Title: Pale Pastels
Pairing: HichiIchi
Author: D.R. Ward\Hollowshirosaki413
Date: 8-14-12 (Remake #1 – 2-19-13)
Warnings: Yaoi, Slice of High-School Life, Humor, Angst, Hurt\Comfort (Later Chapters), Smut

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki was an average high school student with amazing grades, outstanding performance, orange hair, and…Drawing skills. Drawing was his life, and when that damned transfer student came, Ichigo had no choice but to admit defeat and draw the beautiful man he had become addicted to.

Pale Pastels Chapter 1

Ichigo Kurosaki had always adored drawing. Whenever he had the time and supplies to draw, his subconscious mind felt a sense of freedom; like he was escaping the real world from a few strokes, colors, and that sole piece of paper in front of him. It was what he loved, fantasized over, and what he did to release his inner demons. Or anger, or happiness, or depression, or whatever he felt at the time. The point was that it was the orange-haired angst-filled teenagers escape route. Admittedly, Ichigo always carried a sketch pad and a sharpened pencil with him, no matter what he did or where he went. His home, the park, school, even his job; he drew anything and everything in his sight or out of it.

Some people thought that he was freaky with how much he drew. Ichigo Kurosaki, the kid with the iron fist and the kind heart, the kid with the silk touch to paper or whatever those kids came up with – point was, Ichigo was a legend to both admire and fear. Not many gangs stuck around to see him in a fight, and not many artists had the nerve to correct his art – simply because the mistakes were few and far in between. Usually the orange-haired college student would focus on landscapes or women to draw, because it was what he was best at, but when something other than that caught his eye, Ichigo always found that he simply had to draw it. Had to.

And just recently he had become addicted to one thing and one thing only to draw. What was this mysterious thing, by chance, that caught his eyes so quickly, so easily?

The transfer student, of course.

That damned transfer student. That living Adonis had the potential to be worshiped by any living thing on the planet earth and\or beyond. From the long, shoulder length soft pale locks he adorned to the muscles that rippled underneath their school uniform, to those smoldering bright yellow orbs surrounded by and endless black sclera, Shirosaki Ogichi Hichigo was the meaning of sex on legs. He had a skinny frame and looked much like himself, but this teen…His voice alone could turn any straight man gay, any lesbian straight, or any gay guy cum in his pants. The orangette had become addicted to drawing this man within seconds of looking at his face.

It was like a siren, the orange-haired teen mused. The thing that probably drew Ichigo to the albino first had to be Shirosaki's eyes. They were just so fun to draw, to colour, to paint, even to pastel. And he hated pastels. But, the whole idea over it was…It was an unhealthy obsession, and countless times the artist was almost caught drawing his fantasies with Mr. Tall and Sexy. Not only had his friends caught on within the first week Shirosaki Hichigo had moved in – even some of the teachers realized.

And that was horrible. Teachers loved to pick on their students.

And Kurosaki was no exception.

Ichigo sighed and looked up towards the swaying trees that belonged to the moist, fertile dirt in the almost empty park. A few leaves whirled past him, getting carried off into the wind, as a pair of eyelids slid over the orangette's molten brown eyes. Fall was by far his favorite season, it signified that nothing lasted forever, and that something always had to die. Call him a tad dark, but Ichigo honestly couldn't care less. It was the truth. Mostly, actually, it was just a common factor of life. Everything will die, no matter how much you try to stop it or how much you wish it not to happen.

That; and the leaves were utterly beautiful.

Many colours were the autumn leaves that swirled past the teen on the bench. Reds and oranges, yellows and greens, some purple – oh, it was just so colourful! There was hardly a colour like the other, for they were all individually picked out and trained to just the right hue. God was really in a good mood when he created this season, Ichigo figured, because it was too extremely stunning to describe in a group of words.

With a deep sigh Ichigo then focused on what he was previous working at. The tanned teen decided to glance back down at one of his newest works – which lay in his lap. It was of the albino once again. In this picture, Shirosaki was a Fallen Angel who had his solid, fluttering black wings spread out eagle-wide, a few feathers falling down from them as they unconsciously fell to a blackened abyss. His gaze was lifted upward, one hand reaching for something, something that looked like he cherished more than anything, something that he held so deep within his heart that he would rather perish than let that single thing go. His waist-long, shimmering silver hair fluttered about as if the wind caught it. Shirosaki furthermore carried an expression that looked like he was waiting for something or someone, but he knew he would never get it, and an overwhelmed sadness overcame him.

