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School Festival

It's a tradition in every school to hold a school festival; it's the time of year to show the rest of the region what their school is made out of.

"Shikamaru! Stop being a lazy ass and help out! Chouji! You too!" Ino was in charge of the class decorations. Since it was their first year of junior high, everyone put all the effort they could into the festival.

"What are you so worked up for, Ino?" Shikamaru yawned. Ino hit his head with the posters in her hand.

"What are you talking about?! We have to win this year's prize! The class who wins gets a free trip to the hot springs! I need my beauty vacation!" Ino flicked her platinum hair back, which hit a passing classmate.

"This is so troublesome..." Shikamaru yawned as he was dragged away by Ino.

"Take this over there."

"Hold this."

"Stop fidgeting!" Sasuke ordered Hinata around like his own personal slave. Hinata could only comply to Sasuke's orders since Hinata was 'forced' into the job. All of the boys disagreed to let Sasuke's fangirls work with him because none of the work would be done in time (Sasuke himself agreed as well). The guys didn't want to work with Sasuke either, thus Hinata was the only available candidate.

"Hinata-chan," Sakura gave Hinata a light pat on the shoulders, the girl hiccuped like a mouse.

"S-Sakura-chan." Hinata let out a sigh.

"Are you alright? You looked so stressed," Sakura had changed throughout the years, less crazy, but still Sasuke-crazy.

"I-Is there anything I-I can help you with?" Hinata stuttered.

"We need you to try on the costume, just in case we need any alterations." Their class had also signed up to perform a play, the classic Romeo and Juliet. Sadly the girl playing Juliet was absent that day, but luckily she had the same body frame as Hinata.

"Where's Hyuuga?" Sasuke's voice came out of the blue. He didn't address Hinata casually in front of others; the girls might start pestering him again.

"Sasuke-kun! You scared me. I asked her to do me a favor," Sakura looked at him suspiciously. "Why do you want to know?"

"I need her to write out the new menu. That stupid girl should have told me where she went." Sasuke rarely complained about someone (except for Naruto); it was odd of him to even mention Hinata.

"I-Is that so, sorry I suspected you." Sakura giggled innocently, trying to fight back her jealousy.

"Whatever." Sasuke walked away.

"Um, S-Sakura-chan." There was a whisper by the door.

"Oh, Hinata-chan, let me have a look." Hinata scanned the room, everyone seemed to be busy with their duties. Shyly, Hinata entered the room.

"Oh, it looks nice, doesn't it!" Sakura was proud of her stitch work.

"Y-Ya." Hinata looked uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" Hinata restlessly looked around and lowered her arms that had been sheltering her chest.

"I-It's a little...t-tight." Hinata looked down at her chest, and so did Sakura. The fabric was almost ripping, just barely holding 'them'. Sakura looked at Hinata, then back at her.

"How old are you?!" she shrieked in sadness. All the boys turned their attention to her. The gazes started to make Hinata feel really uneasy. She looked around nervously, almost breaking down in tears.

"I-I'm going to change!"

"Look out!" Naruto tripped over some ribbons lying on the floor, stumbling carelessly around the classroom. He tried to grab a hold of whatever he could reach, but everyone avoided him...everyone but Hinata who happened to react slower. His fingers tangled, pulling down her costume. The barely supporting fabric ripped as Naruto fell to the floor, pulling Hinata's costume in the process. All the boys dropped their jaws. Kiba even dropped his hammer, barely missing his foot. Hinata's undergarments were completely exposed; she wanted to just cry and crawl into a hole. Someone threw a blazer towards her. Hinata looked up and saw Sasuke over her, looking really pissed.

"Sorry, Hinata! I didn't know it was going to rip! Someone bring over some clothing for Hinata to change!" Sakura called out. The girls hurriedly pulled out an unused gym shirt for Hinata to change into.

"Why don't you take a rest, Hinata-chan. We'll take care of the rest." Sakura looked over at the confused Naruto, who only remembered that he fell. It seemed like Naruto was always there to mess things up. His existence was bad luck to the poor Hyuuga.

"Eh? Sakura-chan, why are you looking at me like that?" Naruto sensed evil aura emitting from her. Sakura clenched her fist and her eyes shone mercilessly. While Naruto was being severely punished by most of the girls (and some guys), Sasuke took this chance to escape with Hinata. Sasuke brought her outside to a quiet place behind the classroom with grassy patches and flowerbeds.

"Here." Sasuke gave her a can of orange juice he had bought from the vending machine close by.

"T-Thanks." Hinata took a few sips. Her hands were shaking and her face was still red from embarrassment.

"Y-you...didn't see it...did you?" she asked timidly. Sasuke tensed up.

"S-see what?"

"M-My..." Hinata blushed even redder, if it were even possible.

"Who do you think I am?!I'm not a pervert, idiot!" Sasuke stood up, his face multiple shades of pink. Sasuke's a bad, bad liar. Whenever he lied, he would sweat and avoid eye contact whenever possible.

"Y-You did, d-didn't you?!" Hinata pulled the hem of her shirt. "I-If you did, p-please forget what y-you saw!" she mumbled.

"I didn't! Just shut up, okay!"

Hinata pouted like a child and nodded. Sasuke patted her head gently. There was a comforting silence for a while. Hinata enjoyed that moment, and so did Sasuke.

After a while, Sasuke gave a teasing smirk, "Pandas, hn?"


The following day, almost every boy in Hinata's class swarmed around her, asking if she was alright, if she needed help, if she was free after school, and complimenting her about random things Hinata herself didn't know about. The confused girl wasn't quite sure what all the attention was about either. Sasuke gripped onto his hammer tightly. Kiba and Naruto could see dangerous flames emitting from his body with a killing intent.

"Put that dangerous weapon down, Sasuke!" Kiba and Naruto held Sasuke back from smashing his hammer at Hinata's new fanclub.

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