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Amy's POV

I woken up by a gentle kiss on my lips. I turned to face the the being who put a kiss upon my lips. There he was looking at me if I was the most unique thing in the world.

These kind of things make me blush when he has intent and loving state at me or when the softest kisses are the best.

"Hey what time is it?" I asked still recovering from blushing. "I love when you blush... It's 8:00 am." He said caressing his fingers on my cheek.

We've been waking up pretty early because of Valerie and her sleeping schedule so we are still trying to adjust. It's harder for Ricky than for me because he didn't have to wake up this early with John.

"UGGHH it's to early!" I said pulling a pillow over my face. "I know but Valerie should be waking up by now and we have something important we have to do today." He said. "I know I know I'm just not even sure I want to do this anymore." I told him taking the pillow off my head and looking into his eyes. "Well we already decided to this. What do we have to lose?" Ricky asked. "Nothing it just-" I said but Ricky cut me off, "no excuses." "Fine." I said giving him a kiss.

Our kiss advanced to the position of Ricky on top of me. "We haven't done this in a long time." Ricky said between kisses. "I know."I said out of breath. "Do you mind if it did happen?" He asked looking into my eyes. "Not at all." I said kissing him back and lacing my fingers in his hair. This is when Valerie started crying.

"I guess we can do this later." I told him. "Yeah." He simply said clearly disappointed. "Hey why don't we have a night for ourselves. I can ask my mom and dad to take care of Valerie and John for tonight." I told him. "I would like that." He said giving me kiss and we approached the crying baby. Valerie was still in our bedroom in her crib crying.

"Hey baby girl what do you need?" I asked in a baby voice. "It looks like Val needs a diaper change." Ricky said with the same voice.

After that was handled we put her back in the crib for a moment. "Do you think she's ready to be put into the nursery?" I asked playing with the Valerie's fingers. "I think so and I think it's best that she does go in the nursery since we are having our night to ourselves tonight." He said.

"Sounds like a plan. We should wake John up and eat breakfast." I said taking Val into my arms. "Let's go." He leaded me into the kitchen.

"Can you take Valerie while I wake up John and get him ready for the day?" I asked handing him Valerie gently.

Sometime I feel like she's going to break if I hold her wrong. I hold her like she's the most valuable thing in the world and she is and so is Ricky and John. I entered John's room and bent down on the floor next to his bed.

"Wake up John. It's mommy." I said shaking him lightly. He stirred around and finally opened his eyes. "Hey baby boy. Did you sleep well?" I asked caressing his hair.

"Mommy! It was great! I had an awesome dream about us!" He said excitedly. "About us? Can you tell me what the dream was about?" I asked. "It was about you, daddy, me, and varrire and we were having fun in the park!" He said with joy. I chuckled on how he couldn't pronounce Valerie's name.

"That's good John maybe we could do that later on this week and its Valerie you can call her Val if it too hard." I said smiling. "Okay mommy! Hey daddy! Hey Val!" He said enthusiastically and I turned around to see Valerie in Ricky's arms.

"How long were you here?" I asked. "Long enough to make plans for the park." He said chuckling. "Very funny." I said approaching him and taking Valerie in my arms.

Soon afterwards we all ate our breakfast and got ready. Ricky and I agreed on dropping John and Valerie off at my parents house and we would do out plans for the day.

Once we dropped of John and Valerie we said our goodbyes and we drove to our destination. The one I wasn't so eager to go to but should. "We're here. You ready?" He asked. "As long as I am with you I'll be fine and I'll be ready." I told him taking his hand and walking to the door. Ricky knocked on the door and they opened the door. Surprised to even see our faces again.

Ricky's POV

He opened the door and was speechless. That happens a lot us. Everybody being speechless.

First Amy and I were speechless when she announced she was pregnant and that I cheated on her. Second, was when we told out parents about Amy's pregnancy. Third, when we found out Adrian's cruel plan. Fourth, when Adrian and Ben came when Valerie was about to be born and apologizing. Fifth, right now he was speechless.

"Are you going to let us in or what?" I asked agitated. Amy elbowed me and I flinched. When I turned to look at her she scowled at me and then put an innocent smile on her face. "Uhh yeah. I guess." He said opening the door wider to let us in. The fact that we were in Lucas's home was weird. I've never been here but Amy has. That was the only way we could make it here.

"Would you guys like something to drink?" He asked nervously. "No were fine." Amy said her face pale. "We're not here to act chill Lucas. We're here to apologize." I said because it looked like Amy couldn't. "Apologize about what?" He asked. "We wanted to apologize about the incident at the park and I wanted to apologize for "lying" to you." She said using air quotation marks around the word lying.

I can't believe it. This is one of the things I love about her. She has courage and she has lots of it and the color returned to her face when she did use that courage. I gazed at her admiring her and they seemed to notice when I heard Lucas coughing.

"I'm sorry about punching you in the face and your lack of tackling and coordination." I said amused by the look on Lucas's face. He clearly felt inferior for Amy's courage and my apology of his lack of skills to fight, but that was soon replaced by guilt and regret.

"I should be the one apologizing. Amy didn't lie to me she just didn't want me to find out about it and I think I know why. And I totally deserved that punch because I sort of threatened Amy and I'm sorry." He said.

"Sort of." I retorted under my breath and it seems that Amy was the only one to hear because she looked at me and had the "I know" look in her eyes. "It was wrong of you to do that, but I forgive you. It was just the heat of the moment. No hard feelings." Amy said standing up. I also stood up and walked over to her and hugged her tightly.

I whispered I love you into here and her eyes seemed to sparkle and she nodded. "Okay thanks. I hope we could still be friends. All of us." Lucas said looking at us with hope, but what seemed to look like evil. I shrugged it off. "Yeah that would be nice. Well we have to go." Any said and we left.

Lucas's POV

It was ironic when Amy and Ricky were standing at my door. I was just thinking about what happened at the park.

I realized why Amy didn't tell me she was pregnant was because she didn't want me to know because she likes me. Duh! How can I be stupid!

She obviously like me! And that why she's here apologizing and we are friends now. When I thought of this rational thought I sooner planes what would make Amy just admit her feeling for me.

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