"Ready to go home Celty?" Finitevus asked as he held Arrow in his arms, and waited for me. I gently picked up Lucy-Na from the bed where I had placed her and then said "Yes, I really want to get out of this hospital." Renard looked over some papers and said "Well, everything seems to be in order. I guess you too may leave. Good luck raising them."

"Thank you." Finitevus said to Renard and opened a Warp Ring before us. I gave a nod of thanks to Renard and then followed Finitevus through the Warp ring. It was pretty late as it is. Almost dark out when we arrived home.

The Warp ring we stepped out of was in our room. Only, something was different. I smiled as I saw a small crib over in the corner. Finitevus saw me smiling and said "I thought you would like it. Unless, you plan to have the children sleep between us?"

"No." I automatically said and then added "By the way, you're on bottle duty tonight." Finitevus just stared at me for a moment, trying to figure out what I meant.

"Wait, no!" He finally said and I turned and said "Yes! I've had little to no sleep the past nights! You can go one night without perfect sleep and help take care of Lucy-Na and Arrow!" He frowned and then I sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at Lucy-Na. She was snuggled up to my chest asleep. Pressing her head against me, her right ear up and placed against my chest, while her left just hung down.

"She's listing for your heartbeat." Finitevus said quietly as he sat down next to me. I gave him a slightly confused look and then he gently reached over and pet Lucy-Na's head. She squirmed at first and then turned and grabbed his hand in her sleep, hugging it like a kid hugs their favorite toy.

"Children, or babies… they know their mother's heartbeat from birth. It gives them comfort. And lets them know your there. She was listing for yours." Just as he finished, Lucy-Na started moving around again until she let go of her father's hand, and went back to cuddling me. Her right ear up again, and twitched slightly every so often.

Suddenly, I heard many footsteps coming down from the stairs that lead to this bedroom, and the door swung open with Angel, followed by Rosy, came running in. Angel gasped when she saw the small snow white lynx cuddled up to me and then she said "Awww! It's so cute!"

Rosy had moved more towards Finitevus and saw Arrow in his arms. She smiled and said "He's a minni Dr. Creepy!" Finitevus rolled his eyes and then Angel asked "What are their names Celty?" I smiled at her and said "Well, the echidna Finitevus is holding is Arrow, our son. And I am holding Lucy-Na, our daughter."

"Oh my god Kate!"

I looked to the door and watched as my mother came into the room smiling. Behind her Dimitri made his way down the steps, in his now completed robot body. My mother reached me first and looked over both the kids and said "There so cute…"

"The echidna is Arrow, and the lynx is Lucy-Na." I said to her and she smiled and looked to Arrow. By now, Arrow had woken up from all the noise and his golden eyes darted around the room trying to look at everything at once.

"May I hold him Dr. Finitevus?" My mother asked softly and after a quick moment of thought, Finitevus nodded and handed her his son. Arrow looked over my mother and then gave off a small smile.

"Aww…" My mother, Rosy and Angel said at the same time, making Arrow's smile bigger. Clearly he was enjoying all the attention he was getting.

"So, this one is Lucy-Na?" Dimitri asked and I looked to him. He sat down slowly next to me and I said "Yes. Her name is Lucy-Na." I paused for a moment and then asked "Do you want to hold her Dimitri?" Dimitri seemed surprised at first, but then he slowly nodded and said "Yes."

Carefully, I moved Lucy-Na away from my chest and placed her in between Dimitri's arms. Lucy-Na tried and cuddled against his chest, which was a hard metal plate. When she touched it, her eyes suddenly snapped open and she looked up at Dimitri.

"Hello there little one." He said softly. Lucy-Na did nothing, just stared back at Dimitri. Suddenly, for no reason at all she giggled. Everyone turned to watch as she just giggled and stared at Dimitri. I even let out a small laugh myself. Dimitri chuckled and said "She's adorable Celty." Lucy-Na slowly stopped giggling and yawned, becoming tired already.

"Here, I should let you get the little one to bed then." Dimitri said and handed her to me. Not even three seconds in my arms, she moves around, and gets in her same position against my chest, her eyes slowly closing.

"Yes, it is getting late. Say goodnight Angel." My mother said as she handed Arrow back to Finitevus. Angel sighed and said "Fine… Night sis! And good night Mr. Finitevus!" She gave a slight bow and then Rosy said "Night Aunt Celty! Night Dr. Creepy!"

Both the girls left the room giggling and talking about the two new members to the family. I turned back to my mother who was standing in front of me, her eyes shining and had a proud look to them. She leaned down and kissed me on my head and said "I'm happy for you Kate. Take good care of them. And if you ever need help, just ask me." She then waved good night to me as she left the room, and followed the two young girls.

"And, good night to the both of you." Dimitri said and stood up. He gave me a smile, and a half-hearted glare to Finitevus, before he too left the room.

