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WARNING: Small harem consisting on Black Canary, Miss Martian and Fem Superboy (If having trouble imagining, Google "Claire Kent by LexiKimble" and you'll see)


Going in and going hard

You know what I truly hate about myself? Being too stubborn to stay dead, even when losing it all, killing the bastards who wronged my life in a final clash with all of their power against mine, find myself half dead with no legs, my whole left arm and parts of my chest missing and over half of my right arm gone while my skull suffered greatly, in fact I remember that while I crushed the asshat's head like a ripe melon in my bare hands he tried to blow up my head too, but I was way faster. I lost Kurama who used all of its chakra to keep me alive as I took down the asshole who tried to kill an entire world out of a stupid revenge. Some of my friend's chakra and my own remain in me, I still got my large amounts of it but my furry assed friend is long gone, giving his life for mine and putting me in this new world.

Well, at least I'm not some emotionless or overly emotional bastard who has to think of ways to get his head out of his ass or get laid… or both. But I'm not completely heartless, I know what he did and why he did it, and I've mourned for his sacrifice for me, but if I cried too much over it he'd kick my ass to force me to keep on going. Either way, here I am… just gotten back from the dead some years ago, met this guy who saved my bacon and did some modifications to my body to keep me… breathing? I'm not sure; I can breathe but way too many parts of my body are no longer made of flesh or bone, lost my left lung, half the right one and even had to get some "updates" on my heart too when I lost most of my left side and insides along with my left arm and its elbow and I think I even lost part of my throat, I'm not sure if that was healed or fixed, though.

But I owe the guy one, and when he told me of his problems and what he was about to face, well how could I refuse to help? That and I wanted to test out my new and improved body, I was able to fight like never before, I was more agile and the things I could do were astonishing, adding to that my old tricks that saved my hide several times in the past I was plain unstoppable, a force of nature to be feared.

And my power and my savior's intellect got us on a bad side of the world… Now I have a job to do, and no matter who stays in my way I will do it. But these guys also have things that interest me for my future in this place. My meeting what real evil is in my world made me realize how much one needs to sacrifice and dirty his hands to get something done, heck, I gave up half my body to save a world and countless innocents! These guys also have a point, but I also have my beliefs.

I am a ninja, my loyalty is for what benefits me most… but also for what I believe in.

If anyone stands in my path then I won't think twice to get them out of my way.


Our history starts a little cliché, lone figure in a dark room surrounded by seven screens with only bright images that represent the silhouettes of people with evil intentions. Said figure is far from being a normal human anymore, not that he was at birth.

He stood near six foot tall, was about his late teens to early twenties, his hair was golden and spiked backwards like some beast's mane and his face was covered by a blank white mask that resembled a fox's head, mostly with the two extremities atop it that for decoration and other purposes looked like vulpine ears. The figure was lean and muscular as a middleweight boxer and was dressed quite eccentrically: black hakama pants with an orange military coat with a high collar, said coat was closed and hiding a black skin-tight muscle shirt that was in reality a very thin vest capable of resisting even Superman's famous heat vision. But for the parts of his body he showed off it was clear he wasn't entirely human, he was on his "bare" feet, a pair of metallic boot like extremities with the ability to act like claws and even act as real foot fingers for when needed, they actually looked like traditional ninja footwear, with the thumb separated from the others fingers. And last but not least, his "hands" were more like metallic gauntlets.

And to show he was not to be messed with, on his back was a simple looking ninjato with a blade longer than a normal one should be. It's design was of a straight blade about three and a half foot long, the foot and a half long handle was pitch black as well as the sheath and with no decoration or designs. The sword was strapped firmly into the young man's back with special links on the back of his coat to keep the sword's sheath with him at all times.

"Your mission's clear enough for you?" a voice asked from one of the monitors with a slight French accent.

"My only question is why can't I just blow some shit up?" the figure replied in a distorted voice.

"Just confirm if you understood, mon ami"

"Yeah yeah, go to Cadmus and secure the samples, beat the one in charge if he does something stupid and watch for this weapon of yours…" the figure said, waving dismissively and turning away "Just make sure you all keep your part of the deal or I'll be coming for your heads, professional ethics after all"

"Oui, monsieur Fox, just remember to keep your part of the deal as well"

"Hey, when have I disappointed?" the figure said lazily and carefree before leaving the room.


(Gotham City – Wayne Industries)

You know that when you're above the ground by around five hundred foot of height and plan to go down you either get a rope or better yet spend some good money in a decent parachute, right? Well, when the helicopter you're in is a military prototype with no name, brand and with a radio jamming device that has a jet reactor in order to fly at break necking speeds out of a bad spot you can't really stay much longer in one place. Basically, one needs to be insane and indestructible enough to do this shit, so he of course didn't give a damn. But remember kids, don't try this at home.