It made Ichigo shudder in content. It was, by far, his favorite.

Maybe it was the colours or the coloured pencil markings against the contrast of charcoal and reality; the orangette was never to be sure. But whenever he risked trying to figure out what the picture meant to him, what it symbolized, he always came up empty and only continued touching it up. His fingers, about an hour ago, had finished piece of art, and it was finally free of any blemishes or disgusting markings, and all that was left was the beautiful face of an angelic demon; the demon of Ichigo's constant dreams.

The chilly wind blew once again, making Ichigo instinctively tremor. The scarf decorating his long neck fluttered along with the breeze, but it stayed firmly in place, keeping him from being colder than he already was. The teen took a deep breath. What a nice day. He thought softly.

And it was, too. Like Ichigo had said before, the colours that whipped past him all but discreetly were awe-striking. It was hard to explain in a full sentence, but it was…so hard to explain… Like…

Like a lover just embracing you for the first time. Or that moment when you brush hands in the middle of class with your crush, or when your favorite song turns on to the radio, or when you have a moment in life that just makes you want to grin so bad you look positively insane…it was like those moments. There was no way to describe it in any other way, because it was just too amazing for words.

It could possibly be that it was just in the eyes of the artist.

Quite possibly.

But anyway – Ichigo was enjoying himself. Not only had he gotten time to himself to simply just stare at the picture in his favorite season of all time, he had the ability to focus his eyes on one thing, or another, and not worry if someone saw or thought he was creepy. Not that he cared in any other form, either, but it was more…reassuring in a place like the park.

As the orange haired teen drifted from his recollections, Mr. Orange then caught onto a whiff of some strange odor. Not a bad one, mind you. It didn't smell like a normal fall day, like leaves, dirt, nor the refreshing intake of freshly cut grass, no, but…It smelt like…vanilla and lavender, surprisingly. It did smell quite good actually. The artist found himself pondering. Where was that coming from? Ichigo questioned, and out of sheer curiosity, he looked up….

…And met with a pair of bright cobalt yellow orbs…

…surrounded by an ocean of black…

…A school uniform flashing in his face…

…that belonged to Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki himself.

Ichigo blinked as he noticed the albino was staring at him in something keen to shock, which made him cock his head to the side, both curious and dazed. Hichigo Shirosaki? Ichigo blinked. And blinked again. What was he doing here of all places? And why was he interrupting his thoughts about the albino himself – and what the hell was he staring at…other than the picture. Shit. "What do you want?" the orangette asked a bit coldly as he moved to hide the image that rested on his legs, his hands plopping over the piece of smudged paper in an effort to cover the artwork out of embarrassment.

"Tha' picture, what is it?" Hichigo's soft, seductive voice uttered, a smirk playing at his lips for the shy orangette sitting in front of his standing form. Ichigo could only watch the movement in a bit of helplessness and awe. Even the man's lips were carved by the gods. He was a piece of artwork sent down just to personally disrupt him from his everyday life, Ichigo was sure as hell of it. But the fact that Shirosaki had his gaze down at the covered picture gave all the incentive that the orangette needed to deduce the fact that the albino had already seen his work of passion.

If that wasn't humiliating, Ichigo didn't know what was. Oh, yeah. The fact that he was caught red-fucking handed. It couldn't have been out of, like, accident or something, the pure white living Adonis just had to blatantly walk up and be like 'hey, look at this shit man, it's me! Forget about personal space, let's focus on this instead!'


"Nothing." Ichigo muttered as he averted his eyes from the albino that was staring at him with a soft amusement. Hichigo could tell that the orange-haired teen was getting pink – hell, even he could, just with the temperature of the skin that rested on his face heating up. Gah, this was horrifying.

The artist could feel his heartbeat quicken as he peered straight into the eyes of the opposing being. Shirosaki's eyes locked him in place; a feeling which Ichigo both loved and hated at the exact same time. He felt helpless, being unable to move – but to have those bright, shimmering clear yellow eyes focusing on him and only him, well; it sent thrilled shivers almost inexpressible up Ichigo's slightly chilly spine.

The albino snorted as quietly as he possibly could to hide his growing mirth. Ichigo scowled deeper at the man. "Haven't ya ever heard, Ichi…" Hichigo drifted softly as he cocked his head to the side in an almost cute action. "That nothin's always, always somethin." Ichigo had to refrain from the desperate need to roll his eyes at the man. What a cliché statement, that was.

