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Chapter 7: Where Exactly are They All Coming From?

"I'm not an idiot!"

"Then explain why you were hanging from a giant skull?"

"Because I was searching for fossils!"

"There are no fossils above ground!"

I just sighed and grabbed Bob's pickaxe from the ground. When I yanked it up, I found a rock sitting in the hole it had created.

"What, do you think fossils can fly?"

I decided to intervene before things got worse, so I called out, "Hey! Come look at this!"

"What do you want?"

"I found this here. I think it's a fossil rock, but I'm not sure what kind." I examined what seemed to be a slash that ran almost to the edge.

"Well, whatever it is, it's mine." With that, Bob snatched the rock from my hands, and placed it in one of the slots in his case.

"What makes you say that?"

"My pickaxe." He took that too, and then walked off.

"Must still be mad that he didn't have his stuff." Looking around, I was unable to see Thea. I started to wander around the skull, and when I had reached the backside of it, I saw the same black haired boy from yesterday slinking around a fence. Scanning the area, he quickly hopped over it and disappeared from sight. While debating whether or not to go after him, a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped up, and looked behind me.

"Oh, sorry about that, Derrick." Primacron looked sheepishly at me. He was still wearing the same sweatshirt he had yesterday, although I could now read the word "Vengeance" on the front. His hand was intertwined with Kelsey's and she smiled at me.

"What are you doing here?" I wondered, as they didn't have their pickaxes with them, and didn't seem to be looking for anything.

"Oh, nothing, just taking a walk."

"Oh, alright. Well, if you don't mind, I need to find a fossil."

"No problem. See ya later!" I nodded to them, and then headed off to find Thea. I pulled out my sonar and started tapping the screen with my thumb while I was walking. I noticed a green dot pass my radar, a bit to my left. Walking towards it, I scanned with the sonar again. I pulled out my pickaxe, and was about to slam it into the ground when someone came up from behind me and grabbed my pickaxe. I turned around and was about to let this guy have it. It's pretty much a rule of thumb for Fossil Fighters that you don't just grab someone else's pick. A large man wearing a pink shirt had my pickaxe in his hand.

"Hey kid, I saw that rock first!"

"How could you have seen it first if I haven't even seen it?"

"Well, if you want it so bad, you're going to have to face me in a Fossil Battle!"

"Huh?" I was a bit confused that he seemed to be missing part of a conversation, but I accepted, still angry that he had grabbed my pick.

The man tossed out a Green Medal, and a large green Vivosaur with a sun design on its back appeared. I threw my own medals, with Carno landing in front of Elasmo.

"Hey kid, two against one isn't fair."

"You challenged me." I shrugged, and took my first attack. "Elasmo, Elasmo Tackle!" My Vivosaur made the familiar motion of slamming the opponent with its side. The green Vivosaur seemed relatively unharmed by it, however. "Your turn!" I called to the man.

"Alright then! Go, Mother's Slap!" His Vivosaur walked up to my Elasmo and smacked it in the face. Elasmo, for sure, was not happy, but looked healthy for the most part. "Alright, go kid."

I then called out to Carno, "Carno Fang!" and Carno, to my surprise, wasn't freaking out and actually attacked the opponent as intended. The large bite managed to defeat the opposing Vivosaur. The man just gritted his teeth, tossed my pick back at me, and left without a word. I caught it, patted my Vivosaurs on the head, and recalled them, before proceeding to dig. I pulled out a rectangular shaped fossil and a bit crumbled off into my hands. It was gingerly placed it into one of the eight slots in my case, before I set off once again. I managed to find another dot upon my sonar, and was about to dig it up, when I heard something I was hoping I didn't have to hear.

"There's no way I'm letting you have that Fossil Rock without a fight!"

"Hold it! You're not leaving with that Rock until you fight me!"


"You're gonna have to fight me. I don't let anything stand between me and a fossil."

"That's the Fossil Rock that I wanted!"

"I see you found my Fossil Rock!"

I saw some more people headed my way, and decided to do something before I went crazy and was stuck here battling all night.

"Hey! There's a T-Rex head over there!" Apparently, none of them knew that T-Rex fossils aren't found at Treasure Lake, because they all looked. I grabbed the rock as some of them scrambled over each other to try and see, and ran off. I ducked inside the mouth of the giant skull, hoping none of them would follow me. Then I noticed the flickering lights from the back of the skull. I turned around cautiously, to seeā€¦

"Thea?" She was lying on her back playing a handheld, rested comfortably on the sand. There was a machine next to her that I had no clue what was for.

"Oh, hey Derrick!"

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I already filled up my case, so I decided to wait for you here."

"Why would you wait inside of a giant skull?"

"It's the only place dry around here."

"Oh. Well, you want to head back now?"

"Why? What'd you get?"

"Not much, but I'm pretty scared to go back outside and look for more"

She only quizzically glanced at me before picking herself up and grabbing her case. We headed off to the Fighter Station, ignoring the commotion that was happening behind us. At the Fighter Station, I noticed a "Closed for Repairs" Sign across the Cleaning Room's door, sighed, and followed Thea upstairs.

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