So, a large fall down later, crashing and breaking the concrete floor he was in and landing in front of the main hall of the big building of developing technology made sure all guards were surrounding our familiar blond figure, who chuckled at them "You know… I could just have gone in with stealth but I really wanted some fun. Besides, I guess I need to make sure I get some attention… do me a favor and scream like bitches"

(Moments later)

Black Canary, in her typical uniform of black leotard, fishnet thighs, black open jacket and high heeled boots stood in shock at what she was seeing in the large halls of the building Batman had asked her to go. A horrified receptionist had her back against a wall, all the guards were all around the place laying unconscious and some with serious injuries and pools of blood on the floor, larger splashes of blood on the walls and yet all of them were alive… barely (If you're thinking of Gray Fox in the first MGS slicing down all those soldiers in the hall, you're right in doing so). And, even with what happened, all of them showed signs of being hit and beaten, not cut.

She instantly ran through the halls, finding that the chaos was getting bigger and bigger and that more guards were down for the count and barely out of this life, she instantly contacted the League "Black Canary here, I might need some support. Whoever's behind this doesn't like to hold back, and do send any medical attention we have, these people are dying!"

Finally, and somehow, she went down to the subterranean levels where Bruce kept most of his highest advanced technology… and found that whoever was behind this was getting more sadistic and destructive with each step he took: large slashes covered the walls and even iron walls, even highly reinforced metal lockdown doors were either sliced to pieces or hit out of the way.

It wasn't until reaching a room labeled as 'Experimental Software and Hardware' that she found a tall blond man with his back turned to her and holding what seemed like a chip, delighted by it "And to think this little thing is worth so much money… Well, that's Bruce Wayne for you, all money and money, rich kids nowadays, don't you think, miss…?"

It took her a second to realize the man was talking to her "Black Canary, and you are?"

"Oh yes…" the man said as he turned to look at her: wide hips, slim waist, nice and large cleavage, long neck length hair, blue eyes and a nice lace adorning her beautiful swan neck. He chuckled in his distorted voice "Well, I'd like to forget manners since you didn't give me your real name, only an excuse to keep whatever secret life you have safe. Anyways, kindly move aside, sweet cheeks, or I'll have to rough you up" he finished by pocketing the chip in his coat and grabbing his ninjato, ready to draw it out and take her out if necessary.

She grinned "Well, definitely can't have you off the records like that, Mr. Nameless. Not after I drag you to jail with you deeply sleep"

He chuckled again "Oh, fiery attitude… You seem to have some fighting issues, then again, all of us who wear masks have them. But you've delayed me enough, I have places and people to see, so!"


Looking up in shock, Black Canary watched as the ceiling fell down, all of it was sliced to pieces that fell down atop the blond masked man who chuckled some more as he jumped and used the sliced chunks of concrete to jump up and away from her. Not like she was going to let him get away, jumping right after him as the masked thief kept on slicing the ceiling to get up and up, even past the first floor that lead outside and kept on going to the upper levels with the blonde heroine following hot on his heels while the workers ran for their lives scared shitless.

Looking down at his pursuer the black and orange clad man sighed "Persistent… but I kinda like that" fully taking out his sword's silver blade he focused on it, channeling his inner energy as a light hue glowed in the edge. Instantly he sliced faster and better than before, causing more damage and even cutting through two ceilings at a time, this gave him the advantage to slice smaller pieces of debris and kick them down towards Black Canary.

Dinah opened her mouth and used her famous Canary Cry against the debris, shattering it all out of her way and keep on pursuing the insanely strong thief. Using what debris remained she jumped after her target and out of the building, landing in the roof with grace… only for his metallic hand to grab her forcefully by her jaw, keeping her mouth shut. She hadn't even seen him coming, but somehow some golden flash seemed to have appeared in her field of vision just an instant before whoever this guy was captured her singlehandedly.

"You know, women complain of men being persistent, never thought I'd be the first man to complain of a dame being persistent" he said while slowly taking out his blade.

But instead of feeling the sharp blade cut through her skin the blond threw her in the air and used a double jump kick to push her aside and get out of the way of several arrows flying at his head. Black Canary felt hand on her shoulder, helping her to get up, she was face to face with her now ex-boyfriend Oliver, also known as Green Arrow.

The blond ninja flipped in the air and landed in a kneeled position with his ninjato at his side, using it to block two more arrows. Looking up he found a fellow blond man with a beard and mustache wearing green thighs and a robe with a hood as well as a green domino mask, bow and arrows. At his side was a redhead boy around his late teens with the same clothes and weaponry, only in green and with a weird yellow hat with a red feather decorating it.

"Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy, I presume" the ninja thief said in a calm tone as he looked at the new arrivals, before chuckling "And I see you brought company… be warned, if you throw those shurikens at me you're gonna be sorry if I deflect them to hit someone in their throat, and trust me, I've done it before"

He raised slowly as he mentally savored the surprised gasp behind him, turning back he looked at the unmistakable imposing figure of none other than Batman standing with his black cape covering his body and his black mask-helmet with the decorative and iconic bat-like ears atop. He also measured the short boy in his early teens with a black short mop of hair, a black domino mask and a weird outfit, red short sleeved shirt, black pants, gauntlets, boots, cape with a yellow underside and a domino mask to hide his face.

"Who are you and why are you attacking Wayne Industries?" the bat asked in his gruff menacing voice, making the masked blond swordsman chuckle.

