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"Good morning everybody," a spiky brown-haired boy yawned, arms outstretched above him. He lowered them, and rubbed the corner of his eye with one fist. A devee kid was next to him, doing the same thing as the boy.

"Couldn't you guys wake us up, later, maro?" He asked, looking at the other people in the group. Two girls started giggling, while another boy, light brown hair and teal eyes, just sighed. A sliver-haired woman glanced at the kids and then looked at the map in her hands.

"We'll need an early start," she said, rolling the map up. The devee sighed and laid back down on the mat, staring at the sky.

"I know that, maro. But that doesn't mean that I can't get some sleep, maro." The brown-haired boy got to his feet and looked at the devee.

"C'mon, Marumaro! Maybe at the next town, they're could be some cute girls." Marumaro jumped to his feet and dashed over to where they had placed their packs, picking up his, Marumaro pointed towards a random direction.

"Let's go, maro!" The two girls sweat dropped at the scene, while the brown-haired boy chuckled nervously.

"Well…. That works." The two girls said. The sliver-haired woman got to her feet and looked at the other four kids.

"Let's head out." They nodded.

"Oi, get your tail over here," a pointed eared fox shouted. He was wearing a black jacket that was unzipped, black pants, black shoes, two spike bracelets on his writs, two on his ankles, and a spike collar around his neck. He wear a black bandana around his forehead and his right eye was covered with his hair. Another fox, one who was wearing the same things as the first fox, instead having red shoes and a red bandana, as well as having white on the tips of his hair, walked out of the cave, hands in his pockets.

"Cool down, bro, cool down." He said, one eye closed and another opened, showing red eyes. The first fox snorted.

"I'll cool down, if you and the others stop messing around." The second fox shrugged.

"What, you've already spotted something, Dark?" Dark scoffed and looked over at the trees. The second fox closed his opened eye and sighed, and then opened both eyes.

"Alright, I'll say nothing more…. Except that you're an emotional idiot!" Then he erupted into laughter. Dark sighed and looked over his shoulder, glaring at the second on, black eyes glowing in the sunlight.

"Alright, then… I've sensed six shadow wielders a few miles away." Dark growled, getting the second fox to stop laughing. The fox blinked his eyes.

"You're kiddin', right?" Dark shook his head and the fox smirked. Turning his attention back on the cave he shouted, "Claws, Fang! Get up, we're heading out!"

"Let me guess," Dark asked, turning his body around so he was standing face-to-face with the other fox, "You're going to attack them?" The fox chuckled.

"Of course! They've got to be part of Grand Kingdom." Dark blinked.

"They could also be the rebel shadow wielders. They're on our side, Volt." Volt flicked his tail.

"Eh? So what! Just because they're rebel shadow wielders, doesn't mean that they're on our side! Besides," Volt took his fist and punched it on to the palm of his other paw, "We're going to see what they're made of before we think of them as comrades."

"How long till we get to the town, maro" Marumaro complained. "I'm starving!" To empathize his point, his stomach growled in hunger. Shu placed his hands on his stomach and glanced at the ground.

"Ya know, Marumaro," he said. "I'm in the same boat." Raising his head, Shu asked, "Zola, are we getting closer to the town?" Zola looked over her shoulder at the boy and then back on the path they were taking.

"No, not yet." She replied. Shu and Marumaro sighed, while Bouquet grabbed Shu's arm, clinging on to it. Kluke clenched her fists in anger, while Jiro just shook his head. Zola glanced at the forest to her right, spotting a shadow move. She halted, causing the rest of her team to do the same.

"Is something wrong," Jiro asked, figuring out that something was in the forest. Zola gripped the handle of her sword and turned her head towards the forest.

"Alright, you can come out now."

No reply.

Shu got out of Bouquet's cling and got into a battle stance.

"Didn't you hear her," he shouted, "You can come out!" There was silence and then a black figure bounced out of the bushes, heading straight towards the center of the group.

"Scatter!" Zola shouted. The team moved away from the center, just in time to miss the attack, which gathered dust. Kluke was lying on the ground, having been pushed or knocked down by the attack. Getting into a sitting position and shaking her head, Kluke didn't notice the figure behind her until Shu shouted, "Kluke, look behind you!" Kluke turned her head, but wasn't fast enough as the figure slapped her and she hit the ground again. The rest of the team was shocked when they saw the thing that slapped Kluke.

Standing behind the struggling girl was a fox, wearing a black bandana and black clothing, as well as spikes. Shu got to his feet and he glared at the fox.

"Who are you?" He demanded, while the fox just shrugged his shoulders.

"To think this one's a shadow wielder," he said, grabbing Kluke's dress collar and then throwing her forward, where she skid on the ground and then stopped. The fox looked over at Shu and flicked his ear.

