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Po's POV

"So… the wolves used a weapon that caused an explosion, but it wasn't a cannon?" Viper confirmed after I told her, Tigress, and Crane what Master Ox had said.

"Yep. And apparently it was a lot more mobile, because by the time he went to find the source, nothing was there," Monkey supplied.

"That's strange…" Tigress murmured, half to herself. "Did he say when the attack took place?"

I shook my head. "No… but it must have been recent because it still smells smoky."

"Your right, Po. But if it was the wolf gang, then why didn't we see them travel here?" Tigress wondered, deep in thought.

"According to Tai Ling, she had to travel throughout the mountains a lot. So most likely the wolves have traveled through them a lot too. They probably know a shortcut that leads here a lot faster than ours. Perhaps the tunnels all connect to here?" Viper suggested.

She had a point. A very smart one, in fact. I couldn't help but agree. A thought struck me. "If what Viper is saying is correct, the wolves might have a tunnel connected to the Valley of Peace! As far as we know, they might have blown up the place!" I exclaimed, my eyes wide with disbelief.

I could see that this was an unsettling thought for the Five, though they were trying not to show it.

I thought more about it. My dad… err, adoptive dad, could be dead right now! Same with Shifu and everyone else! "This isn't good…" I murmured, worried.

Viper spoke up, looking a bit doubtful. "Um… we don't need to panic Po, I'm sure everyone is alright. Besides, The wolves seemed centered on the village southwest of here."

"If that village just wasn't a hoax…" Mantis muttered with a flick of his antennae.

I nodded in agreement. "It most likely was…" I thought about the tidbits of conversation we heard in the wolf camp, "but then again…"

"I'm more concerned about the Valley than the village. The village must be very small considering the fact that it has no official name," Crane pointed out.

Tigress narrowed her eyes. "Then what would the wolf gang want with it?"

I shrugged. "It could be a hoax…" I was beginning to get impatient. "Come on you guys! We have to get going—we just can't stand around all day!"

"But we also can't just journey through that blizzard, again, Po," Monkey muttered.

I opened my mouth to argue, but no smart words came to mind. "Fine… but we should just try!"

Tigress came to my defense. "Po's right. We should try. We have traveled through the blizzard twice, and we can do it again. Besides, the blizzard has got to end sometime."

"Thanks Tigress," I muttered gratefully.

She nodded in acknowledgment.

Monkey, obviously not wanting to journey through the snow again, crossed his arms. "But—"

"Do you want the Valley to be blown up to bits?" I asked him mischievously.

He rolled his eyes. "No."

"Are we all in agreement then?" I questioned the group.

The Five nodded.

"Then let's go save China… err, the Valley—again!"

Tai Ling's POV

I could not see Bone; I could only hear his voice, hardened by years of yelling orders and battle cries. "Bone?" I asked the darkness. "…Sir?"

"Heh, heh… hello Tai Ling," the darkness replied. "As I asked you before, where are you going? Better not be leaving the tunnels, I hope."

I shook my head. "No. I was going to see if the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior had gotten away."

"Well they must have, otherwise I would have seen them," Bone murmured, sounding as if he couldn't have cared less.

"Oh, okay," I searched the darkness. Even with the feline gift of night-vision, I could not find the wolf.

"Turn around you silly leopard. You were in such a hurry you ran right past me!" Bone laughed, noticing my confusion.

I could feel myself get hot with embarrassment. Oops! I turned around to see Sharptooth's father, looking the same as he did three months ago when I last saw him. He had the same silvery pelt and glittering crimson eyes. His left ear was slashed halfway down, leaving him with half an ear and a scar over his left eye. After knowing them for twenty years, I still couldn't find a resemblance between him and Sharptooth besides their cold, glittering smile.

"Bone!" I greeted the silver wolf. "Great to see you. Why did you journey though the blizzard to come back to the tunnels?"

Bone sighed. "Straight to the point?"

I nodded.

"Honestly, I came to just check up on everything," Bone answered, eyeing me. "Where'd you get that gash in your ear? You didn't have that last time. You must have put full effort into a fight for once, ay?" he grinned, sounding surprisingly proud.

I shuffled my feet. "Um, well, you see…"

"Nah! Don't be humble! Who'd ya fight?"

"Sh—Sharptooth… It was an accident! We weren't really fighting, just… arguing…" I stuttered, my fur prickling in embarrassment.

Bone narrowed his eyes. "I understand. It doesn't really matter anyway," he muttered, waving his hand in dismissal. "Where is he?"

"I don't know."

Bone stared at me in surprise. "You don't? Huh, that's new. Well, I'm going to find him. Join me will you? I need someone to catch me up on all the progress."

I glanced down towards the exit then back at the wolf. "… Sure."

