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This is my Island

Chapter One: The Free Spirited Children

The Island's People- Pale skinned

Solomon-Chieftain, Yugi's Grandfather~ Exodia & The Three Egyptian Gods

Yugi- Princess- Female- 16~ All spirits & Gods

Ryou- Yugi's Guard- Female- 16~ Change of Heart

Malik- Yugi's Guard- Female- 16~ Fallen Angel

Joey- Yugi's Guard- Female- 16~ Red Eyes Black Dragon

Jaden- Daughter of the Shawoman- Female- 16~ Berstinatrix

Chazz- Jaden's Guard- Male- 16~ Light and Darkness Dragon

Yusei- Shaman's Daughter- Female- 16~ Stardust Dragon

Crow- Yusei's Guard- Male- 16~ Black Winged Dragon

Egypt's People- Dark skinned

Yami/Atem- Prince- Male- 16~ Millennium Puzzle

Bakura- Yami's Guard- Male- 16~ Millennium Ring

Marik- Yami's Guard- Male- 16~ Millennium ?

Seto- High Priest- Male- 17~ Millennium Rod

Jesse- High Priestess's Son- Male- 16- Rainbow Dragon

Alexis- Jesse's Guard- Female- 16~ Ice Princess

Jack- Pharaoh's Sister's Son- Male- 17~ Red Dragon Archfiend

Akiza- Jack's Guard- Female- 16~ Black Rose Dragon

Once long ago, where a huge bonfire was burning, the people of the Tennoshi Clan were dancing and singing, they had pale skin that made them look like wingless angels. These people were singing to their Gods, Exodia, and the three powerful gods, Ra, Obelisk, and Slifer. There were people dancing around the fire, sitting around it, or in the fields collecting food.

It was mostly the children closer to the age of fifteen who danced around the bonfire, they danced to the beating drums and the whistling of the flutes.

"Steady as the beating

Singing through the cedar flute

Seasons go and seasons come

Bring the corn and bear the fruit"

The people of the village wove their arms each other as they danced around the fire, they were celebrating for today was 'The Day of The Spirit's Return.'The Tennoshi Clan loved to sing and dance, it was the only way they knew how to celebrate anything, the had dances and a song for every kind of celebration. As they danced, they jumped up and down with the beat of the drums, the elders held hands with the young children.

"By the water sweet and clean

Where the mighty sturgeon lives

Plant the squash and reap the bean

All the earth our mother gives"

The villagers threw flowers in the air and the children grabbed the ones that fell on the ground and threw them up again. They sang like there was no tomorrow, the people sang again as they bowed to four statues, the creators of their clan. Ra, the Sun God, Obelisk, the Earth God, Slifer, the Sky God, and Exodia, the God that powers over the three, he is called, Exodia, the Miracle.

O, creators, hear our song

help us keep the spirit ways

Keep our sacred fires strong

Walk with balance all our days"

As the people threw more flowers into the air, the fire grew brighter, the children laughed as the fire changed color. First from it's original colors, to blue, then to green, then purple, yellow, and back to it's original colors.

"Seasons go and seasons come

Steady as the beating drum

Plum to seed to bud to plum

(Spirits, critter, creatures of our True Hearts)

Steady as the beating drum..."

"The Chieftain has returned! The Chieftain has returned!" a young boy cried looking upon the river.

Everyone within earshot looked upon the river to see that the boy was correct, the tribe rushed down to the shore where the boats came ashore. An old man was the first to walk out of the boat and onto the shore, he was then followed by the tribe's Shaman and Shawoman Hakase, and Yumi. The villagers ran up to the Chieftain, waiting to hear the news of what the Overseers had said.

"There is no need to worry, the Overseers said everything is still calm and the spirits have returned as always." he said loudly.

Just then, spirits appeared and everyone older than twelve ran up to greet a spirit. An old man walked up to the Chieftain, who hugged the man for they were lifelong friends.

"So, how has the tribe gotten along these past sixteen days? No trouble I presume." the Chieftain asked the man.

"Nothing terrible has happened Solomon, the villagers kept complaining about missing their spirits, but that's normal." Solomon chuckled.

"And your son?"

"Still stalking your granddaughter, but she won't spend time with him, she still hides in the forest." the Chieftain sighed, he looked at the villager's happy smiles of being reunited with their Heart Spirits.

"Look at all these happy faces, but there is still three that I do not see." Hakase and Yumi looked around.

