Well since Exams are over I can write stories!

I just wish that I have a higher grade, damn!

Ada watched her surroundings, she was in a bed full of roses, she look around then saw Leon.

This might be a dream.

Oh how I wish I don't want to wake up!

Ada woke up, how disappointing, she began to stretch herself up then took a shower. After Kijuju, Africa what next? She is a mercenary, devoid of any respect or honor, which was common to her, she finished her shower then slipped in her bath gown.

"First things first" she said, a tom-cat went towards her then playfully rubbed itself around her legs, she smiled as she lifted the cat up "let's get you some food Leon" she said as she playfully snuggled the cat.

She look at her watch then put the catfood on the cat's tray, her charge gave her a rub and meow then started to nibble on the tray, Ada sighed as she look at the window of her apartment, the sky was bright blue and it was so beautiful just like Leon's eyes "now, now just who the hell am I thinking of just now?" she laughed to herself as she began to sit on her bed then wished for the day to be over.

She look at the ceiling of her room then felt a furry sensation in her right arm, it was her cat, purring as it lay beside her "of course Leon" she smiled as she let the cat sleep beside her, for a few minutes the cat's eyes are closed.

Ada felt herself sleeping now, she let her sleepy head overtake her whole body then everything went black. Her eyes are closed and she felt light in the middle of a dark corner.



The voice was calling her, Leon's voice Ada woke up then saw that it was just her cat who was now purring and was right on her face looking worried "oh Leon".

Like it? well I can do better than that!

anyway I'm sorry if I couldn't update any sooner in my stories but I assure you that I will update my stories!

Damn those exams!

love lots!

-Le Miko 56-