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Ricky's POV

I cursed silently when I hear Amy's sharp intake of breath. I saw the black metal of what seemed to be a gun glisten in the moonlight.

I hid Amy behind me and signaled Lucas to call the police with a fake phone with my fingers and he seemed to understand.

My heart stopped when I heard the cruel voice. "You know son you were never good at hiding from me." He said but he still didn't show his face or round the corner.

I didn't say anything for a second and I willed all my confidence to speak. "Maybe I'm done hiding." I said and gestured Amy to crouch down and keep quiet.

She nodded vigorously and I would have laughed if we weren't in the current situation. I came out of the shadows and faced a tense Bob with a gun.

"What a fool. I taught you wrong... You never face the man with the gun." He said and he chuckled lightly.

"On the contrary... I'm not facing a man... I'm facing a bastard who should be ashamed to call himself a man." I spit back and I heard a light giggle come from the alley who made me feel warm inside and I prayed to God that Bob didn't hear that.

My gosh Amy what has gotten into you! I chuckled inside my head but my reverie was disturbed.

"Maybe you should ask little Amy over there what she thinks what a real man is." He said pointing behind the alley with the gun.

"Shutup! You disgust me!" I yelled at him and he had an amused look on his horrid face. "Well my god! Really? Do I disgust you because I don't think Amy feels the same way because let me tell you earlier she was a little vixen and-" Bob's mocking voice was cut off and I could see Amy getting angrier and angrier and then I heard Amy's outraged shouts.

"Shutup! Shutup! Shutup! Because I was clearly disgusted and that's why your little tiny balls are blue from the impact of my knee you first rate jackass!" Amy shouted and if we were in a cartoon them there would be smoke plummeting out of her nose and ears and I can see the little vixen in her.

Now I was getting blue in the balls of the image of an angry and sexy Amy in bed. Maybe I have to get her angry more often. I thought and I shook the thought away and looked at the situation in hand.

Amy had come out of her crouched position behind the wall and was now towering over my father. Bob looked surprised for a second but fell from his face and spoke again.

"See... I told you... Vixen. Though you are very wrong..." He hissed and I could see that this was Amy's fight and she wasn't backing down. "my balls are far from tiny!" He continued.

"Oh my my my. I have been mistaken! You ain't got any balls!" Amy yelled and flew her arms up in the air for exaggeration and I took her by the arm and placed her behind me protectively cause I could see rage boiling up inside Bob and now it was my turn to fight.

"You little Bitch!" He said pointing the threatening gun to Amy. I ran in front of her to stop the bullet from hurting her and I closed my eyes getting ready for the impact but I wasn't met with it.

Instead I heard a painful grunt and police sirens. I opened my eyes and I noticed a very bloody Lucas and a dashing Bob. I also noticed a frail Amy on the ground who was pushed back by my body when the bullet hit Lucas.

I took her by the hand, but she dismissed and hurried over to Lucas and she looked up at me and I gave her an apologetic smile.

I looked around and there was no sign of Bob. Things were definitely not going as planned.

Amy's POV

I saw it all. I saw Ricky coming to my rescue and was practically going to save me from the bullet but not after Lucas saved both of us from the bullet.

When the bullet impacted Lucas it pushed Ricky back and since I was right behind him I got knocked down to the floor like the domino effect.

I saw the blood escape and curl around Lucas and I saw flashing red and blue lights in the distance.

I also saw Ricky give me a helping hand but I objected the hand and scurried toward Lucas who was now on the ground ready to give up. Ricky smiled apologetically and I nodded.

"We have to get him to a hospital!" I yelled towards Ricky and he nodded and kneeled down to check Lucas's pulse.

"Amy... There is no use. He's gone. He risked his life for us." He said quietly and I felt the tear I was holding in since I escaped Bob.

I cried because I wasn't able to celebrate Valerie's one month party like I wanted to. I cried because who knows what Bob could have done to me in that car.

I cried because I couldn't possibly live if Ricky was the one shot and I cried because an acquaintance died and Bob ran away possibly outrunning the cops.

Ricky held me in his embrace for what seemed like a long time before a sheriff walked towards us.

"Excuse me... We couldn't find Robert Underwood, but I think you guys need to head with us to the police station. We have lots of questions." The sheriff said and we were driven to a police station in the back of a police car. Why did I feel like a criminal?

Clementines POV

Right now it's 2:00 am and I'm watching the news and all I see were pictures of Amy, Ricky, Bob, and a lifeless body named Lucas.

I was apart of this and it wouldn't be long until I was put in jail. My god what did I get myself into? Why do I have to be so stupid and ambitious. I was severely mistaken when I said nothing could go wrong.

Everything went horribly wrong for everyone. It was my doing and I had an inner turmoil if I should turn myself in or keep quiet... What if I moved to Las Vegas? I was choosing to keep quiet and lay low.

Lucas POV

I heard the gunshot and felt an intense pain in my chest. I fell to the ground and I was surrounded by darkness. I couldn't feel, couldn't see, I was in Hell for sure.

I died a man of revenge and I also died for two people and I could only hope this could show my apology and if this was enough for forgiveness.

I saw a dash of light and it looked amazing. Maybe I wasn't in Hell after all.


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