Title: Blue Turning Grey

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe & Rachel Berry

Rating: T(For language)

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.

Summary: A mini series of Sebchel drabbles. Alternate Universe

Author's Note: I wrote these on my phone so all mistakes are unintended and constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you have any prompt requests, please visit my ask box via Tumblr(Denibear). I will get to your requests once per week at the very least as I have a busy schedule but it doesn't mean I wont try!

As requested by an anon on tumblr: Rachel is always complaining that Sebastian is never romantic. Sebastian tries this 'romantic' thing she always talks about but in his own Sebastian way.

Rachel sighed as she finally rinsed off the rest of the grape flavored slushier from her hair, thankful that she had a Glee costume to change into since she assumed she would no longer be a victim to slushy attacks. She'd been wrong, apparently. It had been months since she'd been punished in such a way, but now that she was openly dating Sebastian Smythe from Dalton Academy, the members of New Directions seemed to immediately take their loathing of her to a new level. Finn had taken the news badly, when he broke up with her in the first place and replaced her with Quinn but God forbid she shows interest in another boy.

Apparently she had a thing for bad boys from rival schools who also just happened to be strong male leads for their school's Glee clubs.

The point is…New Directions made it their mission to ostracize Rachel as much as they can until her forbidden relationship with Sebastian came to an end. As stubborn as Rachel is, she refuses to back down from a challenge. Hence, the slushy attacks came back in full force courtesy of Finn.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she received a text message from her boyfriend. Rachel worriedly bit her lip as she wondered what his reaction would be. Sebastian, as good as he was to her, had a tendency to stoop low in order to assert his dominance. While Rachel thoroughly enjoyed the fact he fought for her, he was approaching it in a completely thoughtless way, which made him seem terribly unromantic. She's approached him about this subject before but he brushes it off, insisting that women adored their white knights in shining armor or "something like that", if she were to use his exact words. The way that he did these things for her, however, left her feeling unsettled and she voiced her opinions on the matter every now and again when he did something he shouldn't have.

There was that Michael Jackson dance off where he slushied an unexpecting Kurt(though Blaine took the blow) because Sebastian despised his comments about how he had ulterior motives when it came to Rachel. Then when New Directions visited Dalton to confront him, Sebastian played it cool until Santana made an offhand comment about Rachel being stupid enough to date yet another male diva who was just going to use her and dump her. He made a few distasteful comments about her sexuality, unknowingly offending Rachel since her fathers were gay(though he disputes it was heat of the moment trash talk).

Now that Rachel thought about it carefully, there were plenty of qualities in Sebastian she found attractive. The fact he was talented, ambitious and was the handsome lead of the Warblers as she mirrored him for New Directions was enough to make her believe he could be the one. On the other hand, Sebastian was a fighter and he enjoyed instigating too much. While he defended his relationship with the singer from the opposite side of town, he could be thoughtless in his actions and was a too much of a show off.

Rachel could handle that but in small doses, the Warbler had his days where he could out-diva the diva! They could share the spotlight together but the young man had yet to accept that fact completely.

When she pulled out her phone, she was surprised as she read his response to her slushy attack: "Darling, skip Glee rehearsal just this once. I'll be out by the courtyard with a surprise waiting for you in 15 minutes." Sebastian never once expressed much enthusiasm in being spontaneous or remained mysterious about his actions before so Rachel was a little excited to see her Warbler on McKinley grounds. As much as she hated the very idea of missing out on Glee practice, she doesn't think she could possibly face Finn again and she certainly wanted a break from all the mocking and teasing for a day. So without further ado, Rachel Berry straightened her posture and set out to be a bad girl by ditching New Directions in their time of need. Who could ever have thought that being this bad could feel so good?

When Rachel purposely strode past the open choir room door five minutes after the meeting began, she was hoping that her name would be mentioned once or that someone would notice she was gone but no, that was too much to ask for. She couldn't help but feel disappointed that she wasn't missed. No matter, she had the most amazing boyfriend who hailed from Dalton currently waiting just for her outside. As Rachel stepped outside, now wearing a costume that appeared as casual wear directly from the dressing room, the singer squealed with joy at the sight that presented itself to her. Standing before her completely devoid of a school uniform, Sebastian greeted Rachel in his normal attire; a white button up shirt complete with a vest, tie and black slacks. He also seemed to be carrying his prized black electric acoustic guitar that he always kept at home.