The ninja then adopted a mocking thoughtful pose "Oh gee, I dunno, could it be I am just a guy simply passing through and… hmm… oh! Oh! I know! Let's just say I dislike stuck up rich boys like Bruce Wayne and just wanted to give him a bad day, ok?" seeing the bat glare made the thief laugh "Oh come on, bats! You didn't expect me to spill the beans like that, did you? Man, and you're supposed to be smart… But if you truly want to know…"

As the swordsman trailed off the blue hue in his ninjato increased as he brought it down and then up, stabbing the tip on the ground before the force of his slash sliced off the roof's floor right at Batman and Robin, forcing them to jump out of the way with their grappling hooks. Then the sound of broken arrows hitting the floor from behind the ninja followed the landing of the dark heroes as the mysterious thief had sliced off the five arrows aimed at him from the two archer heroes.

He simply looked at the five of the heroes with the amusement hidden beneath his blank mask. But he also had business, so seeing the ladder from his private helicopter he had no choice but to grab it and let go of his wishes to fight them, letting the chopper take him away in the sky as he laughed and mock-saluted the now raising heroes and gave them a final message:

"You all shall do some effort to find out why I wanted to cause some chaos, heroes… that and you're too weak for me to take seriously, so take care till next time we meet"

Roy and Dick roared as they ran after the man "Get back here!"


It was finally then that the five heroes realized what the thief had intended to do when he sliced the rooftop, he had sliced it in a way it was at the perfect angle to slide off the rest of the building with them on it. From the skies, enjoying the sight of the heroes running at their highest speed from the part of the roof they were in, the masked man laughed silently, chuckling darkly in amusement as they jumped to the part of the roof he left intact. But he still had to hurry, he didn't need them to track him so he started to climb back up in order to deliver what he stole.

But before his ride took off at the speed of sound he looked intently at the blonde heroine with interest… she had to be a few years older than him yet he was very interested in how good of a fighter she was.


A few hours of flight later, giving the pilot the ship so it was delivered to the people behind the monitors, and taking a detour for a cheeseburger with extra fries and a cold soda later, the blond opened the helicopter's door, looking down at the Cadmus building, a simple looking lab with a few stories of height. After swallowing the last of his fries and downing them with his diet soda, the blond waved to the pilot and once again jumped down with no parachute towards the building's roof, it was starting to get late, sunset was about to come and he wanted to get some business done and see what this big weapon was making such a fuss about.

Falling down to the roof but without the intention to get attention on himself, the blond aimed his right arm at a nearby building, a special grappling hook appeared from under his palm before being shot at the ledge with a highly resistant and almost invisible cord made of several alloys of metal connecting him with the hook. Swinging around he slowed his fall, aiming his other free hand with yet another grapping hook in it, now aimed at Cadmus. Another midair swing later he used Cadmus' ledge to fly upwards and land silently on their roof, where his contact was.

The thief stood up, before crouching and looking at the small gray and black skinned imp like creature before him, a small chimpanzee like being with red eyes and small horns atop its alien like head. He looked at it with a raised eyebrow behind his mask "Either you've shrunk or you have gotten real better looking, doc"

"I'm right here" a man in a lab coat with long brown hair in a ponytail and with square glasses responded annoyed and coldly. He was old, around his forties and already his hair was whitening, he was also one of those guys who for some reason always had a permanent scowl on their face.

The blond waved dismissively "So… who's the unlucky woman who gave you this son?" he asked upon poking the small blue imp. Getting doctor Desmond annoyed was easy, and the blond didn't like to be liked, sure it had its benefits but so far he disliked a lot of people, mainly most of the people he had been meeting thus far after getting fixed.

The doctor barked in anger, pointing at the roof's door "Don't just stand there making bad jokes! Get in the lab and get ready to protect the weapon, we have suspicions the League are on us"

Dark chuckles came out of the blank mask before the doctor found himself staring at the young man's ninjato's tip just an inch from his right eyeball in just an instant "Well, gonna give me the tour then? Oh, and please tell me there's a snack bar and maybe a souvenir shop, maybe you have one of those "I'm with a dead guy" T-shirts, I could buy one and take a picture with you by my side after I slit your throat wide open. What do you say, sounds fun? Because I could use the fun if you keep on bringing my mood down insulting me, ya dig?"

"Y-yes!" the scared Desmond cried, feeling the sudden need of finding a bathroom.

(Moments later)

Looking at the place, finding that it obviously hid more than what it let be seen and enjoying a ride in an express elevator with popcorn included, the ninja walked behind Desmond, both hands busy crushing the bucket that once was filled with butter covered corn as he looked around in one of the many sub-levels of this building.

High-tech, incubating pods to hold beasts and even use them as energy sources were all around, creating more of the creatures that Desmond named the Genomorphs. There were big ones as large as houses, some more human-sized and of course the small imps the size of a small monkey. He kept on going after the scientist, not paying much attention to details and waiting patiently to see this big weapon, also wondering if he could have room service after being done examining and studying this newest development in this big lab as he was presented to all rooms via the elevator, which was getting very boring by now.

"And now here's where you'll be for the next days to make sure our newest addition to Cadmus is safe and sound" Desmond explained as the blond tossed his popcorn bucket to a nearby and conveniently placed recycling trash can.

