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General POV

Baby Valerie Kate Underwood was the new addition of the family and everybody couldn't help but stare at how beautiful she was.

She made Ricky's and Amy's life something more to live for including their eldest son John who was only two years old now.

Smooth. That's what you would call what Amy and Ricky are living right now, but things aren't always what they seem.

Valerie Kate or as Ricky and Amy liked to call her, Val was waking up every two hours or so to get attention from her parents.

It went from diaper change-to-breast feeding. Right now it was Ricky's turn to take care of Val because Amy fed her the last time. They had made a deal that when Amy wakes up and breast feeds, Ricky will wake up the next time Valerie woke up to change her dirty diaper.

It was a controlled agreement, but very exhausting and difficult. Amy and Ricky hasn't gotten much sleep, but they knew very well that Val would grow out of the crying all day and night phase. They were simply enjoying it.

"Ricky I think you should go back to bed. You've been up a lot more times than I have." Amy whispered trying not to wake up John or the sleeping Valerie in Ricky's arms. "It's okay this was apart of our deal. You breast feed I diaper change and plus its only been two weeks since you gave birth and you're supposed to be relaxing." Ricky said putting Val in her crib.

The crib was the one John had used because Amy didn't want Valerie to sleep in the nursery just yet because of the fact that it was easier to attend Valerie and she was a little to young to be sleeping by herself without being watched.

The nursery was surely done and had beautiful decorations. From the white and pink crib in the middle of the room to the exquisite flowers surrounding the small room and the changing table in a corner where her diapers were places underneath.

Everything was organized and suited the newborn baby girl style. Amy and Ricky couldn't wait until they let little Val sleep in the nursery, but they think its the best idea right now to keep her in the same room as them.

"Okay. Whatever you say. I think Valerie is going to sleep for the rest of the night she was out like a light." Ricky said snapping his fingers to show emphasis.

"That's good at least she doesn't get up very much often then the first couple of day we brought her back from the hospital." Amy said smiling down at Val.

"Yup... Come on let's get back to bed. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." Ricky said leading Amy to their bed and giving her gentle kisses on her lips and leaving a trail of kisses on her neck. "I thought we were going to bed?" Amy giggled.

"I know but you're beautiful Amy. I love you." Ricky said staring into her hazel eyes. "I love you more." Amy said returning the gaze. "I doubt it."Ricky chuckled and they went to sleep.

It was true they had a long day ahead of them and you won't believe who there meeting up with.

Focusing on what Baby Valerie is thinking about is lollipops and rainbows.

Val looked so much like her father and her mother. She had Amy's light eyes and Ricky's dark lushish hair that will grow soon enough and she inherited their dimples, ones similar to Johns.

She was a gorgeous baby from head to toe and only because Ricky and Amy seemed to make some pretty darn cute babies. Hey! Ricky and Amy are cute themselves.

The only thing impacting in their lives right now is John and Valerie.

What Ricky and Amy didn't know was tomorrow wouldn't lead them to an agreement or truce but maybe even more complications.

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