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Ib hesitantly walked into the room.

The room itself was shaped like a cartoon cat. The cat was a very light brown, with what seemed to be a tan underbelly which covered the entire floor. Right on the opposite wall was two slightly oval shaped eyes with a large round black pupil. Underneath them, where a nose should be, there was a fish shaped indention.

Ib's eyes narrowed in confusion as she went over to the hole and let her fingers ghost the indention. What could it possibly be for? She let out a sigh of frustration. She could literally think of no reason for the hole.

She backed away from the wall and looked to her sides. There were two different hallways she could choose once more. Just perfect. She let her feet choose for her as she walked to her left and cautiously opened the door. Inside the room astounded her.

There were many columns as far as she could see and each and every one had a red velvet curtain adorning it except for the one right in front of the door. Ib, still slightly scared from everything else that had happened so far in this twisted museum, moved over to the nearest column and stared at the crudely drawn black stick figure with bright red eyes. She let out a frown as she watched the drawing. It was beyond creepy in her opinion.

He didn't seem to be doing anything so she backed away, slightly curious as to what lay under the curtains, when a paint splat could be heard from the first column. Ib's eyes widened as she whipped around to stare at the drawing. Underneath it, in a sickeningly bright yellow wet paint, words were written. Ib read the words out uncertainly.

"Play hide and seek?"

As soon as the words left her lips, the stick figure disappeared and paint splats could be heard all over the room.

Ib shivered, fear crawling up her spine. She wasn't a child, she kept reminding herself, she could deal with this.

She began attentively walking over to the next column and saw what appeared to a button made of paint underneath the curtain. Curiosity getting the best of her, Ib began slowly pushing the button, curious as to what would happen.

The curtain flew up to reveal a painting of a crescent moon. What the…?

The room immediately got darker, fading into almost complete darkness with a few seconds. Ib squinted her eyes. What was happening? She could barely see anything at all!

Ib walked over to the column underneath the column with the painting of the moon. The yellow button was barely visible with the dimmed lights. Ib grimaced. She really didn't want to push the button. Heck, she didn't want to be there at all. She felt like a puppet having her strings pulled. She didn't want to play these games, but they were forced upon her. She's much rather be home writing a ten page long report but no, her parents had to insist on her relaxing at the art museum. Some relaxation this turned out to be.

Ib shivered before deciding it was now or never and pushed the yellow button in front of her.

The curtain gave way to show a black canvas with a dripping red hand print in the center. Ib hesitantly looked closer at the picture before her vision immediately was messed up. A red hand seemed to be sketched over her eyes, and no matter where she turned, she could still see it. Ib was terrified and began practically running the other way. She stopped when she finally reached the corner of the room and reached out for it, breathing heavy.

The hand was still there, etched over her eyes in a scarlet red. She could feel her eyes watering in fear. She closed her eyes, begging for it to be gone. But when she did close her eyes, it was still there, in the black. The light red handprint as clear as day. Ib shivered and slid down the wall. She had to get ahold of herself. Just calm down. Easier said than done, she knew.

It really wasn't there. It couldn't be. There was no logical possibility for it to happen. No way in the least. It was probably just stress messing up her mind. She had taken a Psychology class back in High School; it was completely probable for her mind to be messing with her from what she had remembered.

Ib shivered again, a stray tear making its way from her eye, before she shakily stood up. This was no time to act like a child. She could do this.

It was only a game of Hide and Seek after all.

She went to the closest column to the corner she was at and immediately pressed the button, trying her best to ignore her thoughts swirling in her head.

This time the curtain revealed a painting with the word 'OUT' written over a pink music note. Ib's eyes furrowed in confusion as she let out a disbelieving, "What?"

Except, the word was spoken from her mouth but not hearable. Ib's eyes widened in fear before she let out a shout of "Hello!"

And once again, the words fell upon her deaf ears.

Ib nearly lost her resolve right then and there. She now lost one of her senses completely, and her vision wasn't much better in this dark room with the haunting red handprint never leaving.

She shivered again before walking over to the column to the right of her current one. She looked at the curtain and then the yellow button. What else could go wrong?

The curtain pulled up to reveal the stick figure standing on a white canvas, framed by a lovely intricate light blue frame. The paint splatters were heard again and a message was seen beside the picture. Ib was so shocked she didn't even notice she could hear the paint splatters.

She cautiously read out the splatters.

"Found me, you get prize."