"Yes, where are our daughters?" Hakase asked.

"You know them, Yugi and Yusei have their mother's spirits, and Jaden has her father's, they go wherever the wind takes them." just then, a small gust of wind pasted them, Solomon looked up towards the mountains.

Far from the village, three young sixteen year old girls were standing on the edge of a cliff that was above deep water. One had tri-colored hair that came up in five spikes, with blond bangs, the spikes were black, but the tips were violet. She had amethyst eyes that were prettier than any gem. The second had brown hair that almost looked like one of their little solid friends, her eyes were a darker brown. The third had hair that was almost like a crab, she had amber eyes and was a little bit taller than her friends.

As they stood on the edge of the cliff, they felt the wind run through their hair, suddenly, the marks upon their arms began to glow and they knew that the spirits had returned.

"Yugi! Jaden! Yusei!" the three looked over the edge to see their friends Chazz, Ryou, and Crow looking up at them from a canoe.

"Yugi! Your grandfather has returned! Along with the Shaman and the Shawoman!" Ryou called up.

"He's back Kuriboh! Hikari!" Yugi cried hugging a small furry creature floating next to her, floating next to him was a small yellow fairy, she was holding a small yellow staff, she opened her mouth and laughed.

"Father is finally back Kuribon! Enn!" Yusei cried hugging a second small furry creature, a small red fairy with a small red staff perched on her shoulder, she opened her mouth and a small tinkling sound came out, but Yusei knew that she was laughing.

"She's back Winged Kuriboh! Fuu!" Jaden exclaimed hugging the third furry creature, a small green fairy that looked like she had green wings coming out of her head and was holding a small staff like Yugi's and Yusei's fairies Hikari and Enn, landed on her head .

The three took five steps back and ran towards the edge.

"No, not that..." Chazz cried as the three jumped off of the cliff.

"... way." Crow finished.

Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei clapped their hands together and went as stiff as a tree trunk before they plummeted into the water. Ryou, Chazz, and Crow peered over the edge to try and locate the three teen girls.

"Yusei, this is no time for games!" Crow called into the water.

"Come out of there right now-" Ryou was cut off as three pairs of hands tipped the canoe over, Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei popped above the water before diving under the overtopped canoe. Ryou, Chazz, and Crow came up under the canoe as well, the three girls came up laughing, while the two boys and girl came up looking grim.

"Aren't we getting a little bit old to be playing games?" Chazz asked.

"You're never too young to do anything Chazz, let your pride hang loose for a while." Jaden said splashing some water in his face.

"Yeah, you guys are too uptight, you need to relax a little." Yusei laughed splashing Crow with water.

"It's not that we're uptight, we just want to get back to the village, and we can't go back without the three of you." Ryou explained.

"Well then, let's turn this canoe over and head back!" Yugi suggested, the six of them managed to turn the canoe back over and climbed in.

"Kuri, kuri." Kuriboh jumped up and down next to Yugi.

"Whoo, whoo." Kuribon did a little dance around Yusei's head.

"Kuri, kuuurri." Winged Kuriboh nudged Jaden's face.

Kuriboh was a little brown fur ball with green hands and feet with big black eyes, Winged Kuriboh looked just like Kuriboh, but he had a small pair of white wings on his back. Kuribon was female while the Kuribohs were male, she had a tail with a small red ribbon tied on the end, her feet were a light tan and she had big eyes like the other two fur balls.

"They're lucky they don't disappear during 'The Sixteen Days of No Spirits', they get to stay here." Crow said looking at the three fur balls and three fairies.

"Don't be mean, let's get back to the village." Ryou said grabbing an ore strapped down to the floor. Enn floated above the water and made a noise that sounded like an echo and a harp mixed together, a blue fairy, the same size as her, popped out of the water and raised her staff and suddenly the water around the canoe began to push it forwards. The girls waved goodbye before the fairy smiled and dived back into the water.

When they reached the shore, Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei literally jumped out of the canoe and ran towards Solomon, Hakase, and Yumi.

"Yugi." Solomon said spying his granddaughter.

"Kanota grandfather." Yugi responded, she added a hug.

"Jaden.." Yumi moved towards her daughter.

"Kanota mother." Jaden jumped onto her and latched her legs around Yumi's waist.

"Yusei..." Hakase said walking towards his daughter.

"Kanota father." Yusei buried her face in his chest.