Once out of the elevator our weapon for hire finally showed some surprise, then he turned to Desmond "You're one fucked up fuck, you know that?"

As the doctor growled the blond walked out into a hall made of flesh, large and disgusting looking spheres were placed all over the walls and ceilings, making it all look as if he were inside someone's body, waling in a vein that had a lot of pimples in the walls. He tapped one of the nearest flesh bags, finding a liquid content in it along something else. Now tapping one side of his mask the heat vision allowed him to see the silhouette of a genomorph still growing inside the flesh egg, it was like the small one Desmond had on his shoulder, but about the size of a young boy in his teens.

"So this is how you breed these guys… Sad enough is you force them to be your housewives, now you can't even find them a proper, clean bed. You're really cheap, doc"

"We need to keep appearances, so that's justified, and they're just items, tools for me to use for my purposes. Just like our newest weapon" Desmond growled for who knows how many times that night, passing around the blond and standing before a reinforced metal door near a panel. Putting the code in it, the door opened for both and the blond was presented with something he truly didn't expect to see.

In a large crystal tub, deep sleep in a metal table was a girl as drop dead gorgeous as Black Canary about sixteen. She had long raven hair, a round and cute but strong and fierce face and one voluptuous figure that was very desirable as well as those still growing D-cups that compensated for her lack of height, her being a head shorter than normal girls her age but making it up in the hourglass figure department. She wore a full-body white suit that left her forearms and hands bare for all to see, said suit hugged her figure showing some muscle that gave her an Amazonian look that added to her facial features made her look like a younger Wonderwoman. He also noted the large red S in her chest, and he was looking at the emblem, honest, he wasn't putting his focus on her generous mammaries… ok, maybe he was.

(On a side note, assuming you guys know enough of the show I'll skip descriptions now, mostly because I've already described the only two who truly needed it, but when it is needed for anything new then I will, for whatever very few circumstances I should)

Tilting his head to one side, grabbing his chin with one hand and looking at her in thought he was honest "Gotta say, she's cute"

Desmond growled yet again "It. Is a weapon, NOT cute"

Tilting his head to look at the annoyed doctor the man replied in a carefree way "Well, I say SHE is" suddenly, something exploded atop their heads, the ground shaking a bit and red lights lightning the place as the alarms blared all around the building "Oh… that's not good"

"That's your cue to do your job!" Desmond roared, pointing up, only to have the blond wave dismissively before pointing at the good looking ravenette in the tub.

"No, my job is to watch Superbabe over there… well, that and empty your fridge of whatever good food it has" the masked swordsman replied flatly.

"Argh! Ok, fine! I'll tell that idiotic hero to go look at it!" Desmond growled and walked out, leaving the blond to lean on a wall, blending with the shadows and looking at the girl… should she wake up, what to call her? Superbabe was fine by him to annoy her, but what would the brainiacs call her? Supermiss? Superlady? Supergi- no, that one was already taken. Well, he'd stick with Superbabe for now until someone, no matter how stupid, gave her a proper name… a good one at least.


Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice (ALWAYS wanted to say that since a kid), our heroes are not whelmed by their recent failure in catching the thief and recent turn of events leading to Speedy walking away and the three remaining sidekicks to decide to go undercover.

"And then he just goes off in this high-tech chopper while we had to deal with over half of the roof falling down, fortunately there were no casualties" Robin growled, tightening his grip on his fists "Add to that us being treated like kids and I can see why Speedy was not whelmed at all"

Kid Flash laughed "Hey, not a villain escaping is much of a big new in this business, there's always a second chance" he then looked at the large building before them "Besides, cheer up, today's the day we show the League to take us seriously!"

Aqualad shook his head "Still, I'm concerned for who this new masked persona was. According to Robin he didn't even reveal a name"

The avian hero nodded "Good point, just let me check" walking once again to the Hall's compute and starting to put some data all he got was blank files "Hmm, he certainly is new, this must be either his first hit or he's really good at being sneaky"

"That or, in the worst case scenario, leave no proof or witnesses" the atlantian boy replied, looking concerned as well as his youngest friend, but not Kid Flash.

"That's not very likely, the guy might be a killing machine with what he did and how he did it but he left one witness… and he didn't' even finish the guards off" the speedster replied, thinking to that part of the story.

"That's also unlikely, because the guy wanted to have attention… wait" the Boy Wonder said as he tapped his chin in thought "Why would he want to get attention right now?"

"Well, what do we know of him?" Aqualad asked, reasoning, but also remembering "Let's talk about it after we've investigated at Cadmus, poetic justice, after all"

(Moments later)

Getting bored out of his mind the blond started to go through his sociopathic mind for ways to entertain himself, all while eyeing the now shivering impish genomorphs atop Superbabe's head, transmitting education to her head as he played with a kunai in his hand. He grabbed it by the tip, the handle up and the blade between his fingers as if he were about to throw it at someone, yet all he did was toss it up while eying the genomorphs, thinking of ways to have fun while the three little creatures shivered at what could be inside his mind and easily catching the blade without a scratch on his metallic fingers.