Instead of replying, the tanned teen decided to stare off to the right of the previous college student. Silence engulfed the air as an unconscious shiver drifted down Ichigo's spine, and, within a few seconds, the orangette found himself peering at the albino out of the corner of his eye. He was wary of the others presence, not only because he held a picture of the other in a clear sign of a fascination, but -….

Without a warning the paper was snatched from his hands into the clutch of the other teen next to him, which caused the orange-haired teen to stare at the man in shock. Quickly, however, he recovered, and gaped.

"D-Don't!" Ichigo squeaked, but he knew it was too late.

The albino that danced a few feet away from him immediately glanced down at the paper. Hichigo almost immediately recognized himself, however since he already practically new that the piece of paper was drawn with his body, so that wasn't the thing that sent the albino into an initial shock. It was how good Ichigo was. There was barely a mistake, if not any, and it was clear as day that the orangette took a good amount of time and theory into this picture. As Shirosaki stared at it, he could feel, well…he could tell that a great deal of thought and emotion poured into the orange haired artist as he drew him. He knew the orangette was a prodigy in his Collateral Art class as Kakura High, but he never saw his work…But now he knew why the man was a phenomenon.

It was clear as day that this kid was the god of a pencil.

"Huh…It is me…" The albino said, considerably composed as he looked back at the sitting orangette on the bench, who just so happened to be blushing. Hichigo smirked at the level of cuteness the other was rising to in his eyes, but he didn't comment otherwise, only because he knew how uncomfortable that the teen had to be once Hichigo found out that he was drawing him. "Any particular reason yer drawin' me, Ichigo?" Hichigo hissed, letting his midnight blue tongue peak out to lick his lips.

Okay, poking a little fun isn't bad.

Ichigo scowled. "No, now give me that back. Did your mother not teach you not to take anything from others without permission?" the tanned teen scolded as he reached for the paper. The albino only danced away from him again and held it out. He refrained from answering the previous question for two reasons. One, he didn't care too much about that statement, and two, no, of course not, because Hichigo never had a mother who did much of anything. But that wasn't in the albino's priorities at the moment; the orangette was.

"Nu-uh, Ichi, I wanna keep this if I can." Hichigo smirked as the other's eyes widened, and then narrowed in a deep sign of concentration and annoyance.

"No, that one's my favorite!" Ichigo growled out animalistically, but then widened his eyes at the slip up. The now blushing orange-haired teen tried to cover it up by trying to get out a few untellable things – but Hichigo ignored that.

Hichigo blinked as he noticed the others slip-up, and found his smirk curling into an all-out sadistic grin. "So…ya got more of me, don't'cha?" he said teasingly as he handed he paper back to Ichigo, who snatched it out of his hands, an angry blush planted onto his face. The orangette stood as he scrambled to grab his art supplies from his lap.

"That's none of your business, baka. Now if you'll excuse me…" Ichigo stated as he began to turn to walk away. He noticed that the albino moved to grasp onto his coat, so he swiftly dodged the hand; side-stepping. He didn't want to talk about it whatsoever, and, even though Hichigo was still there and not freaking out and running away like any other person would – it was still way to awkward for any other discussion.

Hichigo raised a taint white brow. "Now, Ichi, there's no need ta be mean…" he stated as he stood in place, hands in his pockets. More leaves brushed past the two of them with the slight breeze, causing the both of them to shiver within the silence. The orangette glanced back at the albino.

Ichigo scowled. "I'm not. And don't call me that…" he said as he continued to walk away. A wave was the only thing that Hichigo got to not that he was still there. "See you around school…Shirosaki." He said softly as he disappeared from sight.

When Ichigo felt the gaze that was on his back disappear, he slumped his shoulder. Shockingly, he was pleased with how he handled the situation, even if he was a little cold to him and sported a huge blush. Hichigo handled it well, too, for what it's worth. But I can't say I would freak out if Hichigo drew me…I would feel flattered.

But, y'know, he was the retarded one.


The next day of school was as slow as fuck. First, second, third, and fourth hour deemed to drag on so bad, it wasn't even funny. It was all like, durr, durr, durr, and there was no escape to at least speed up the day – even if it was only a little.

It wasn't that Ichigo wanted to see his obsession again.

It wasn't.

He denied it fully.

