She panted as she leaned against the tree.

'They don't give up…' she thought, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Upon hearing the sound of feet pounding on the forest ground, she took off again. Sounds of her pursuers reached her large furry ears.

"Stop!" a voice commanded.

"Leave me alone!" she shouted back.

She glanced over her shoulder, seeing the cloaked figures, and quickened her pace. As she reached a clearing, she saw what looked a giant ring, and saw the tip of a red tail disappearing into it. She didn't know where it would go, but she figured it would take her away from here.

She raced towards it, and leapt into it.

"No, stop her!"

The warp ring closed behind her, leaving the cloaked figures in furious silence.


Fiona sighed as she stepped out of the warp ring.

"Why does Finitevus have to send me to investigate this junk in the middle of the night?" she grumbled.

According to the albino echidna, he'd noticed a strange energy reading in the forests, and since she was the only one who hadn't walked away when he called her, Fiona had been sent to check it out. She turned toward the ring to close it, but before she could, someone fell out of it and hit the ground with a grunt.

Fiona stared at the lynx in stunned confusion for a minute.

"Umm…kid? Can you hear me?" she asked, walking over to the lynx.

She let out a moan as Fiona knelt next to her. The young lynx had sleek brown fur with black markings, and her feet and hands were all black, and she had long black hair that was put in a long ponytail, while two tufts on the back of her head were beaded. She wore a blue mini skirt and a pink sleeveless top and no shoes. There was a gold band around her upper arm.

"Hey, kid, wake up." Fiona said, shaking her shoulder. The girl didn't wake up.

Fiona sighed. "Really? My evening's not busy enough?"

She closed the warp ring, and picked the lynx up.

"Finitevus is gonna love this…"


Finitevus was in his lab finishing a report when he heard someone come in behind him.

"Hey, Doc?" Fiona said.

"Yes Fiona, did you find what was causing the energy reading?" he asked, not turning around.

"No, but I found something."

Finitevus turned to face her, and was a little stunned to see her holding a lynx in her arms.

"Who is that?" he asked.

"I dunno."

"Why is she here? You know you're not supposed to bring people here."

"She followed me through the warp ring, okay?"

Finitevus walked over to Fiona and studied the lynx.

"Hmm, well, she is in need of medical attention. Put her on the table over there." He ordered.

Fiona nodded and laid the lynx on the examination table.

"Alright, I've had as much excitement as I need for one evening. Good night." Fiona sighed, walking out of the room.

Finitevus examined the lynx, and deduced she was fine, just a little thrown off from the trip through the warp ring.

'She should be fine after some rest. I'll check on her in the morning…'

He found a blanket and put it on her, then shut off the lights and left the room.


Alright, my plan is each chapter will have her bond with certain members of the Destructix. That'll start in the next chapter. Hope you'll enjoy!