As went to find Sharptooth, I informed Bone of all that had happened… including how stressed out Sharptooth was.

Bone didn't say much, he just nodded and listened was we walked.

I was bored of this. I wanted to find the Five and Dragon Warrior. I wanted to see how far they had gotten from the caves before being stopped from the blizzard. I rolled my eyes irritably.

After a while of wandering the tunnels, we finally saw the black wolf ahead, deep in thought.

"Sharptooth!" Bone suddenly exclaimed, greeting his son.

"Father? It's great to see you!" Sharptooth flashed one of his rare grins.

Bone chuckled. "This whole pack leader thing is harder than you thought, ay? Tai Ling told me that you were stressing out about it," he explained, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Sharptooth narrowed his eyes at me, obviously not in the mood for goofing around—even after seeing his father again. "She did? I am not stressing out about this at all, Tai Ling, and I have no idea what got that idea into your head!" he objected defensively. "Support me here, okay?"

I stared at him, confused. "Sure…"

Bone seemed to be searching for trouble today, despite the fact that he was messing with his son and a close friend. "And you two fought a bit… that shows me that somethin' is bothering the two of you!" he pointed out.

A little offended, a took a step back. "Not true!" I denied.

Sharptooth glared at Bone and then looked at me. "Nothing is bothering me. As for you, Tai Ling, I'm not sure."

"…What are you talking about?" I said slowly, honestly very confused.

"Ever since I sent you out to lure the warriors from the Jade Palace, you've been extremely quiet—even for the normal you! What did they tell you that you are not telling me?" Sharptooth barked.

A stone dropped in my stomach. Sharptooth didn't trust me. I always knew that he had small doubts about me as we got older, but I didn't expect him to think I'd keep a secret from him!

"…Well? What did they say?" Sharptooth repeated, looking impatient.

I shook my head. "They didn't say anything, Sharptooth. They didn't trust me anymore than you do right now."

"I don't believe you," Sharptooth growled at me.

I stared at him in disbelief. "Why? I've never lied to you before!" Except the time when I blamed Blade for tossing your bedding in the river... but that was different.

Sharptooth growled again. "You have always had a weakness towards the warriors from the Jade Palace, Tai Ling. I wouldn't be surprised if you decided to join them if they gave you the opportunity."

"That's your reason?" I asked him irritably. "Because it's not true, and it doesn't even make any sense!"

Bone glanced at Sharptooth, then me, then Sharptooth again. "Don't fight," he warned us, "you have more important battles to fight than this."

I looked at the white wolf. "No worries. That wasn't my thought," I told him quietly.

Sharptooth shook his head, though glaring at me. "It wasn't on my mind either. But—"

Bone broke in, obviously getting bored of the argument. "Sharptooth, you are being ridiculous, you know that right? Just get on with your duties before I have to take over for you!"

Sharptooth blinked. "… Fine." With that, the young black wolf began to head down a different tunnel. He stopped for a moment, turned, and looked at me smugly. "You want me to trust you, Tai Ling, right?"

I know that look… it's the kind of look he used to get when we wanted to sneak out… I nodded slowly. "Yes, I do." Though I don't get why you don't trust me now.

"Well then, guess what your new job is? You are going to find the Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior, and capture them. Bring the Dragon Warrior back alive, and I don't care what happens to the other five, as long as they aren't capable of stopping us. So perhaps you should bring them back dead, or unconscious. Whichever is easiest. But... I'd prefer dead." Sharptooth decided. "And that's an order."

"I… what?!" I stuttered. "You want me to… but I've never killed someone... ever!"

"An order, Tai Ling," Sharptooth's growl became firm.

Sharptooth, listen to yourself! You are under so much pressure you are turning against the person you once trusted your life with! I thought sadly. I looked at Bone for support and he shook his head.

"He's in charge, Leopard," he murmured. "Listen to him." However, I could see that he wasn't very big on this whole 'capture to gain Sharptooth's trust' idea.

I figured it was best not to argue. "Okay then, Sharptooth. I will follow your orders…" I muttered with a sharp look at commanding wolf.

Sharptooth grinned. "Good to know. Be back within five days,"

I turned towards the exit tunnel. "I miss the old 'you', Sharptooth, I really do!" my voice barely over a whisper.

I heard a small regretful sigh from my friend.

He does too. I just wish he's show his old self more often…

With that, I darted down the dark tunnel once again, the shock of the situation settling in.

"Where could they have gone?" I wondered once I reached the exit of the cave. The blizzard had covered up and tracks, so I couldn't use that to track them down. They would have mostly likely headed back home—the Jade Palace. So I should be able to find them there. I decided quickly. I tried to remember the direction I'm facing North… I struggled to remember the old maps I used to use to navigate, So I should west! Okay then, off to the Valley of Peace!

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