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I usually write a new chapter everyday, but due to the fact school has just started again... I probably won't be doing that anymore. :P Anyways, I just updated Chapter 4 by writing a bit more after Earnest's lecture so check it out if you want. x) It would clear some things up.

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Pete entered the small wrecked house by opening the windowless screen door The white paint was decayed and the windows were made out of plastic instead of glass and the place reeked of litter boxes, mold, and something disgusting and unfamiliar. The house consisted only a small narrow kitchen full of boxes of unhealthy and cheap food, a bathroom, and room that served as both a bedroom and a foreroom. This place was a total dump…

The young boy was laid back on his couch with one foot on the floor, listening to whatever was on the TV that sat above a cheap wooden table. His brown low-fade hairstyle remained the same the only thing that was notably different about him was his clothing. Rather than his usual dark gray slacks and teal Bullworth vest that he wore of his white dress shirt, he was dressed in a pine green V-neck t-shirt over a pair of tuft blue jeans. He seemed careless for his personal hygiene's and his own living space.

"Pete-boy… I knew you'd come back for me." He joked as Pete limped over the chaotic mess.

"Shut up, Gary. The only reason I have to come back to this place is because you're too stubborn to take the meds Mr. Bambillo has given you." He complained as he threw the brown bag full of bottles of behavior medication to Gary.

"Ah, more drugs. Greeaatt. Man, I'm starving! Pete, make yourself useful and fetch us some burgers at that place in New Coventry."

"What's wrong with the stuff you have here?"

"Eh." Gary grabbed the baseball that was laid beside him in the crack of the couch and began to toss it in the air repeatedly out of boredom.

"Just take your meds." Stated Pete as he began to make his way through the mess. He made his way to the small bathroom and noticed bottles of meds, untouched and scattered about in the room. He hasn't been taking them, has he?

"Hey Gary?"

"Yeah?" He shouted from the other room.

"You've been taking your pills daily, right?"


"Seriously." Gary jumped off the couch and than walked towards Pete.

"Genius's don't need medication." He stated. Pete quickly spun around and passed Gary without making eye contact. He headed for the front door.

"Hey, where you going?" He asked. Pete stopped by the door and spun around to face his former buddy.

"You're crazy Gary"

"Hey! C'mon, like I really needed those pills. Not like I'm insane or anything... ADD, that's all, blame it all on my parents with their crappy parenting skills and genetics."

Pete shook his head and said "Yeah?" and then continued his way out of the small house.

"Whatever." Gary shrugged. Instead of making an effort to stop and explain to Pete, he sat back on the couch and began flipping through channels mumbling nonsense.

He shot back up and then began pacing and punching thin air.

"Gotta stay calm… but oooh! This is going to be great…" He started chuckling. He quickly walked over to a wooden desk, and then ruffling through piles of paper till he heard his phone rang. Gary shot up in surprise since he has completely forgotten he even had phone while he was caught up in his plans. He flipped open his phone.

"Hello?" He placed his phone by his ear, lifting his shoulder to keep it in place and then continuing his search.

"Garrison Smith, where on earth have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you all summer!" The women's voice screeched through the speakers through the voice"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Don't you dare give me your ridiculous attitude, not after what you've done! Dr. Crabblesnitch has old me about your mischief. And your father and I truly love you and are highly concerned about your psychological wellbeing and have already spoken to the generous man from Happy Volts Asylum. To put on a shorter leash."

"Great, I can feel the love." He said sarcastically to his mother.

"You're still a growing man in need of a proper education." Gary paused.


"We've made an advocate with your principle so you can stay at Bullworth to complete your high school education. You won't be staying in the dorm; Miss Danvers will be taking you to Happy Volts after school and weekends to unsure your treatment. One more trouble from you, your father and I will not hesitate with putting you in juvenile prison." His mother explained as Gary smirked.

"Thanks mom."

She continued to ramble on about his responsibilities and consequences as Gary ignored the strict voice of his mother. His paranoiac mind began to go off to his own delusions of running the school again; disregarding the fact he had no chance to get any close, as he was the year before. The entire school knew of his plots and hated him with great passion, but even for Gary the feelings returned were mutual, and he honestly never took time to give a damn. If anyone ever liked him in an amicable manner, he would only enjoy the stroke of his ego rather than the companionship itself. And if anyone were ever infatuated with the boy, he would happily take the attention and give the poor love-struck fool an easy manipulation he believes they deserve. Tragic.

The phone call eventually came to end. Gary aimlessly chucked the cheap phone to some place he would pay no attention of and continued to plot. A usual.