This is the final chapter. Admittedly, the entire fic is pretty short, but still... thanks for bearing with me to the end.

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Colonel Hans Landa lived in peace on Nantucket Island for several months after receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor, before being murdered on a cool September evening. In the morning, his corpse was found by a maidservant and the butler. Landa had been lynched, and the word "Nazi" had been carved deeply into his stomach.

Bridget Von Hammersmark immigrated to America after the end of World War II, and starred in several movies there before becoming a director. She made a total of sixteen films before retiring. Though she never married, Von Hammersmark chose to make her home in Tennessee until her death in 1977. She died of cancer.

Lt. Aldo Raine lived in the Smoky Mountains until the end of his days. He had a reputation as a bootlegger who would bribe policemen with homemade whiskey. On his death in 1983, the white smoking jacket that he had worn in Le Gamaar and chose to keep with him afterwards was donated to a museum.

Both he, Bridget, and Utivich were buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The end.

I like happy endings. Landa got exactly what he deserved.