Author's note: What's up guys and gals it's Aron the ultimate hero here with another chapter of Bardock's Redemption. Bardock will be spending years on Yardrat and I don't have years worth of material so i'll be doing serious time skips. The chapters while he's on Yardrat might be short to so yeah. I hope you don't hate me for this so here goes.

1 year later

Bardock was in the fields far out back from his Yardraten friends. He was currently in the sky punching and kicking the air. He fired a few Ki blasts at some rocks destroying them. He then flew to the ground and did some flips before stopping. "This isn't fun at all. I have no one to train with, or even a good training area. I've wasted a year here trying to master all the capabilities of my new power when I should have been looking for Kakarot and Raditz" Bardock said with a sigh. He plopped down on a rock, and looked at the mountain range in the distance. "Kakarot I hope you're alright my vision of you falling off that cliff makes me feel worse about not being with you. And Raditz, I should be there to teach you what really matters and not let prince Vegeta tell you that power is all that matters" Bardock sighed "But If I was out there I'd probable never find you and then what would I do?"

As he sat there Ubuge snuck up behind him. Her golden eyes were locked on Bardock. She was getting ready to pounce. Bardock smirked. Ubuge pounced but Bardock dodged. He put Ubuge in a headlock. "Nice try Ubuge" Bardock said. He let her go and scratched behind her ears. "So why'd you follow me out here? Are you bored to" Bardock asked. Ubuge gave a mew. "Well I guess we can be bored together" Bardock said. He sat down next to Ubuge then fell back into the soft yellow grass. Ubuge rested her head on Bardock's stomach and the stayed there for a long time listening to the wind and the birds.

A noise alerted Ubuge and she raised her head off Bardock. Bardock heard it as well. "What do you think it was" Bardock asked. Ubuge just got up and started walking in the direction of the sound. "Alright lets investigate, there's nothing better to do" Bardock said getting up and following her. They were headed for the forest. "Hmm never been this far from Soba's house before" Bardock said. Then the noise sounded again. The sound was definitely coming from the forest.

As they proceeded into the forest Bardock noticed that the birds were going in the opposite direction. "Whatever it is, it spooked the birds" he said. He could see claw marks on more and more trees as they went. Ubuge started to growl. Out of nowhere a giant sloth fell from a tree. It was 9ft tall and had red fur. It growled making an unusual sound. It was the same sound that Bardock and Ubuge heard before. "Well you're a big one aren't you" Bardock said. The sloth swung its claws at Bardock. He easily dodged them. When the sloth went to strike again Bardock zapped behind him bewildering the sloth. It was looking around trying to find him. 'This thing is slow and stupid. This will be easy' Bardock thought. Then without warning the sloth swung its massive arm, and hit Bardock sending him through a few trees. "Ok maybe it's not that stupid after all" Bardock said wiping away some spit on his lower lip.

Bardock charged the sloth at high speeds. The sloth swung its arms around trying to hit Bardock to no avail. Bardock went to punch it in the gut, but when he made contact it felt like he hit a brick wall. "Son of a…" he started, but before he could finish he was knocked away. "What is that thing made out of" Bardock asked shaking his throbbing fist. Bardock got an idea. He zapped behind the sloth and latched onto it's throat. It tried to hit Bardock, but its arms couldn't reach him. Bardock then felt the sloth walking backwards. He looked to see a large rock in the direction the sloth was walking in. "This is gonna hurt" he said. The sloth reached the rock then fell back onto it. Though Bardock was being crushed he didn't loosen his grip. The sloth was teetering. He slammed Bardock into the rock again. Bardock still didn't let go. The sloth gave one final slam, but he ended up crushing the rock. The sloth fell onto the ground with Bardock under him. After a few minutes and a great struggle Bardock was able to get out from under the behemoth.

"Well I guess today wasn't too boring" he said. Bardock turned to leave. He didn't know that the sloth was still conscious. The sloth swung an arm at Bardock's head. But before it hit, Ubuge jumped onto the sloth and clamped her jaws down onto the sloths neck. Bardock turned to realize what had happened. "Thanks Ubuge I own you an extra pound of food tonight. Ubuge purred then went under Bardock's waiting hand for a pet.