Carl was hugging his knees on the couch and Porter was playing a video game

"My gosh, cheer up man, your energy's making me shiver. Ever since you and Denise split you've been miserable."

"You don't say?" Carl said sarcastically. "It's kind of hard to get over an angel!" He raised his voice.
"Wait, I just thought of something. I don't know why I didn't think of this before!" Porter exclaimed

"What is it now?" Carl said skeptically but wanting a solution.

"Well the blue alarm goes off because you're a human and Denise is an angel but if it seems like you're an angel it won't matter! I can use the human hider spray and it'll hide the fact your human so the alarm won't go off!" Porter said.

"I really don't think this is going to work Porter, if it was that easy to undo this magic Ms. Stern would've probably not charmed us." Carl replied. Porter did a nod and Denise appeared. She was hugging a tub of ice-cream in sweats and her hair was a mess.

"WAH WU WANT!?" Her mouth was full with ice-cream so it sounded weird. "Ow! Brain freeze!" She noticed Carl and snapped herself back to a normal state. "Hello Carl. Now what do you want Porter." She said.

"I think I have a way to have you two still be together." He nodded and a spray bottle appeared in his hand. "I can use the human hider spray and it might allow you two to be together. It's risky but we can try it. Are you up for it?" Porter asked.

"Of course I am!" Denise jumped with happiness. Carl opened his arms wide.

"Come at me bro." Carl joked and scrunched his face. Porter sprayed Carl and he looked over at Denise. His arms were still open and she ran into them. They hugged with Denise's head lying on Carl's chest and his arms around her waist. They were smiling and happy for a small amount till Carl's cheeks started turning blue.

"Guys let go! Carl you're turning blue!" Porter pulled them apart. Denise had a disappointed face. "I'm sorry, it worked for a small amount but I guess you guys just like each other to much."

"So that's it?" Denise started tearing up. "I can't see Carl anymore? I can't be with him?" A small tear rolled down her cheek.

"No, don't cry." Carl held her face in his hands and wiped the tear away with his thumb. Their bodies started turning blue. Porter pulled Carl away.

"Denise turns her socks inside out to wear them more than once." Porter screamed out. He kept saying stuff to disgust them out so they'd go back to normal but it wasn't working. They heard the alarm go off and Ms. Stern beamed down. "Oh, no." Porter said under his breath.

"I thought I warned you two that if that alarm went off again, Denise would be banished!" Ms. Stern exclaimed.

"Ms. Stern, if it'll help the situation, it was my fault; I thought I could help them see each other without all this happening. They truly love each other and Denise was even crying!" Porter started pouring out words. Ms. Stern's face showed she was stunned.

"Denise? This AIT Denise was crying? That changes a lot of things actually. "Ms. Stern said.

"Really? Does that mean I can be with Carl?" her face lit up.

"No, it means you get a court case to see if this relationship will be safe though."