This story begins place in eppy 9!

My alarm clock went off. It was already 6:30! And why didn't I remember to shut my alarm off? Ugh, I got up and stood there for a second. I got dressed and went downstairs. My mom had left a note on the kitchen counter.


I had to leave early for work. I'll be home around 2 so when I get home we'll be on our way to the park. I'll follow you. See you at home! Sorry I had to leave early.

Ok well I'll call Amy she's usually up early. I called her and she answered.

"Hey Ames!"

"Hey, so how's the Vanessa search goin?"

"Oh, I forgot to call you. She is meeting me at the park by the bridge!"

"Ohmagod! Well did you tell Frank?"

"Well, I wasn't supposed to but what else was I supposed to do? I wasn't keeping this from them. I'm already keeping too much from them."

"I know Chlo. I mean I don't really know but…"

"It's okay Amy. I know you can't really know how I feel. It's only 7 now. Wanna hang out?"

"I would love to!"

"Great. Meet me at….the coffee shop?"

"Sure thing! I'll be there in about 20."

"Okay, see you then."

We both hung up our phones. I was just heading upstairs, until I heard a sound. A lump formed in my throat. Was Jasmine or Alek here? I hope one of them were, and were able to hear it. But, if they weren't, then I was in trouble. I knew this wasn't just nothing, this meant something. And I was about to find out what.

I started back down stairs. I tried to figure out where the noise was coming from. And plus it was 7 o'clock in the morning. Has it been there all night? I centered my ears on the sound. It was a banging type of sound. It sounded almost like tapping on a window or on some type of glass. So I went to the kitchen. There's glass and windows. I stood directly by the island in the middle of the kitchen. I just opened my ears to where if I really tired I think I could hear Valentina over in her building. I searched for the sound, and found it! It was coming from my living room though. I walked towards the room and yet again, stood. I listened and found the sound by the window to the far left side of the room. That's it! I'm calling it. I ran and busted open the front door. I ran to the side of my house. There was a little box with strings blowing all around it. It was maybe only the size of a sticky note pad. I was scared of what was in it. I walked over snatched it and ran towards the coffee shop to meet Amy, not looking back.

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