Now, with the room quiet, I stood up and walked over to the crib. Slowly and carefully, I placed Lucy-Na down near a stuffed blue bear toy and wrapped a pink blanket around her. Beside me, Finitevus held out Arrow, who was still wide awake.

"How we going to get him to sleep?" I asked and Finitevus said "I added something to the crib." After placing the little echidna down near his sister, Finitevus moved to the side of the crib, and opened a small box. He flipped a switch, and the crib started rocking back and forth a gentle rhythm. The movement started to take effect on Arrow, and his eyes began to close.

"Now, how about we do what they're doing and get some sleep ourselves?" Finitevus asked quietly and I nodded. I quietly walked away from the crib and went into the closet to change out of the pink dress I still had on. Taking it off, I chose a tank top, and pajama pants. After I made sure it fit well, I hurried out of the closet and climbed into bed.

Finitevus had done nothing but remove his cape, medals and placed his glasses on the bed side table. Once he laid down in bed, I cuddled up to him, and quickly fell asleep.


I flicked my ears down and pulled the pillow over my head. But the noise did not stop. I growled to myself and then, it all came rushing back. With a sigh, I started to get out of bed, when I remembered what I had said earlier that day.

"Fin…" I said shaking his shoulder. Ironically he had his head under the pillow as well, trying to escape the crying. The crying started to get louder, and I thanked god that we were on the bottom floor, to far down for anyone else to hear.

"Finitevus get your lazy ass up!" I finally yelled and kicked him slightly. He grumbled and said "You do it. You're gave birth to them." I opened my eyes fully and then said "But you're already out of bed." He pulled the pillow out from over his head and said "No I'm not-"

I quickly shoved him off the side of the bed and watched as he caught himself landing on his hands and knees. He glared back at me but I already fell back into a comfy position and started to go back to sleep.

(3 person point of view)

Finitevus sighed, loudly as he stood up and brushed himself off. Then, with a huff, he walked over to the crib. He glared down at the two baby mobians. Both, squirming around on their bed and crying like the world was ending. "Be quite." He said out loud knowing that it would not work, but he was too tired to care. After a moment of just standing there, he opened a Warp ring.

Stepping through he appeared in the kitchen two floors above. Walking over to the fridge, he pulled open the door and pulled out two bottles that Celty had prepared yesterday when she learned that she would be coming home the next day.

He then, silently walked back through the Warp ring and into the bedroom. The kids still crying. He glanced over at the bed where Celty, seemed to be sound asleep. Roiling his eyes, he leaned over the edge of the crib and held the bottles for the two mobians.

Lucy-Na was the first to quiet down and start drinking from it. Arrow took a few more seconds till he realized he was being offered 'food' and then grabbed the bottle from his father and started sucking the milk out. His golden eyes stared at Finitevus while he did this.

Same with his daughter. He was getting looks from both his kids, but he didn't care. He just wanted to get back to sleep. As he stood there, helping the two little kids, he started to doze off, his eyes slowly closing. And just as they finally closed shut, the screaming started up again.

He snapped his eyes open and glared at Arrow. His son had surprisingly finished the bottle and was crying for more. Lucy-Na, had almost been asleep, but hearing her brother cry upset her as well. And she started up as well.

"Son of a bitch…" Finitevus said to himself, really starting to hate the idea of doing this every night. He tried giving what Lucy-Na didn't take to Arrow, but Arrow just cried and swats it away. Finitevus felt him tighten his grip on the bottle and grind his teeth. Trying once more to calm the two, it just resulted in the loudest cry Arrow and Lucy-Na could make together.

"SHUT UP!" Finitevus finally screamed at them loud as he could. Both suddenly cut off yelling and stared, wide eyed at their father. Anyone could see how the albino echidna lost his temper, and was filled with anger and was visibly tired.

Scared by their father's 'outburst', the crying started up again. Finitevus yelled in rage and threw the bottle on the floor and stormed over to the bed. He then climbed in and said "I give up!"

"God do I have to do everything!" Celty suddenly yelled throwing the blanket up and climbing out of bed. Finitevus face planted into the pillow and sighed, trying to block out the noise. Suddenly, everything went quiet. Then, he heard Celty walk back over to bed, and climb in quietly.

Finitevus sat up and looked over at the crib. He could see Lucy-Na and Arrow, snuggled up to each other and quietly fast asleep. He turned back to Celty and asked "How?" His voice tired, but he clearly wanted to know.

"They were cold. Just had to pull their blanket over them." Celty said, half awake and pulled her own blanket up and over her shoulder. Finitevus lay back down and said "Were not having any more kids after this…"

All he got in return was Celty giving a slight nod, before she fell back into sleep. And then, after a sigh of defeat, he two fell asleep.