Ib's head snapped up as a loud and distinctive 'plop' could be heard throughout the room. Her curiosity got the best of her again as she ran after the sound.

There, at the very top of the room, was a painting of a large butcher's knife on a cutting table. As she went nearer, she saw the plaque underneath say that it was named "A Chef's Talent."

Ib was confused. What was the sound? She began backing away in confusion when she felt something under her shoe. She let out an unintentional gasp before bending down and clasping her hand around whatever was under her foot.

As she brought the object closer to her face, she squint her eyes to see past the handprint and the bad lighting. The object had the texture of wood and was shaped like… A fish head? Why just a fish head? And where was the tail?

Ib looked back up at the painting and had the horrible sinking feeling that the fish head had fallen out of the painting like the orange had from the painting in the museum.

She had a small flashback of the fish shaped indention in the cat room. Was this meant to fit that? But wasn't the hole shaped like an entire fish? Ib sighed. She couldn't remember completely. She had pushed it from her mind during her miniature freak attack.

There was only one thing to do from there. Back to the cat room.

Ib walked back to the entrance to the room, and as soon as her hand touched the door knob, her vision returned to normal. No more handprint. No more nighttime.

Everything was back to normal. Ib let out a sigh of ultimate relief. She would've gone crazy if she had to see that handprint for a second longer.

She stepped fully into the 'Cat Room', and made a bee-line towards the fish indention. She hesitantly pushed the fish head into the hole, but was disheartened when she saw it did, indeed, need the other half of the fish. The fish head seemed to fit there, but she didn't trust it to stay there with the unexpectedness of the museum, so she took it with her as she trudged on to the next room to the right.

This room seemed to be a storage room of the museum's. The lights kept flickering on and off, seemingly not knowing if it should succumb to the darkness or not. There were many boxes filled with dirty pallets and large copies of statues and mannequins scattered throughout the room. Here was only one painting in the entire room, and it depicted a rose that looked very much like her own that she had resting in her pocket.

She walked past the painting of the rose and saw yellow paint drip from the ceiling. She let out a very undignified gasp and stumbled back, trying to catch her breath. The jump scares in this place were really starting to get on her nerves.

She walked over and saw a vase full of water, and gladly put her rose in it, feeling her health replenish. She was starting to accept this place as it was, something she couldn't escape just yet.

She walked back towards the door, seeing nothing of interest in the room, when one of the giant busts' eyes began glowing red. Ib's eyes widened as she let out a startled yelp as it started shaking back and forth. She began walking backwards slowly at first, but as it started approaching her, she backed away faster.

She didn't want to die yet! Not in this place! She still desperately wanted her coffee and a book!

She tripped over an old sign that had called the room the "Materials Storehouse" and now the bust was coming after her fallen form faster. She began childishly backing up further until her back hit one of the boxes and she was left trembling in fear at the oncoming bust.

However, it too happened to trip over the sign. She swore she saw a frightened look on the bust's face before it smashed into a hundred pieces on the ground. Ib shakily stood up once again and walked over to the bust, slightly kicking one of the shards. Yes, it was broken. She sighed out in relief. That's good, no more threat. She saw something blue among the rubble. Was that…?

It was! A wooden fish tail was under the broken stone. Ib snatched it up and connected it with the old wooden fish head. They seemed to magically stick themselves together, and no matter how hard she tried to pry them apart, they were together. Ib frowned down at the fish. So now what? Put the fish in the indention and magically have a door appear? She groaned in frustration. This was no time to be sarcastic. That was her only clue, and by gosh, she was going to try it out.

She went back to the cat room and walked over to the fish indention. She lightly toyed with the fish before finally pushing it into the hole. Suddenly, the whole room started shaking. An earthquake? No… As Ib looked up to the cat's eyes, the pupils had turned red and to slits. Then, many loud "meow"'s ran out through the room and right where the fish had been, the wall broke down to form a new hallway.

Ib stared at the new hall in wonder. She hadn't expected that to work. She hadn't expected that to work at all. This place was so illogical, she wasn't sure what to do.

Well, she thought uncertainly, the only way to go was to go on ahead. And with that, she began walking down the newly formed hallway.

End Note: I'm sorry this chapter was so short, but the next one will be a lot longer, I promise. The nest room/dungeon took me forever to do so I know I'm going to unconsciously drag out the writing. I hope you all aren't too cross with me. Reviews are appreciated.