Like Father, Like Son

Prompt: Future!Sebchel, married. They're called into the dean's office due to Sebastian and Rachel's son misbehaving in class. While Rachel is less than impressed, Sebastian is proud of his son.

Author's Note: I'll be away on vacation, I may or may not get the chance to update this story as often as I would like to but we'll see. Please be patient and continue to enjoy the weekly updates! I appreciate you!

Sebastian Smythe had just arrived home early from work, taking the rest of the day off to tend to his wife who also had to walk out from rehearsal for the day. It wasn't easy taking time off from Spring Awakening and having to beg her alternate to replace her tonight. Rachel had hoped that this phone call from school having to do with her son, Davis Aiden Smythe, would be important. Her son understood the importance of her role in this show, she hated calling out for anything so if this was over benign matters, she'd tear her son a new one. As for Sebastian, he was having a terrible day at work and being able to be call out the rest of the day made him feel a little more at ease; he told himself he'd reward Davis with those Nitro Circus tickets he'd been going on about for months now.

Sebastian had just stepped into the kitchen when Rachel greeted him with a quick kiss on the cheek and a barely whispered, "Hello" as she tried to walk past him. Sebastian rolled his eyes and reached around Rachel's waist and pulled her close to him, resting his chin atop of her head as she tried to fight out of his grasp. She was so feisty when stressed; it was a bit of a turn-on and if they had any time, he'd lead them to the bedroom so she could take her frustrations out on him. After all, he did vow to be a loving, caring husband and if it benefited Rachel in any form, it would benefit him as well. "Darling, that's no way to greet your hardworking husband after a shitty day of work. Relax, I'm sure it's nothing terrible, Davis is at that age where he thinks it's okay to pull all sorts of shit like this. He's seeking our attention is all." He assured the singer/actress, Rachel giving in and allowing her husband to embrace her from behind. "I apologize, Bastian, you know I love you. It's been a stressful day, you have no idea how much this impacts my reputation on and off stage with my cast members and managers, don't you? I truly hope this is worth all the trouble I went through for Davis."

Sebastian chuckled and spun his wife around, placating her with a gentle kiss or two on her plump lips, smiling into their kisses before responding. "You've been working non-stop, Rach, you deserve a break every once in awhile so even if it is all for naught, just take advantage of the rest of the day. Let's just head out over there now and see what the big deal is, okay?" Rachel smiled back at him and kissed him in return, hugging him for a brief moment before she led the both of them out the door. While Rachel had every right to worry about their son, Sebastian kept his concern to himself. The young fifteen year old boy was acting out in a way he did when he was in private school. He knew what to expect while his wife barely had an idea of what the cocky little Smythe was up to in school.

Rachel's jaw had dropped at the bomb that was just dropped on her while Sebastian had turned his head away from the dean to hide his chuckling. It was hard to keep a straight face when the dean called them in for a meeting about something so menial, but it meant a lot to Rachel due to experiences in high school as a victim of slushy attacks herself. The dean, an aging man who couldn't grasp onto his son's sense of humor, shot Sebastian a glare and that seemed to quiet him down just a tad. Davis sat beside his mother, wearing the same blank face his father always wore when he was being scolded. He had almond shaped green eyes, just like his father, his sleeked back jet black hair and prominent eyebrows that he'd gotten from his mother making him a very popular young man amongst the ladies. He was a good student, he was extremely intelligent and talented but his rebellious nature as of late had been getting him in quite some trouble in school.

He didn't seem too bothered by this meeting as his mother had been.

"I don't know where to begin, Mr. Foster, I can't apologize for Davis' irrational behavior because he ought to recognize his own mistakes and own up to his responsibilities himself. This is just so unlike him. What about the student he slushied in the hallway? Are they going to press charges against us?" Rachel asked worriedly, looking back and forth between her son, her husband, and the dean. Davis scoffed and haughtily replied, "Like those insignificant cockroaches could afford to buy a lawyer, let alone comprehend basic legal terms against the harmless slushy attack I inflicted upon their son. It was well deserved might I add." He earned a nod of approval coming from Sebastian but shrunk in his seat when his mother shot him a glare.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smythe, I understand your concerns as I have not expected this sort of behavior from such an exceptionally talented young man. He's excelling in all of his advanced courses but his outburst in Mrs. Motta's English class was incredibly uncalled for and for him to seek this student outside of class classifies as bullying. This got out of hand real quick, Mrs. Berry-Smythe but young Samuel Hudson's parents aren't seeking to press charges as they said themselves that they knew you on a personal level. All that they ask for is a heartfelt apology from Davis." When Mr. Foster mentioned Finn's family name, Rachel sighed and sat back in her chair, clearly understanding where Davis was coming from now while Sebastian perked up at the name. "Did you really toss a grape slushy in that imbecile's son's face, Davis? Good show! Tell me, is Samuel just as ignorant as his father?" Sebastian asked enthusiastically, only for his excitement to be shot down by the sound of Rachel's choked voice. Her hands were covering her face, unable to stop the tears from escaping. She was humiliated.

