caressed the boy's cheek with the back of his hand.

"Shh, it's okay. Your grande fratello will make it all better." He whispered into the boys ears, sending shivers up his spine. Feliciano looked down to see Lovino positioning himself at his entrance. His eyes widened.

"Fratello?" He squeaked in a panicked tone. Lovino shushes his brother, and then rammed himself into the thin boy. Feliciano screamed again, but at hearing his brothers pain, Lovino became gentler. He thrusted into Feliciano slowly, trying not to hurt his brother too much. He listened to the boy under him pant loudly, while watching his chest rise and fall at a rapid pace. He ducked his head down and ran his tongue along Feliciano's nipple, causing him to moan out his brothers name.

"Fratello~." Feliciano groaned loudly. He knew this was wrong. He knew that not only should he not do it because it was his brother, but because of all of the ways that his brother abused him. Not only did Lovino sell his body to strange men, he physically and sexually abused him when he wanted to. When Lovino was angry or in any kind of bad mood, he would hit Feliciano or hurt him. Sometimes, he would even whip him. Every now and then Lovino would tie him up (like he did every time), blindfold, gag and whip him until he bled.

"Where were his parents" is what people would always ask. Feliciano always told everyone that his parents were on business trips, or away for some other reason. But the truth was that they had died years ago. Feliciano had been living with Lovino for about 5 years. And he hated every second of it. It's not like Lovino was a bad brother... Other than the prostitution and abuse, Lovino was a caring brother. If Feliciano had a bad day, Lovino would hold the thin boy and let him cry until he felt better. He would cradle the boy to his chest and whisper into his ear that everything would be ok, and that he would make sure that he wouldn't let anyone hurt him. Of course, the prostitution was the exception to this promise. But if the client was harsh on the boy, Lovino would do his best to comfort his little brother and relax his body.

"You like this, don't you Feliciano?" The elder brother cooed, his lips covering and sucking on the pert nipple. Feliciano let out a quiet moan, struggling against the bindings even more. Lovino sped up the pace of his thrusts hitting the thin boy's prostate every time.

"Fratello, please~!" Feliciano begged, thrusting his hips against his brothers. His dripping, throbbing erection grinded against Lovino's stomach. Lovino smirked.

"You want to cum-nnng- don't you Feliciano? I know those men never let you finish. They're so cruel to you. But I'll let you cum..." He taunted into his ear. Feliciano's brown eyes sparkled at the words. "-If-.." Feliciano then groaned. He was willing to do anything to cum right now. What could his devious brother possibly want from him. Lovino dipped his hand down to teasingly poke the tip of his dripping cock, making pleasure shoot through Feliciano's spine. "If you not only beg for it... But you let me do whatever I want to you another time." He gripped the base of Feliciano's cock tightly.

"YES! YES WHATEVER YOU WANT! I'LL BEG! I'LL BEG! PLEASE LET ME COME FRATELLO PLEASE! PLEASE PLEASE!" Feliciano screamed. If he didn't come soon he thought he was going to literally go insane. Lovino smirked.

"Call me by my name, Feliciano." He whispered huskily against the shell of his ear, giving it a soft lick while he began pumping his brothers cock quickly.

"LOVINO!" Feliciano cried. The next moment, his release hit him so hard he swore he saw stars. Cum shot out of his aching cock, giving the poor italian boy the release he so eagerly needed. This was his first orgasm in weeks. It felt more amazing than anything he had ever felt before. Sparks were flying in his mind, his whole body tingled, he felt like he was floating in space. Well, and still able to breath of course.

At feeling the boys walls tightening, Lovino came as well, emptying his load into the boy and then pulling out. Feliciano couldn't move. He was so exhausted. Right now he wanted nothing more than to get up and shower. The feeling of two men's cum in his arse felt disgusting. He also wanted to rip off the sheets and put on new ones. The smelled of sex was rank. The sheets were covered in sweat, lube and cum. It was sick.

Lovino reached over onto the bedside table and grabbed the handcuff key, unlocking the boys handcuffs. Feliciano gave a sick of relief as he was able to put his arms back down. He rubbed the circular bruise that wrapped around his wrists. Finally... He thought. He tried to get out of the bed, wanting to sleep on something else but he was just to exhausted and fell back onto the bed. Lovino grinned, and laid next to his brother, wrapping his arms around the boy. Feliciano sighed.

When could he get out of here?

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