Certainly he couldn't kill the imps, else he'd be in deep shit, but he had insulted their creator who was in charge of this place. Showing he cared not for what orders he was given so long as he could mess with someone. One of the doctors who was monitoring the ravenette, with her G-Gnome controlling her under Desmond's orders, finally finished her job and turned to the large metal door to continue whatever she had to do, the blond didn't care, but he also eyed the small imp in her shoulders the same way he did the others atop the frozen black haired girl in white. The little creature was of course nervous, more with the kunai in the man's hand, but the biggest problem was discovering what he planned on doing as his mind was certainly hard to enter.

Then the large metal doors burst open, letting in the three escaping sidekicks with Desmond, genomorphs and a guy in a black and blue outfit with a golden helmet and shield known as the Guardian who were hot on their heels. After getting in and sealing the doors shut the heroes finally looked at the girl in the pod, Kid Flash already speaking his mind.

"You know, she's a real weapon, one hot bomb" the redhead said as he stared at the sleeping ravenette.

Robin chuckled "Easy Romeo, we don't need her to knock us out if you make her mad…"

Kid Flash didn't pay much attention, but then started at the symbol in the pod "Hey, check it out, a big K and a small r, that's the symbol of Krypton and… hey, look at her chest!" he said, pointing at said area, before blushing and lowering his finger "Umm, I mean, look at the symbol in her shirt"

"Could it be? Is she related to Superman?" asked an astonished Aqualad before turning to Robin, who was hacking the pod's computer before nodding "We have to help her, she's basically Superman's daughter"

Kid Flash chuckled "So she's not only a chick, she's a Superchick!"

"That name's a bit better than the one I came up with"

The trio turned with their veins frozen as the masked blond finally stopped being one with the shadows, stepping out of his hiding spot with his kunai now in his hands, rising it up as if it were a cup for him to cheer "Now, please step aside from her, Superbabe in that tub is way out of your league, boys"

"Hey, that's a good one" Kid Flash commented, pointing at the blond with a smile as a sign of approval for the name.

"Don't praise him!" Robin cried, getting out his batons "That's the guy who stole from Wayne Industries earlier this day before Batman and I faced Freeze"

"Bravo, you remembered me! Oh am I touched!" the man said as he laughed merrily and clapped in faked good humor "But now that that's said and done, just one piece of info for you kiddies: I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to kill you if you try to step in my way"

"Sorry, but we're not going down that easy" Aqualad said, taking out his Water Bearers, left one as a maze and the right one as a trusty sword.

"I was hoping to hear that" the masked man said as he took out his ninjato, holding it in a standard samurai stance with both hands "You know, it gets boring being here. Sure, the view is nice" he motioned to Superbabe with his head "But since being in a tub is all she does it gets boring with her frozen and without making any sort of conversation. So I'm gonna beat your hides to get my fun, kids"

"I'll make you eat those words!" Kid shouted, running at the man at his lightning speed.

All the blond did was reverse his blade's edge and use the blunt side as if it were a golf club to sweep the speedster off his feet in one quick motion not even a guy able to outrun a speeding bullet could see. While midair the swordsman brought his right foot up and kicked the kid in the throat, suddenly three metallic claws like a hawk's talons emerged from the sole of his metallic foot to clamp on Kid's neck, who he brought down to the floor while slamming his foot down onto his throat.

Robin and Aqualad came to their friend's rescue, but in a faster motion the ninja reversed once again his blade to slice the batons and the water weapons in half while using his free leg to kick the kids up in the air. He used another claw on his free foot to grab Aqualad's skull and slam it down on the floor while using his left hand to catch Robin by the face, adding pressure to the claws and his hand to make sure that not only they didn't escape but that they felt some pain for their mistake.

So now he stood over the downed Kid Flash and Aqualad finding out that the true weight of a man with so many metallic parts was, in nearly precise numbers, about 3,774 pounds. The redhead felt the need to crack a joke about laying off burgers, but the pressure on his neck that slowly asphyxiated him made it hard to mutter a word.

"You know, I hate clichés, but for you I'll make an exception" the blond admitted, aiming his blade's tip at Robin's neck as the kid futilely tried to break free by punching the metallic arm "So, any last words?"

To his shock, Robin smirked, grabbing him and covering the upper half of his face to hear whatever pleas he'd have was his purpose, but not hearing "Yeah, I don't think she likes the nickname you gave her"

Widening his eyes behind his blank mask in realization the blond was unpleasantly surprised when the ravenette jumped out of her opened sleeping pod, a fist up that she soon slammed in his gut, or rather she tried to. Quick as ever the blond raised his ninjato with the blade's dull side parrying the blow. Sure he could slice her hand and even her arm to split the limb in two, but she was far too valuable for that. But the force and the fact she was still charging at him in unstoppable rage forced him to jump back, letting go of the three kids as this one was madder.

He backed a few steps and looked at her in the eye, they were blue and angry, making him chuckle "Beautiful eyes…" he complimented, only making her roar like a furious lioness and throw herself at him, he rolled out of the way and hid himself in the shadows, disappearing as he blended in with the darkness.

"Think he's gone?" Aqualad asked.

