Red… the color… red, it was ringing as it died. But when it died it came back and so did the ringing but no… It wasn't the color that was dying and coming back and that wasn't the sound of the dying color. there was light that glowed red then stopped only to come back. the sound was coming from horns in the walls.

The light was in the middle of a corridor hanging from a ceiling. The corridor though it could not be shown was padded with plan white walls with no decoration. Then suddenly a small boy ran though the hall at superhuman speed. the kid was running oddly due to the fact he vision was blurred .

This boy hade to be less then 11 years old. he features included bright blue eyes, jet black hair, oddly long and sharp fingers and teeth, he wore a white suit that hade no features' except a large black X on the back. he was panting hard as he made it to the end of the corridor. As he turned he saw a man with a magnum and body armor. He was approximately 7 feet away. The boy froze and stared at the man's back not daring to move or breath.

Then the man turned and saw him. The boy could not see the man to clearly due to the fact the man was wearing a visor and the Childs vision but the man slowly raised his hand to his head and spoke. "Command I see the target should I open fire?" he said it in an slightly unnerved voice.

The child heard the response coming from the mans helmet "engage the target but do not kill. Aim for the legs and try to cripple. But we repeat DO NOT KILL!."

"Roger" said the man as he raised his weapon. the child glanced at the gun then something inside him at the threat of danger , erupted a feral instinct that which he hade no control. Jumped on to the wall but instead of sliding off though he just stayed on the wall as though glued the soldier stayed focus on the boy and was not surprised of the fact he stayed on the wall.

As he raised the gun for a seconded shot the child leapt at the soldier landing at his feet then the boy in white moved his hand at blinding speed grabbed the soldier's gun hand then forced the hand to point the gun at the soldier's jaw. The solider who didn't realize it pulled the trigger.

Blood splattered across the walls the man stood still mesmerized, then fell. the child looked at the man he hade slain then moved on. the kid ran down more and more corridors looking for a way out but nothing revealed it self then as he turned from other corridor he found a hallway full of doors.

He slowed down to a fast sprint when he came up to the first door he noticed they hade sign's. this one read weapon testing ground. not interested the child moved on. the door's he came to realize where mostly testing ground though some of the words the boy did not know he kept searching until…

He looked up on around the 30th door it read multi(something he didn't know) travel. his heart jolted travel he knew that word travel it meant going different places he tried to open the door but it was locked. he then took a step back then charged it the door flew off its hinges.

The room had nothing in it except for some kind of archway in the middle of it with a control console hocked up to it he ran to the console it was filled with buttons of letters and numbers. without thought he punched in random numbers hoping for a result. nothing happened.

The boy just stood their thinking. then as thoughts raced though his mind he heard footsteps. then once again he pushed buttons but faster then when he finished nothing happened. Rage filled his mind then he slammed his fist against the consoll then a whirring noise was heard next to him he looked and saw the archway starting to form a portal but before he got their.

"Hold it Xeno" said a cold dark deep voice from behind.

The boy froze and turned a lone man was standing in the door way though the kid couldn't distinguish anything else. holding a gun at him a revolver. Xeno as the man called him didn't know what to do. "I was hoping to keep you." said the man in that same cold voice. "But you have been to much trouble, no matter we can start again." then with that he pulled the trigger hitting Xeno in the chest. his blood splattering all over the travel unit.

The small boy yelled in pain as he toppled through the portal just as it was closing they last thing he saw was the man turning and leaving the room.

Chapter 1

A small girl was walking though a forest the forest wasn't dark or creepy but nice and calm birds where chirping around her. she was around ten to eleven years old her name was Ino Yamanaka she had long pale blonde hair that she tied in a pony tail and yet still was long enough to cover some of her pale blue eye's, the clothes that she was were dark blue, the selves seemed to be cut down and colored white Inos' legs were covered in bandages though she wasn't hurt, and at the moment was caring a basket with flowers in it.

Ino worked at her parents flower shop and was sent to get some wild flowers she however wasn't doing so well she found a few roses and daisies' but nothing bright enough to catch an eye of someone. she in fact was about to call it a day then.


the ground shook with tremendous force. "What was that?!" Ino asked her self looking around she looked into a dense clump of trees where she heard the noise come from. she raced squeezed though and what she saw made her gasp. she did not see a giant crater or anything bad, she saw clearing full of roses but not red roses. Black roses. Ino knew she struck gold not only did black roses have that kind of mysterious beauty but they were great for herbal needs. she ran into the patch and gathered them up around a dozen she realized that someone was their.

Dropping her basket she reached behind her and pulled out a kunai. she turned quickly her training she thought was about to be put to the test. the person however was lying in a rose patch wearing black with a hole in it and the hole was filled with… "Blood!" Ino thought dropping her kunai she ran up to examine the boy.

His eyes were closed he was very pale due to blood loss. "Is he dead?" thought Ino rather scared now. But she was just reaching out to feel a pulse then the child gasped so loudly Ino jumped back.

"Are you okay?" asked Ino hurriedly. the boy looked around then saw Ino his eye's grew in fear. "I'm not here to hurt you." said Ino in a motherly voice. "But are you alright?"

The kid looked at her getting up then said "Yeah I'm…" but before he could finish he ended up coughing up blood.

"Wait here I'll get some help." said Ino getting up.

"That wont be necessary." said a voice from behind them.

A man was there wearing a green vest a blue under shirt a headband with an odd symbol on it and a smile on his face. he also had a scare that went across his face right below his eyes.

"Iruka sensei !" said Ino "Its good you shown up I heard a noise and I went to investigate and I found this guy. And how did you find us?"

"Your not the only one who heard that noise." Replied Iruka rushing over to Xeno . "Can you move?" Xeno nodded and got up. "What's your name?"

He looked up at the shinobi "I don't really…" then he had a small flash back of a man in a door way… "My name… is… Xeno" he said slowly as if he was not sure.

Iruka then took him to a hospital where Xeno was now in a bed laying. Xeno was looking around his room when he heard a nock on his door. Xeno jumped in fright and looked at the door expecting people coming to take him back to that… but not even he knew the answer to that.

The door opened and Xeno braced himself. but it was just his nurse. "Is everything alright?" she asked kindly. Xeno nodded. "You have a visitor the third hokage." she said as though this was a great honor.

"Umm, who?" asked Xeno as a man wearing a red and white hat a white cloak he was smoking a pipe he face was wrinkled with age and had a few liver spots. though he smiled as he walked in.

"Hello there young man. my name is Hiruzen Sarutobi. I am the leader of this village and I wanted to ask you a few questions.." he said in a kind voice.

"Odd.." said Xeno looking at him strangely.

"What is odd?"

"Everyone… everyone here is so nice I don't understand what did I do?"

The third laugh heartily "That's odd to you! you must of came from a grim place indeed." he said then frowning "Where did you come from Xeno, that is your name right?" he said in voice much more stern.

"I don't know." said Xeno

"Which do you not know."


"Hmm" said the third. "Well have you been through any shinobi training?"

"What is that?"

"Ninja training obviously you don't know if your interested we can set you up for a lessons."

Xeno thought for a moment "Sure I'll try it."

After that they discussed where he would stay and decided on a hotel in the heart of the village. When Xeno arrived at the hotel . he was just about to take his first step then a child in an orange jumpsuit rounded a corner nearly colliding in to him only jumping out of the way at the last seconded he turned to look after him trying to distinguish him but he was already out of site.