~A/N~ Yes the 'Wedding Dress' is also part of my 'Elphaba loves Fiyero, Fiyero loves Elphaba' fic collection. I love it so!

What do you want?" Elphaba glared at her father, who was standing on the doorstep of her home at Shiz. It was mid-October, and she hadn't heard from her father since over a year before.

He looked at her with a conceded look, "I'm worried about Nessa."

Typical, Elphaba thought, Of course this is about Nessa, why would he be worried about me?

"Please Elphaba!" Frex pleaded, "Tell me that she is alright! She hasn't written to me since she went to Vinkus this summer!"

Elphaba stared into his eyes, "I thought Fiyero and I made it clear; we do not want you any where near us."

Frex seemed slightly taken aback, "I'm here to find out about your sister."

"Well I can sure you Father," her words were venom, "That your precious little girl is fine. She is doing well in her studies, and is happy. Now if that's all"

Frex didn't reply, so Elphaba turned to go back inside, but stopped, "Her name is Ayalynn." Still no reply. "She was born healthy. She has my black hair, and Fiyero's eyes and skin tone. She's very smart and bubbly, and we're sure she's going to be an amazing person."

Elphaba shut the door and placed her back against it. The minute she heard the carriage that had been outside leave she began to cry.

All Elphaba wanted was to stay there for a few minutes and cry, but seconds later Fiyero appeared that the end if the hallway.

"Fae?" Concern filled his eyes, "What's wrong?"

Elphaba hastily tried to whip away the tears, "I'm not sure. I'm happy about the wedding, but sad that Father won't be there. I guess I just was hoping that if I did get married my father would be there to walk me down the isle."

She looked up into her fiancee's blue eyes, "Is that ridiculous?"

"Not at all," Fiyero whispered comfortingly, pressing a kiss against her head.

From that moment on Elphaba clicked into extreme wedding-planning mode, and soon enough found herself in a dress boutique with Galinda.

"Absolutely not."

"Come on!"


"But Elphie!" Glinda whined, "It's gonna be your wedding! You have to wear white!"

Elphaba glared at her best friend, "Just because I'm getting married does not mean that I have to wear white."

"It's a a tradition!"

"Traditions are meant to be broken."

Luckily, Fiyero entered the room before Elphaba ripped Glinda's vocal cords out, "Whats going on?"

Glinda smirked, Elphaba would do anything for her fiancée, "Elphie doesn't want to wear white to your wedding, but I told her that she has to."

Fiyero looked between the women and held his daughter (who he ha been walking around holding) closer to his chest, "Well Glinda, she doesn't HAVE to wear white if she doesn't want to."

"Ha!" Elphaba pointed a finger accusingly at her best friend.

"But! I think she should," Now it was Fiyero's turn to be glared at by Elphaba, "Besides white looked good with green. Actually, everything looks good with green!"

Fiyero triumphantly started doing a little dance but stopped when he started getting death looks, he stopped. "Lets get out of here Aya, Mama might start to get a little mad."

Aya only smiled and started playing with a button on Fiyero's shirt so he hustled out the room. Elphaba turned back to Galinda

"There better not be sparkles."

Glinda frowned, "No sparkles?"

"No. Sparkles." Elphaba's eyes was murderous.

"Fine . . . But I get to wear pink!"

Elphaba began to laugh, "Could I stop you?"