But in the end, he knew that thought was right. And here he was, Ichigo Kurosaki; age seventeen, one-hundred and forty-five pounds, brown eyes, orange hair, birthday July fifteenth, sitting down in class with the most petrified, yet impatient, look that he ever had. He felt it, too. It was like he was a little kid trying to sit still for candy; even if he really wanted it, he couldn't stop that adamant bouncing that just kept popping up. Legs shaking, eyes scanning, fingers tapping, you name it. Ichigo did it.

"Yo, man, what's up?" Ichigo's friend, Renji, spoke to him as he sat next to the troubled teen, a canvas now in the way of both of their eye-sights. "You're, like, freaking out." He spoke rather questioningly. The orange-haired teen felt the gaze that Renji always had when he was scrutinizing the other burning into his very skull. It took all Ichigo had not to flinch.

"You noticed?" Ichigo murmured softly as he furrowed a brow. Since when wasn't he able to keep his composure? That stupid albino. It was like he became a whole new person whenever that stupid little transfer student was involved. Kurosaki always kept his composure no matter what happened – and then this new guy comes in and is all like 'fuck I know I'm hot and sexy and I sleep around and probably have aids but you know what – I don't give a shit! I wanna bang everything into the nearest wall!'

It was truly infuriating.

Renji gave him the what the fuck look, making him grumble to himself. "Shut the fuck up about it, I'll tell you later." He rolled his eyes at the shocked look on the red-head. Renji may be his best friend, but he was one helluva nosy bastard.

"Whatever." Renji muttered, kind of annoyed at his friends antics. It like Ichigo to come out and share his feelings to the whole goddamned world, but Renji always felt like he was in the dark whenever his friend was involved. Sometimes it didn't bother him, and sometimes it did, more so than others and less than on different occasions. That was confusing. Point was – his friend never really told him why he acted strange on different times and it just irked the red-head.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at his friend's sudden change of mood, but didn't really mind it being he was left alone from the rain of questions the red-head was sure to be bottling up at the time. Whatever, he can sort it out himself.

…And that's when he walked in.

Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki, that overly confident little bastard strutted in as always, the largest smirk I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in my life burning past my eyes and I stare at the albino teen. The orangette couldn't help but gawk at the pale albino, his eyes roaming over that delicious body under a form-fitting uniform that – for once – the orangette was glad to have. It hugged the albino in all the right places. Hips, shoulders, thighs…Yeah, Hichigo was surely the epitome of dirty, fucking, sex. Ichigo unconsciously licked his lips, unaware of the glaring gaze not far away from him, along with the smirking gaze of the very man sitting next to him.

When Hichigo sat down, Ichigo followed the slight rise of his uniform. He then shook his head. He was becoming a stalker. Though, there was hardly anyone who wasn't a stalker to the walking white Adonis, which not only irked Ichigo, but it also made him feel like every single one of those bitches Ogichi had the pleasure of fucking. A sigh relinquished past a pair of soft, petulant lips. It wasn't like the orangette was jealous – because, for once, he really wasn't, but it was like…he didn't want to be in the crowd, y'know? It cramped his style.

As soon as Ichigo snapped himself out of his drifting thoughts, he looked up again, un-gratefully catching the gaze of that very man he was previously thinking about. This made him suck in a morose breath. The albino's eyes seemed to be bearing into him with something keen to growing curiosity. As the orangette's own amber brown eyes scanned a pair of equally satisfying yellow, he couldn't help when a shiver passed down his otherwise undisturbed spine. The gaze locked Ichigo in some sort of trance; it always did. This is usually why he hated making eye-contact with the transfer.

Ichigo quickly looked away, a blush already showing on his rosy cheeks.

A snicker passed the air from the side of him. "Oh, I know what's goin' on now…" Renji said with a smirk to the orangette. Ichigo looked over to him with a glare, the blush still firm in place. Was it really that obvious? This kind of upset Ichigo. Well, not kind of. It really did. It wasn't like he needed attention drawn to him by liking just another school slut.

"S-Shut up!" he said angrily as he shook his head, a few bangs he failed to cut falling into his face. To mention, he hasn't cut his hair in a long while…It hung over his head in a long halo, and now it passed his shoulders and fell in waves down his shoulder blades. However, it still wasn't long enough to reach his back….He really did need to cut it. But that's not the point. The point was still about Hichigo.

"Oh, you are royally in love, my friend." Renji mocked as he chuckled at his friends growing temper. Without any hesitation the red-head leant over and grasped the tanned shoulder that belonged to Kurosaki.