"Yugi, I think you've gotten taller since I last saw you." Yugi pulled out her pouting face at her grandfather, all of her friends loved to tease her about her height.

"At least now I look closer to my real age." Solomon laughed.

"Jaden, you haven't trimmed your hair like I asked you to." Yumi said twirling a piece of hair in her fingers.

"Because my hair didn't need it." Yugi giggled.

"Yeah it did, it still does." Jaden glared at Yugi, but they laughed it off.

"Yusei, you're wet." Hakase said, everyone laughed including Hakase.

"Well, if you jump into water, you kinda will get wet." everyone laughed again. Solomon looked at the three girls.

"We need to talk." the three adults pulled their child, or grandchild into the Chieftain's tent.

"What about?" Jaden asked.

"About your engagements." Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei all groaned, they hated this subject more than anything.

"Grampa, I don't want to marry Beck." Yugi said looking into Solomon's eyes.

"Nor I Kalin." Yusei said looking up at her father.

"And I don't want to marry Baston." Jaden said to her mother.

"But why not? Beck is strong, he cares for his fellow villagers, and he loves you deeply." Solomon said, he walked up to the exit and pulled back the cloth, he looked into the distance and saw a young man with blond hair which he held back with string, he wore a light yellow tunic.

"And Kalin's almost the same, he's strong, smart, and he would do anything for you Yusei." Hakase said, he looked outside to see a young man with whitish hair walk up next to Beck. He was wearing a red and blue tunic.

"Baston is a strong fighter, he's a great strategist, and he would die for you." Yumi said.

"But I don't' have feelings for Beck the way he does for me." Yugi explained.

"Kalin may be all of that, but I don't love him, I can't." Yusei said.

"I know Baston is a good fighter and strategist, but I can't, and won't have the feelings for him that he has for me." Jaden said.

"And why can't you love them?" Hakase asked.

"Because they're our friends, and all we want to feel towards them is the feeling that friends feel between each other, that's how we've always felt towards them." Jaden explained.

"Even if we wanted to, we could never bear the feelings of love towards them because of our friendship." Yugi said.

"We could never find room for feelings of love for them in our hearts. And we don't want to destroy the friendship that we have with them." Yusei said.

"And marrying them when we don't have any feelings of love for them is one of the ways to lose that." Jaden said.

"Well, what kind of person would you want to marry if you don't want to marry Beck, Kalin, or Baston?" Yumi asked looking at her daughter.

"Someone who loves new things." Yugi said.

"Who loves being in the woods." Jaden said.

"Someone who would keep their word." Yusei said.

"Well, what qualities do you like in a man?" Hakase asked.

"Well, I'd like someone who loves adventures, who loves to explore, who wouldn't abuse their position of being the Chieftain. Someone who loves me for me, not my position, and who loves to try things that they've never done before." Yugi held up a finger as she listed them off.

"For me, I'd like a man who doesn't think of himself all of the time, who would help a friend in need, someone who would care for an injured person. A man who would love me for me, care for my friends, and be kind, and would be willing to protect the village." Yusei said, numbering them off.

"And for me, I'd like a someone who cared for the life around him, who respects my secrets. I'd like a man that would go up against someone of higher status and speak his mind. I'd also like a man that doesn't lie unless he must." Jaden said.

"Now I see, you three just need to be steady, steady like the river." Solomon said, he walked over to a small box and pulled something out and handed something to Hakase and Yumi. Solomon tied a necklace around Yugi's neck, it was adorn in smooth stones found by the river. Two stones from the highest mountain, and a single stone that hung on the collarbone. It was a beautiful color of purple that highlighted Yugi's eyes.

Hakase slipped a necklace over Yusei's neck, it was adorn with stones like Yugi's, but after them, there were two patches of soft fur from a rabbit. The center stone was a grayish whitish colored stone that brought out Yusei's amber eyes. It too hung against the collarbone.

Yumi tied a necklace around Jaden's neck, like the first two, it was adorn in smooth stones. Next came two small claws from a fox, they were smoothen out which made them look pure white. The center stone was a blue stone that looked like a small bundle of water, for the stone was the color of the water in the river, and it also hung at the collarbone.

"That necklace you now wear Yugi, is the necklace that your father made for your mother to wear, she never went a day without it." Solomon said, Yugi touched the stone and smiled.

"I made this necklace for your mother the day before we got married, she wore it everywhere until she died." Yusei touched the fur patches and smiled.

"Your father made this for me as well, gave it to me the day we were wedded." Jaden touched the small claws and smiled.