"Who knows, but glad I could let her out, even if it took far too much time" Robin said as he stared at the black haired girl who looked at them

Getting up, the heroes walked to the girl, Kid speaking first "Hey, Superbabe, thanks for saving us, if you ever want my gratitude don't doubt to call m-"

Fist met redhead's face faster than anyone could blink, the hidden blond sweat-dropped as the other two guys tried to restrain her. Aqualad jumped and tried to apply a headlock, all he managed to do was have her grab him and throw him like a rag-doll against a wall. Robin came next with a flying kick, only to find himself trapped in her arms and thrown to the ground like in a Lucha Libre match. And just like that the three heroes were knocked out cold.

"So I can't hurt her or the superiors will whine and bitch about it… screw it, Desmond should handle the mess he created for once" the blond said, walking to the door and opening it.

"Finally!" the doctor cried as he ran in, ordering one of his small imps to jump at the girl's shoulder and subdue her mind.

The blond turned to him, giving the man a raised eyebrow "So, what else can she do?"

"For now she only has enhanced strength, speed and resistance, all other of Superman's powers are unavailable to her. But that doesn't matter, what does is that you have to take these pests to the next room while I try to decide what to do with them with the higher-ups" Desmond said, turning away as he barked more orders angrily, leaving the young man to stare at the now blank eyed girl, the blank mask on his face matched her expression, but the expression on his face was thankfully hidden.

"You know, doc… You're not really needed now, you're far too wimpy"


The agonizing scream of horrible pain started to wake up the three heroes upon the sight of the blond man raising Desmond by his ninjato's blade burrowed deeply in the doctor's gut. The blond flatly replied to the scream "Doc, you're useless. All of your research is what we truly needed, if you had some more uses then maybe the others would have thought of this but hey, it's business, nothing personal, right? But in all honesty, you were also starting to annoy me"

With a kick the now bleeding scientist was sent flying out of the room by the opened door, said door which was closed calmly by the masked assassin, the blond didn't turn to look at the bleeding Desmond since he had stabbed to kill and looked at the heroes, tapping his mask's chin in thought "Well, what should I do with you three?"

"How about getting us three double cheeseburgers, mine without onion, and three colas?" Kid replied, being fast to crack jokes as usual.

"Nice try, but… hmm…" the blond tapped yet again his mask's chin in thought, looking at the slowly awakening super strong ravenette, then back at the trio of heroes "How about a deal?"

"How do we know you'll keep your end of the bargain?" Aqualad replied coldly.

The blond chuckled "Oh, thanks for not trusting me, it's the best you can do. But seriously, when I can beat you three oh so easily even with her in your team what other choice do you guys have? I could beat her and all you three rather easily like I did a few moments ago, so, will you think it through?" he asked, taking out his kunai to once again play with it, tossing it up and catching it as if it were a coin.

"Your terms?" Robin growled.

The blond chuckled darkly "How about this one term: the one to make our dear ravenette friend over here choose his side is free to do what he wants. She chooses the three of you, you guys can get out and live happily ever after. But if she were to choose me, heh, let's just say you all will envy Desmond for just getting a blade to the gut"

Gulping hard but looking in hope at the now confused girl, Aqualad replied for his team "We accept"

"You can't do that! He could kill us the first chance he gets!" Kid Flash shouted in alarm for this choice.

"And he could kill us right now" Robin reminded him "It's our best bet, communications are jammed down here I know, I tried when he closed the door. Add to that the League doesn't know where we are and how easily he can overpower us"

"So, it's a majority saying yes, huh?" the blond chuckled, clapping humorously before turning to the imp in the girl's shoulder "Get off her, little one. We need to have her here with us for some life-changing choices, ok?" the imp nodded and left its perch in the ravenette's shoulder.

"Huh? W-What am I doing?" the girl asked in confusion, looking at her hands for the first time.

"Wow, she can talk" Kid said in amazement.

"Yes, SHE can!" the raven haired girl replied angrily, making the boy cringe.

"Sorry babe, but hey, I didn't call you an "it" did I?" he said in his defense.

"Do not anger the lady with heat vision that also holds our only chance of escaping" Robin reminded him.

The masked ninja, seeing the opening, instantly took it "So, you heard our little chat?" he got a nod and an angry glare "Good, then, which side do you choose to be in?"

"We freed you, beautiful. Take that in consideration as well as us selflessly wanting to help you" Kid replied, fast as ever "We can also take you to see what you want, like the sun"

"Or rather the moon, it's past midnight" Robin corrected.

"Oh, and also let you meet Superman, your father" the speeding hero added.

The assassin laughed "But take in mind that they could also have in mind to take you on their side for their own purposes. After all, you were created by Cadmus to be an ultimate weapon, so what do you think they'd do with those merits of yours, huh? Certainly letting you live a happy, free life isn't going to be easy, and much less a peaceful one where you get to do what you want"

"As if you're one to talk!" Robin growled before turning to the girl "Listen, you have a choice with us, these guys planned on using you as a weapon; you didn't even have a choice but to obey them and fight for them. What good is it for you to stay here and be nothing but a tool?"