"Hello there, beautiful! I see the sasquatch ordered his goonies to ruin yet another one of your animal sweaters. I'm here now though, babe, come and let me give you some sugar." Sebastian said with affection laced in his words, opening up his arms to envelop the smaller girl in a loving embrace. Rachel crashed into him, wrapping her arms around the taller boy's neck and kissing him squarely on the lips. "Sebastian! Oh you have no idea how much I've missed you…I'm certain my teammates will come around eventually once Finn gets over our blossoming relationship but they were so unnecessarily ruthless today." Rachel whimpered, resting her head against Sebastian's chest. The overprotective boy held her tightly against him and kissed the top of her head. "They're nothing but Lima losers, forget about them. You'll be the one who's going places, they'll be the ones maintaining the slushy machines at the local 7-11's. Listen, Rach, I know you don't think I'm romantic as I ought to be though I am offended by that accusation. I'm here to prove you wrong." The young Warbler smirked and reached for Rachel's hand, leading her to an available seat in the courtyard where a few McKinley students were still hanging out, watching Sebastian curiously.

Rachel blushed as she sat down, patiently awaiting for Sebastian to croon out a song with his guitar. He'd never played it much, but ever since his encounters with Noah and his reputation for seducing girls, particularly Rachel, with acoustic performances, he stepped up his game. Regardless if he was threatened or just trying to win Rachel over, he picked it up just for her and she could appreciate that much coming from him.

Sebastian began strumming, his eyes never leaving Rachel as he sang softly, drawing the attention from the few people around them.

You're mine

And we belong together

Yes, we belong together

For eternity

You're mine

Your lips belong to me

Yes, they belong to only me

For eternity

The smaller singer swooned, thoroughly enjoying the fact he was singing one of their songs they had chosen for themselves. When he finished, he offered an arrogant smile and winked, wrapping the guitar behind him. Just then, she heard a noise coming from behind the couple, two sets of double doors opening as familiar faces presented themselves to Rachel with mischief clearly written in their expressions. A few of the Warblers(still in uniform) had run out of the building, with Big Quenches in hands, suddenly stopping before the unsuspecting couple looking surprised. Sebastian growled and the statement that fell from his lips suddenly destroyed the whole romantic moment between them, which didn't surprise her in the least.

"Guys, you were supposed to exit the other way around. I understand this way was quicker but you knew I planned this right here in the courtyard."

Rachel sighed as she heard the members of New Directions follow the Warblers through the double doors, Finn stomping away and completely covered in various flavors of slush.

When he saw Rachel standing beside Sebastian, he hesitated but yelled at them all from a distance while the fellow Gleeks just shook their heads but still choosing to stand by their Glee co-captain's side. Rachel learned to tune out the banter between the two, Sebastian laughing haughtily in Finn's face which only made the taller boy ball his fists and scrunch his face in anger. Rachel stepped in and right in front of her boyfriend, pushing him back much to his displeasure. "Finn, I'm going to have to ask you kindly to retreat and clean up. This was completely unplanned on my part and I do apologize on my behalf that he had to descend to your level. Sadly enough, though, now you know how it feels to be me when you're bested by somebody you could have been friends with. You've chosen the wrong path and I feel sorry for you."

As she finished ranting, Rachel turned and glared at Sebastian, pulling him by the scruff of his neck towards the parking lot for much needed privacy.

"Rachel, I don't appreciate you apologizing for something that Frankenteen clearly deserved -" Sebastian began, but was suddenly cut off by Rachel.

"Listen, I know you're getting sick and tired of hearing my motivational and inspiring speeches about how you're better than Finn, you're better than most people around here, 'Bastian. You are capable of rising above the ignorance here in Lima in the same way that I do, and I'm not letting them hold me back anymore. Just stop being the villain the young ingénue fell for and be the loving, doting boyfriend that I know you can be. Despite our differences, we can make something work if you compromise, honey. Please…?"

Tears had already escaped the singer's eyes but Sebastian caught them with his thumb before they could fall, heavily sighing and pulling the smaller girl against him. He kissed her on the forehead and whispered "I'm sorry" over and over again until they lapsed into a brief moment of silence. When Rachel started pulling away, Sebastian held on tighter. "I-I…owe you something better than this, Rach. You're right, I still have to get used to the fact that you're not like other girls who wants their man to fight for them. You're teaching me to become a better man everyday and I love you so much for that. Please, just be patient with me. I just want you to be happy."

He could feel the diva smile against his jacket, her head turning up so she could smile up at him and he thought it was one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen. Aside from his own reflection in the mirror of course but he could never tell Rachel that. "I understand. Now, can we please head back to my house and we can talk about the date you're going to take me on to make up for your shenanigans this afternoon? I also have to return this costume back to Glee, I look rather silly, don't I?" Rachel sniffled, sharing a chuckle with her boyfriend.

The Warbler wrapped his arm around Rachel's and walked him towards his car. It was going to take a while but Sebastian thinks he could totally get the hang of this 'Romantic' thing Rachel is always going on about