CHAPTER 10: Halloween Party

Disclaimer: I only own Lynx nothing else

Lynx's POV

I was walking down the road with one of my favorite costume on, I was a gothic vampire with black hair, tarred up black skinny jeans, a tank top with black and red marks all over it with a small tarred up jacket, and knee high black boots. I knocked on Vlads door and Henry answered.

"Wassup Henry", I said smiling.

"Nice costume", Henry said.

"Thanks, yours is cool too", I said.

Vlad walked in and I laughed.

"Cool costume, fits you perfectly", I said smiling.

He smiled and we started walking to the party. When we got there we all saw Meredith. Both Henry and Vlad kept on talking about how pretty she looked. I rolled my eyes and walked away from them then I saw Joss follow.

"You don't like her much do you", Joss said.

"I never met her but I just don't really like her", I muttered.

He smiled and we both walked in. When we walked in the house was exploding with music.

"Would you like to dance", Joss said.

"Sure", I said smiling.

We both dance for about an hour then I walked over and got both of us some punch and we started dancing again. Then he took me into the backyard, we both stared at each other for awhile until Joss….

Vlad's POV

I was walking around the house when I decided to go in the backyard for fresh air. When I got out there it felt like my heart stopped, right in front of me I saw Lynx and Joss kissing. I stared at them and walked back in and ran into Eddie.

"Hi Vlad", Eddie said.

Later I gave Eddie my costume and I left and Eddie kept going on about me not being human and stuff. Then bigger problems came, Bill and Tom.

Lynx's POV

Me and Joss lips broke apart. I didn't know what to do. Then I heard yelling come from the house. I ran in to see Vlad with a black eye.

"Oh my god Vlad what happened", I said.

"Just Tom and Bill being there charming selves", Vlad muttered.

I nodded and felt my phone vibrate. I looked at it and sighed.

"I got to go. See you guys later", I said.

"I'll walk you home", Joss said and followed me out the door.

We walked in silence until I was at the front step of my house.

"Thanks for walking me home", I said and bit my lip.

"No problem", Joss said and started walking off.

I grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek and ran into the house. I grabbed a couple of bags of blood and drained them. I ran into my room and put on my pajamas on and laid in bed, I was smiling the whole time.

"Does Joss really like me or did he just do that to make feel like an idiot", I thought. Then I fell asleep.