"Good point, but really, does she have any other purpose but being "normal" as some people say?" the blond rhetorically asked, catching his kunai and holding it up "Take in mind this simple kunai, deadly and made for a purpose, to be a weapon… Does it get to choose what to do? No, it has a purpose in its life that only it can fulfill, to be a weapon. We all are born with something to be ourselves, we can't change that, but, what gain do you have when trying to live a happy life? In the end the happiness is just…"


The blond let the two halves of his now broken kunai fall to laugh "Hehehehe… life and happiness are things just too brief. Try and take them, but they get away… so, how to keep the happiness up? If you were to choose the hero way of life you'd have to see a lot of things you'll love be lost one way or another. The real heroes have a duty that they put above even their real desires, while me and my associates do our duties for our real wishes… What do you say? Sacrifice and loss, or fun and treasure? Which one will it be?"

"Enough!" Aqualad shouted, glaring at the man who ceased to laugh "Your desire requires you to kill people, people who also have dreams of their own. You killed Desmond to achieve that purpose, so how much more blood will you spill to get it? Not only that, but let me ask you this: when did it become so easy for you to kill? People say it gets easier to kill when you kill more… but I think different. What happiness will it bring you to fill your hands with blood? Your purpose is empty and meaningless if you sacrifice others as if they were nothing, your goal is as cheap as the lives you take. In the end it all means nothing, it is nothing… Why do you need to walk down a path so terrifying? How can you even handle taking so many lives for greed? Either way, your goal means nothing but to justify your means with horrible methods. So just answer me, how can you simply take and life and ignore the terror in someone else's face when they're dead by your hands?"

The room was silent, the ravenette looking at both sides, still unsure of what to do… until she felt a push from a cold, metallic hand send her to the trio of heroes. Now everyone was shocked as they looked at the masked man… without his mask. The sight of the ninja's bare face caused the ravenette to feel a strange heat in her cheeks as he smiled at them.

The blank mask simply split itself in two vertically, before both halves moved to the sides and then lowered themselves on his shoulders like guards. He was lean, had a manly face with deep crimson eyes with slit pupils, had three thin whisker-like birthmarks on each cheek and had a large grin on his face with canines longer than normal, and far sharper too. He looked more like a fox than a man, and yet he grinned at them good-naturedly, sort of like a proud grandfather even if he seemed to be in his early twenties.

"What's your name, kid?" the foxy assassin asked his fellow blond.

"Aqualad… but my real name is Kaldur'ahm"

The man chuckled again "Well… thanks for winning this little test, kid. Really needed to see some hope, and you're right… Killing's not easy, sad but true, you get into it and then you lose your mind… Though I lost it way before I even knew I had it. Now, you four get your hides out of here, or else I'll kill you, and I mean it. You have a five minutes head start"

"WHAT?" the four kids asked.

"Four minutes and fifty seconds"


"What the hell just happened back there?" the clone girl asked as she ran along her three saviors as the four ran through the halls and stairs since the elevator seemed to be shut down for a reason, maybe because of the three heroes' entrance earlier. And due to that the only female member of this team discovered she could jump but not fly like her progenitor. That and a weird voice had been guiding her in her mind.

"I myself have been asking that too" Robin replied, checking a recording in his wrist computer's hologram of the blond man attacking the security staff of Wayne Industries "The guy just goes all out with civilians, doesn't spare a second to crush them and lets us go away? What kind of a nutjob is he?"

"A honorable one" Aqualad replied "Duty and a twisted, dark honor code is what seems to make him go. But we have to ask ourselves, what are the limits of said honor? He did say something about testing us, but what worries me is what he wanted to see in that and why he did so. This guy has far too many plans for the future and he has us in them"

"So that's why did he let me go like that? Wasn't he supposed to hold me prisoner or something?" the ravenette asked.

"Who knows, maybe he likes raven haired girls, couldn't blame him when looking at you, gorgeous" Wally said with a smile, making her growl and try to hold herself from doing a sarcastic remark or punch him.

"Oh please stop with the corny flirting, we need to get out. Far as we know, he might actually truly kill us if we're not out of here in less than two minutes!" Robin shouted, looking at his computer's watch. But then something hit him "Hey, now I remember, Desmond…"

"Yeah, don't want to end like him" Kid replied with a look of fear.

"No, I mean, when we ran out of the room, where was his body?"

(Meanwhile, back in the hall to the Super Weapon's room)

The blond, back with his mask on, asked aloud to the genomorphs "Hey, anyone of you seen a guy dying over here? I really wanted to see if he had some spare money for some pizza" all the bio-engineered creatures shook their heads, making the blond sigh "Well, better get that Blockbuster thing the doc was working on… then destroy anything we don't need" he said, ending it with a smile at the explosion part. Then he lazily looked at the imp controlling Guardian "And remember to let him out of here before the fireworks start where the doc worked at"

"Mister, I have bad news" said a genomorph about the size of a petit human and with a very scrawny constitution and wearing white clothes, he also had horns larger than usual.

The blond sighed "Let me guess… I will need to make some extra effort to get that pizza, won't I?"

"Correct. Oh, and please do excuse me, but I've been helping our sister to get out of here" the smart genomorph said.

The blond shrugged "Well, it'll spare me killing them, but knowing the doc…*Sigh* Where are they now?"