"Mom, I don't understand why you're so emotional about this issue. Samuel deserved it. I don't understand what a dumb slob like him is doing in English 10 Honors anyway. The way he was reading so slow-like and incorrectly pronouncing every other word got me frustrated to the point I had to call him out on his stupidity. Yeah, I asked Mrs. Motta to call on somebody who wasn't a complete fucking dumb ass but he crossed the line when he told me I was related to faggots and I was going to turn out like my faggy grandparents! Was I supposed to allow him to insult my family that way?" Davis asked angrily, Sebastian becoming just as upset in a matter of seconds.

Sebastian was about to voice his opinion when Rachel abruptly cut him off. "You weren't supposed to respond to immature comments based out of anger in a way that makes you look like you're a bully, Davis Aiden Smythe. I don't understand your father's hatred towards Finn nor yours towards his son but the only way to settle this is to have dinner with the Hudson's. Finn made his mistakes when he was younger but I've forgiven him, I believe we owe it to ourselves to apologize for what you did. Samuel's uncle is gay, Davis, have you forgotten that? There's no way he could have meant what he said, maybe he was just trying to get under your skin like the way you did to him. Now I won't be having anymore of this competition with the Hudsons, I'm sick of it!" Rachel screeched, wiping the tears from with the tissue the dean handed her. Davis felt an overwhelming amount of guilt consume him, suddenly remembering the fact that his mother used to deal with such atrocious acts in high school.

Sebastian was at a loss for words. While he was irate that his wife would be contacting her ex from years ago, deep down he knew she was right. There was no way this could go on any longer than it had to. While he wanted to commend Davis for asserting his dominance over an inferior, he had to stand by his wife as it was his responsibility to turn his son into a man. "Davis, I'm sorry that I ever taught you it was okay to wrong somebody just because of my past experiences in High School. Your mother's right, there's no way this should continue to drag on because of my personal grudges against somebody who should mean nothing to me. Mr. Foster, thank you for your time, but we will sort this out, I promise you." Embarrassed but unwilling to show it, Sebastian stood up and pulled the chair out for Rachel only to find that she was going to ignore him and their son for the rest of the day.

After a silent walk through the parking lot to reach their car, Rachel stopped and turned to face the Smythe boys. With sheepish expressions on their faces, Rachel huffed in annoyance and pinched their earlobes as hard as she could and pulled. Both men cried out in pain and terror, surprised by her randomly violent action. "This will not stand, I will not have my son turn into a bully and I refuse to stand by my husband if he encourages such behavior. You two will apologize to Finn and Samuel accordingly and you will mean it. I am the matriarch of this family, you will do as I say and you will become better people because of this. Do you nincompoops understand me?" She asked, the boys responding positively with a grimace and with that, she released her hold on the boys and walked towards their SUV.

Both Sebastian and Davis looked at one other as they soothed the pain on their earlobes by continuously rubbing it, sharing a quiet chuckle before they followed Rachel to the car. "I shouldn't be saying this Davis, but you did exactly what I would have done at your age. You have my instincts and I'm proud of you but that can never happen again. So this means no Nitro Circus for you buddy." Davis whined impatiently, not believing that this would be his punishment. "Dad, are you serious? Why won't you let me go? That's totally not fair!"

Sebastian shook his head and turned to look his son dead in the eye. "Because if I bought you your undeserved tickets to that ridiculous show, then I'll be saying a permanent goodbye to my sex life. I can't have that."

Davis groaned with disgust, there were just some things in this world a parent shouldn't talk to their kid about.