"Are you ready to battle?" She gritted his teeth, lowered his head, shaking it, and then raising it back up.

"You bet I am! Let's go, Blue Dragon!" Shu started glowing and his shadow transformed into a dragon. Blue Dragon glared at the fox and scoffed.

"This is some kind of joke, right," he asked, glaring at Shu.

"Just get rid of this guy!" Shu ordered and Blue Dragon flew towards the fox, who just stared blankly at the dragon.

"Oi, get serious!" Blue Dragon shouted, moving his fist back and then moving it forward. The fox jumped, in time to miss Blue Dragon's punch.

"If this is all you're going to do, then this isn't worth my time," the fox said, doing a side flip and landing on the ground. Blue Dragon glared at the fox and took his fist out of the ground.

"Waves of Rage!" The fox looked over his shoulder, spotting Minotaur and Jiro. Minotaur then started punching at the fox repeating until clouds of dust started to show. Minotaur moved back and stared at the dust.

"No one could of survived that," he said, a smirk on his face. Minotaur's smirk disappeared as he spotted a huge figure in the cloud of smoke, red eyes glowing.

"Black Beam!" A black electric beam shot out of the dust clouds and hit Minotaur, as well as hitting Jiro. Jiro held his stomach, head lowered after the attack. He raised it and was surprised to see a black fox shadow behind Dark, arms beside its body, while the shadow wielder had one paw on his shoulder.

"I'll give you credit," he said, taking his paw off his shoulder. "For that attack, let me introduce myself. The name's Dark and this guy behind me is Black Fox, a great comrade and friend, as well as shadow." Dark pointed at the shadow, who nodded his head.

"Let's go, Crushing Nail!" Black Fox and Dark looked over their shoulders, spotting Blue Dragon charging after them, Blue Dragon's claws turned into swords. Turning around fully, Dark started glowing and Black Fox charged towards Blue Dragon, surprising both Shu and the dragon. As soon as the two got close, Black Fox grabbed onto Blue Dragon's wrist and held on tightly. Blue Dragon's eyes widen.

"What the?" He moved his hands, trying to get them out of the fox's grip. But Black Fox held on tighter. Dark, who was still powering up his shadow, smirked.

"Looks like you need a back up plan, kid."

"Blitz Claw!"

"Ray Stinger!"

Dark looked over his shoulder and spotted the two attacks. Dark looked back at Shu and moved to the right as quickly as he could, Black Fox doing the same. As soon as that was done, Blue Dragon and Shu were in the spot Dark and Black Fox were at. Marumaro gritted his teeth and Zola's eyes widen.

"Shu!" The two shouted. But it was too late. The two attacks hit Blue Dragon's back, hurting Shu as well. Dark stopped powering up Black Fox and the fox shadow removed his grip from Blue Dragon's wrists, but not before punching the dragon in the gut and moving back towards his shadow wielder.

"Eternal Breathe!" Black Fox turned around, holding one paw up and blocking the fire attack. Once it was done, Black Fox lowered his arm, seeing Kluke on her feet with Phoenix behind her. Black Fox narrowed his eyes and closed his paw into a fist, turning around so he was facing the two, Dark doing the same.

"Looks like you're up and standing." Dark then powered up Black Fox and he smirked, saying, "Let's if you can dodge this! Shade Strike!" Black Fox's paw turned a solid black and he moved his arm back, charging towards Phoenix.

"Feather Protect!" Kluke shouted. Phoenix spread her wings and a blue barrier appeared in front of her, surprising Black Fox and Dark. Black Fox punched the barrier and sparks started appearing. Dark looked over his shoulder, seeing that the other four were ready for another fight. Damn it, he thought. When are they getting here?

Almost at once and fiery red flame shot out from the sky and hit the ground, between Dark and the other shadow wielders. Dark smirked and looked back at Kluke, seeing Black Fox pull his fist back, the attack he used now gone. Dark flicked his ear and he heard the sounds of feet hitting the ground and then gasps.

"Took you three long enough," Dark growled, crossing his arms and glancing over his shoulder, seeing two other foxes and one yellow bird. The fox with the fluffy tail smiled and glanced over at Dark.

"Glad we can make it," he said. Hearing a surprised gasp caught Dark's attention and he looked over at Kluke, seeing her eyes wide and surprised, almost as if she saw a ghost. Volt blinked his eyes and turned around, facing Kluke with a relaxed gaze.

"Hey… You look familiar…" That's when realization hit him and Volt's eyes widen and a smile was on his muzzle.

"Kluke!" Kluke seemed to have tears in her eyes, but she shook her head, the tears vanishing. She looked at Volt and gave a small smile.

"Volt, long time no see."

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