Amy's POV

I had woken up to the sounds of Johns crying. I saw that Ricky had already beaten me to it and had crying John in his hands. He immediately stops crying.

"You're really good with him." I said. "Ya I guess I am... You're not so bad yourself." he smirked causing me to blush. I had no intentions to fall for Ricky. It just happened. "So I was wo-... Right then I had been cut off by Ricky's ringtone.

Ricky's POV

She looked so beautiful when she blushed. I can tell Amy got nervous around me. "So I was wo-... she made out before my phone started to ring.

"Hey." I said

"Hey want to come over?" Adrian said seductively

"Ya I'll be there in 5 minutes."

I told her worrying about what Amy would think. I thought to myself of she liked me she wouldn't want me to go over there. So I said yes to Adrian and stared at Amy... What could she be thinking?

Amy's POV

Ricky answered his phone and right then I knew it would be Adrian. Once he said he'd be there in 5 minutes my heart broke into a million pieces. All I could do was look at the ground. I was awaken from my thoughts when I heard Ricky say my name to get my attention.

"Ames I'm leaving...unless you want me to stay?" he had said with a look of anticipation. "I was gonna say if you wanted to go to the park, but since you have plans-..." I was cut off when Ricky told me he would stay. I was surprised. Ricky Underwood probably giving up sex with Adrian to go to the park with me!

All I could do is smile and he smirked. Ricky put John in his stroller and he held out his hand wanting to take HIS family out to the park.

Ricky's POV

Right then I knew Amy had feelings for me even of those feelings were the size of a grain of sand. I loved Amy but I couldn't tell her that unless I was sure she felt the same way.