Ichigo frowned and smacked his friend on the leg. "I said, shut up you baka!" It was way too embarrassing to even think about. Stupid re-headed baboon, why did he bring it up if he noticed? Keh. Friends. You have to love them, but they suck so bad sometimes.

Silence followed as the teacher walked in. Renji shut his trap as he noticed the woman with big knockers walked into the room; his eyes strayed on her big assets as they bounced. This time it was Ichigo who chuckled, and Renji who blushed. It seemed as if Ichigo wasn't the only one with a little school-boy crush. Even as Ichigo glanced back at their whore of a teacher, though, the orange-haired teen couldn't bring himself to even feel the slightest bit attracted to those huge ass breasts that seemed like they would swallow you in a minutes notice. He preferred nice, hard abs and milky white skin –…

Ah, off track again.

"Now there kids, quiet down." A sweet, melody-like voice spoke to the classroom. It would be better to describe it as sultry. Ichigo thought; disgruntled. Stupid bitch trying to get attention from Hichigo - what a fucking slut. Okay, now, Ichigo could admit, that was jealousy. Pure jealously. Even Hichigo seemed to respond to her sometimes, Kurosaki noticed, and it just irked him beyond belief. It was hard to tell if he just wanted attention or he really wanted to get into her pants. It was hard to tell with Shirosaki anyway.

The teacher cleared her throat and raised her eyes towards the rest of the room. Her giant ass doe-eyes blinked once. Twice. "I have an assignment for you guys for the end of the year final. It isn't going to be big at all, but you will have partners." She noticed gazes beginning to wander around the room. "And I will pick them." An afterthought was added to the statement.


Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"No, wait; let me rephrase that, Darlings. I won't pick them…" Her full lips perked up in what seemed like a smirk. Both the men and women in the class melted with his gaze. Ichigo just sat silent; waiting. What was she going to say? How the hell was she going to pick them? He really hoped he didn't get stuck with some asshole that never did their homework and were borderline stupid, because with the temper that he has, Kurosaki wouldn't last for one fucking second with that partner. "…But it will be alphabetical."


Ichigo's heart stopped for a few seconds in astonishment.

Someone raised their hand. "Mrs. Matsumoto?" the girl asked.

"Yes?" she replied.

"I won't have a partner then." The girl spoke, a bit confused. The blonde smiled softly as she regarded her student.

"You'll be within the last three, then. There will be no harm in that." The teacher spoke; she already knew it was unfair, but it really didn't matter when it came to Mrs. Matsumoto. That's why Ichigo hated that woman – she was way too lax and would do anything to 'please' her students – well most. He was an exception. That blonde bitch hated him. Always has. Always will.

The girl nodded.

Ichigo was still frozen.

Ichigo…Hichigo comes before Ichigo. Fucking son of a bitch. Son of a fucking load of bullshitting bitch cunting shit in all of the goddamned universe times nine-freaking thousand! Ichigo rambled out curses through his head. There was no way he could work with Hichigo. He wouldn't get anything done! Oh god, oh god, oh god, this was horrible. The delinquent risked a glance at the albino across the room and saw him gazing back, a leer placed on his expression so bland that Kurosaki had to fight off yet another shiver. Ichigo narrowed his eyes and let out a soft breath. He couldn't believe that this was happening. Out of all the names that albino had to have…dammit. He just had to have Hichigo. (A\N: Yes, yes. I'm aware they go by last names but fuck – Kurosaki and Shirosaki just don't work, okay? Deal. D)

Mrs. Matsumoto shut everyone's growing chatter with a clap. "This will be a clay sculpture of your partner; you do his or hers, and they do yours. It could be in any position, but the school forbids nude forms, so that it prohibited. If it's male, a stomach can be shown, but that's about it. You can have them in any position you would like, or you can do just a larger version of their head." The blonde with big jugs, also known as their teacher, explained.

The class stared back.

"Comprendo?" she asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

The class nodded.

"I trust at this age you know the alphabet, so get down to it. Clay's in the shelf, take as much as you need." She said as she retired herself to the desk, lifting her boobs in the process. Ichigo rolled his eyes. She should get a fucking reduction. It's not like they were real anyway – and if they were, oh god, ewe. Fuck that.