Finding the kid's fighting an oversized aquatic like mutated Desmond with some of his old skin hanging from his new monstrous head was certainly and truly what he expected to see, except the terrible joke of "Got your nose" Wally made when getting what remained of the monster's former human nose from the ribbons of skin hanging from its huge girth.

He watched over the fight, analyzing them from the shadows and hiding his presence rather well even for the kryptonian girl's ears as the four fought the monster now known as Blockbuster in honor to the chemical Desmond drank to become insanely strong. Far as he could tell they were strong, powerful and had great potential. Superbabe was fast, resistant to pain and fast as well as stubborn, sadly she was far too impulsive and of course needed to control her anger. Aqualad was calm, cool and collected, however he made himself the one who had to carry most burdens, easily putting a lot of weight on himself. Kid was fast and agile, and his big mouth was a double-edged weapon that needed some refining, but he was a show-off and that led to bad decisions. Robin was intelligent and skillful, sadly for him he also wanted to take the leading role and jumped ahead of others without thinking of what they might have in mind.

With a little dusting they could be a better team and even give him a fight longer than ten seconds. But for now, he had a case filled with Desmond's research and things to do with it. He finally left the building, going in the shadows as he moved at fast speeds to his next destination. Even from the distance he could hear and even get to sense the explosions taking place in the doctor's offices and all of his research to erase what he did for the new formula the blond carried in his arms. Though he didn't expect the whole building to come down, making his next thought to be of going back, until a voice spoke in his head.

"Mister, do not worry for me and the other genomorphs. We're safe as well as our sister… and thank you"

He chuckled 'You can keep the place, not even mine yet I don't care. You guys earned to be who you want… as for me, I still got things to do, places to go and lies to undertake… That and I bet Desmond will not be very happy when he discovers the plan of the Light to turn him into that monster with me killing him. It all has to go according to their plans, for now'

"Good luck"

'Yeah, luck… I might actually need it'


We turn back to the small dark room with the screens, our blond presenting the figures the bottles of Blockbuster formula he retrieved as well as the notes.

"So I see you once again achieved your purpose, Mr. Reaper"

"Yeah yeah, I'm expecting my paycheck soon, rich guy" the blond waved dismissively as he closed the case and looked at the screen with disdain hidden behind his blank mask "And do remember our end of our deal. The doctor better be in one piece"

"Hahahaha! For such a ruthless and cold mercenary you sure care for that geezer!" a scrawny figure laughed out loud.

"I am a man who hates to have debts, sue me and I'll shove that pussycat of yours up your ass"

"You dare threat-"

"Enough, mon ami" the French robotic voice interrupted "Monsieur Fox, we are glad you achieved la formula. However our project of the super weapon, la mademoiselle you call Superbabe, is what makes us worry"

The blond shrugged "Hey, you can also call her Superchick… or whatever name her new friends choose for her"

"Ah, friends… That's an interesting word for you to use when you could have killed them so easily. After all, you ARE our angel of death, Mr. Reaper"

"Call me what you want, baldy. I'm in here for the money and to do a job in your schedules. If I seem to fuck them up I have my reasons. Reason number one: you idiots gave her a will, regardless if you thought of controlling her, in the end if one of those heroes got to her like fish boy did your asses were grass. Reason number two, I fucking hate you pricks for ignoring what I said about creating living beings as weapons: they WILL bite the hand that feeds them. Reason number three, she's far more useful in that team, that way I can play with her mind while she gets to know her new friends. And final reason, I have so much fun planned for those sidekicks and any other super friend they get… whatever they do, whoever they get will be a welcomed addition for me to either kill or torture in horrible ways"

"A psycho shall always be a psycho, don't you think, demon?" said a female voice.

"Need I remind you something, guys?" the blond said, taking off his mask like he did with the kids, only that now he had on an angry scowl "Who do you ALL think you're dealing with?" silence reigned the room enough for him to perceive how they cringed before smirking "Yeah, that's what I thought. I get a job, and I do it professionally with a motive. This is a minor setback and Superbabe is a wild card in this game, much more fun if you ask me. Now, point is… aren't you guys supposed to bring the Light through chaos? Well, what better way to do so than letting me play? I might be a... puppet, in some of your eyes, a tool to use and throw away… that is what a ninja is BUT this games will end with a lot of blood I will gladly spill personally from someone else's throat"

He chuckled and turned to them with his mask back in place "So, any questions?"

Silence reigned.

"Glad you don't, because if you try to doubt my methods I might kill all of you, got it? Now, answer me a very, very, VERY important question: where's the nearest pizza parlor? I got fifty bucks from Desmond and a coupon for a free beer"


And that's my rap! You know, if I could be as insane (as well as indestructible, powerful and badass) as the blond lunatic in here, well maybe I'd be this sociopathic. Maybe that's why my craziness drives me to make this fics, who knows?

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and a warning, most of the chapters will be him doing the necessary mercenary job to get something done, and when meeting the Team, yeah, do expect some changes in the story like it happened here, maybe not to such great extents… or maybe even greater extents! Who knows? Ain't it great to be outta your mind? You can surprise even yourself!

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