Ok, so this is a short story regarding one of Mizure's earliest ancestors, Tamotsu Akane. I'll be doing a few more of these, counting down the line every few regular chapters until we get to Mizure's family sometime during Shippuden. I'm hoping you'll learn a lot more about her this way. They'll be pretty short, but entertaining and informative. Since it is set in the past, it will be in Italic. Because I said so, that's why. Enjoy~

A man with long brown hair sat at the water's edge, staring into the river with bright red eyes. Beside him lay a small, gurgling bundle. An infant small enough to fit in the crook of his arm just so gazed up at him with his own set of red eyes.
"Ah, Shisu. What am I to do?" he asked the infant, as he pulled the child into his arms and cradled him close.
"My son. I only want what is best for you. What is best for everyone. But how am I to do that? How do I know?" he inquired, staring into his son's eyes adoringly. The boy was new born, but already was an exact copy of his father, head of their clan. He had light brown hair, wispy at the ends, but already thick at the top. His red eyes mirrored his father's so that he couldn't be sure if he was seeing Shisu's eyes, or a reflection of his own. His small, pale body was wrapped in a white blanket bearing the clan's symbol on it; a red circle surrounded by four black triangles, all pointing to the center.
"Tamotsu. Certainly you don't expect our son to know the answers to these questions," a soft voice said from behind him. He turned smiling as the slender form of his wife sashayed over to him, her long blonde hair swaying with each step.
"Of course not. But who better to ask than the future of the clan himself?" he chuckled as she sat daintily beside him, folding her knees under her.
"He can't even speak yet, darling. And even if he could, how should he answer when the current clan leader does not?" she reasoned, resting a small hand on his shoulder.
"I know that dear. But who can I ask? I only want what is best for my clan, and for my family. Hashirama is an old friend of mine, but how can I help him build a Shinobi village when there is constant fueding amongst it's inhabitants? And Nazomi...she is dependable, honest. I would trust her with my life, but the ones she travels with are less than honorable."
"My love, it is not for me to decide," she stated softly, lifting her hand to trail over his hair, playing with the strands absent mindedly.
"Have you not heard me then woman? This is for you," he repeated. It had been a hell of a decision to even travel this far. He'd made the choice to stray away from their home in the mountains, which were becoming a war zone. He had uprooted his entire clan, and that was his own verdict.
"I can't do this alone," he murmured, twisting around to cup her heart shaped face in the palm of his large hand.
"You're never alone," she laughed. He might never get tired of her laugh.
"That is true. You are never far. But, what I want is for you to be by my side, Kiyoko. You are forever in the background, whispering suggestions. This will impact many people's lives. For once, tell me what to do," he pleaded with her.
She placed a slim finger to her lips, as though in thought.
"You are right. There is constant fighting between Hashirama and Madara. But you have always been there to stand between them once their blades are at each other's throats. Nazomi...she has the purest intentions. And yet, she is so naive. She wants only peace, something that cannot possibly be achieved. She does not understand the complexity of life. We can trust her, but not those who guide her," Kiyoko concluded solemnly.
Tamotsu grinned and took her hand, placing a chaste kiss to her knuckles.
"I knew I didn't just marry you for your beauty," he teased. She slapped him playfully, then moved to take the babe in his arms who, upon hearing his mother's voice, had begun to squirm uncontrollably.
"Hush, Kawayui," she cooed.
"Our life in Konoha is sure to be blissful. My people will be safe there. I'll inform Hashirama in the morning," Tamotsu decided. Standing, he helped his wife up, gazing proudly at his perfect family; and hoping he wasn't making a terrible mistake.

Kawayui- It means something along the lines of 'precious' and is used as a nickname in this case. It's similar to the well known 'Kawaii.'