"Now think about this you three, now go and have some fun with the spirits." Solomon watched the three young girls leave the tent. He walked to the entrance to see them walking towards the riverbank, he and the other two adults smiled at each other and left to attend their own business.

As Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei sat by the riverbank, they twitiled with their necklaces. Their three little friends bounced up to them, grabbed their necklaces and gave them a sniff.

"They want us to be steady..." Jaden trailed off looking at Winged Kuriboh.

" the river." Yusei finished, looking into the water, only to have an Enchanted Mermaid pop up in her face. Scaring the three fur balls.

"Hee, hee, but it's not steady at all!" Yugi said with a giggled and looked at the water. It almost looked like it was challenging the three of them to ride it's surface.

"What I love most about rivers is;

You can't step in the same river twice"

The three of them stepped into the water and hopped into a canoe.

"The water's always changing always flowing

But people I guess can't live like that;

We all must pay a price;

To be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing"

Kuribon and the two Kuribohs tapped on the shells of three Gora Turtles, they popped their heads out and hummed a greetings to the three young girls. They kept waving as they flowed farther down stream, the three puff balls sat at the front of the canoe, their brown eyes lighting up excitedly while looking forward. Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei sang together in unison.

"What's around the riverbend

waiting just around the riverbend"

The three leaned to the side as they went around some reeds, flowers suddenly bursted everywhere and the three Gora Turtles slid into the water and swan along the canoe. Jaden touched the back of one of the turtle's back, Yusei put her hand in the water, and Yugi just held her hands in the air as they left the sight of the village. Jaden sang the next lines.

"I look once more

Just around the riverbend

Beyond the shore

Where the spirits fly free"

A water bird pushed the canoe into the air, Yugi let out a giggle, Jaden let out a shout of enjoyment, and Yusei just held her hands in the air, the puff balls and fairies screamed in laughter, several Speed Birds and a few oversized Peaceful Birds grabbed the edges of the canoe and placed it gently back on the water before flying off. Jaden continued to sing.

"Don't know what for

What I dream the day might send

Just around the riverbend"

Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei chorused again.

"For me, coming for me"

Yusei continued the song as the canoe came beside some waterfalls, the spray covered them causing them to laugh. Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh, and Kuribon jumped onto the edge of the canoe to get a better look at the waterfalls.

"I feel it there beyond those trees

or right behind these waterfalls"

Just then, a baby Flying Fish landing on each one of the fluff balls, they let out a cry of annoyance. They tried to bat the fishes away with their little paws before the fish landed in the water. Yusei, Jaden, and Yugi laughed and ruffled their heads as Yusei continued to sing.

"Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming?

For a handsome sturdy husband

Who builds handsome sturdy walls

And never thinks that something might be coming"

They sang together as they came to a turn.

"Just around the riverbend"

As they went around the turn, their eyes lite up as they saw a waterfall coming up ahead, Kuriboh became froze in-place, Winged Kuriboh began running back and forth the width of the canoe, and Kuribon just let out a small yelp. They yelled "Kuri! Kuri!" or "Whoo! Whoo!" at the three girls, but they just paddled on.

"Just around the riverbend!"

As they tipped over the edge, they screamed in delight and sang together once more.

"I look once more

Just around the riverbend

Beyond the shore"

Jaden called out to the Elemental Water Bird, who appeared underneath them and they glided down the water and they continued their song.

"Somewhere past the sea

Don't know what for...

Why do all our dreams extend

Just around the riverbend?

Just around the riverbend-"

They stopped singing abruptly as they past through three rainbows, they slowed down to look at the two paths in front of them. One path seemed smooth, but not really exciting, the other looked more rough and inviting.

Jaden, Yugi, and Yusei remembered why they were on the river in the first place, and Yugi sang more slowly and solemnly.

"Should we chose the smoothest course?

Steady as the beating drum?

Should we marry, these selected ones?

Is all our dreaming at an end?

Hikari, Enn, and Fuu looked at them with sadness as they saw all the spirits listening to their song, they didn't want Yusei, Yugi, and Jaden to lose their freedom. They cleared their throat and looked slowly up at the sky with longing.

"Or, do you still wait for us, Dream Giver?

Just around the riverbend?"

The word "bend" was stretched as they turned the canoe onto the rough path of water, Kuriboh, Winged Kuriboh, and Kuribon looked at them sadly as they followed them into the dark forest.

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