Everyone in the class shuffled around to get to their partners. When Ichigo saw that the albino was strutting his way over, the orangette sucked in what seemed like the hundredth breath of the day, and sat rigid. The albino stopped in front of the teen. Even with the growing chatter amongst the students the orangette felt as if everything was abnormally silent.

"What a pleasant surprise, ain't it, Ichi?" Hichigo smirked as he chose the empty canvas on the right to sit. Ichigo followed the man with his eyes.

Then Ichigo noticed something. Half of the class seemed to be glaring at him. He could feel their gazes – both penetrating and horrifyingly angered. It was as if they were trying to tear his skin apart with every glance, or burn him alive, or pour acid on his face, of try to rip out his eyes past the point of recognition – need he go on? His mind thought not. When he looked around the room, most eyes were trained on them, supposedly hearing the pet name that the albino gave Ichigo. This made the orangette blush, but glare back. "The fuck you want?" Ichigo muttered to himself as he stared at a kid named Luppi. The dark haired bitch seemed to be staring daggers at him.

"That ain't nice, Ichi." Hichigo grumbled, thinking the words were for him. A blink. Ichigo shook his head.

"Not you, idiot. Luppi. He's glaring at me like I did something wrong." Ichigo hissed out as his anger flickered for a second. Hichigo noticed the fire in his eyes as he glanced over at the black-haired teen. And sure enough, he was glaring. While as Ichigo was still confused as to why the gazes in the room were trying to kill him, Hichigo replied.

"He's jealous yer paired up with me." Hichigo snickered as he gauged the other orange-haired man's reaction.

Ichigo's face twisted up in something keen to annoyance. When the realization of the situation struck him, Kurosaki snarled quietly and glared right back at the stupid students. "You little dick." Ichigo muttered. "I'll fuck his shit up if he keeps on staring." Came the afterthought of being pissed. The comment was so quiet even Shirosaki couldn't hear.

"Oh, Ichi, I assure ya I ain't small." The albino cackled. He couldn't help but tease the orangette. He was just too adorable.

The blush came back full force. But unlike any other reaction Hichigo had ever seen, he looked angry. It was the best reaction the albino had gotten out of him yet. It kind of excited him – because when he made lewd comments towards other teens, they usually replied with full force of sexual innuendos. It was nice to have an innocent one amongst the bunch. "Fuck off. I don't need to know your dick size, it's probably been wrinkled by all the bitches you seem to fuck anyway." Ichigo said, gradually pissed, and not really caring if it hurt the albino's feelings.

Hichigo looked taken aback. Ichigo walked to the far wall to grab some clay. Good. That fucker. Ichigo thought to himself as he grabbed two slabs, walking back. He tossed one at Hichigo, who caught it with one hand, a smirk in place. Damn.

"Now how would'ja know that, hm?" the albino's watery voice purred. The orangette almost trembled, but he held it back by sheer power.

"You banged half of our school population and it's only your second week here, dumbass. I have heard of rumors."

"Sometimes rumors get out of hand."

"Are they?"

"Not necessarily."

"There you go."

Hichigo smirked at the other's ability to tell him off. Not many people like to talk to him like that, but it seemed like the orangette had a backbone. And had muscles to back him up if needed. Also, fighting skills. The albino had seen Ichigo around a bit even before he moved to Kakura High, one of which was when Ichigo was cornered by at least eight thugs, and took them out without a problem. If that wasn't hot, Hichigo didn't know what was. Really. It was over in like, five seconds. Not even Hichigo was that quick, and he has been training all of his life.

But that wasn't the topic at the moment.

Ichigo shook his head when the other didn't reply. He took out his phone quickly and snapped a picture of Hichigo, who stared at him for a second in confusion.

"What, that yer new wallpaper?" Hichigo simpered.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, clearly annoyed. "No, dickhead, it's for the project. I'm not staring at your stupid face the whole time I sculpt, it might ruin my eyes." Ichigo spoke. He was thinking quite the opposite, however. He just didn't want to look into the albino's eyes as he worked. Wouldn't that be embarrassing.

Hichigo scoffed. He knew he was hot, the orangette was just lying.

"Well, in that case…" Hichigo grabbed his phone quickly and before Ichigo could register what happened, a bright red light flashed in his own face, his shocked features suddenly being captured in a camera. "Ya don't mind me taking one, fer a wallpaper as well." Hichigo smirked at the other, that growing anger heating up Hichigo's body in the most appealing ways.

"Whatever." Ichigo spoke, the blush he was wearing multiplying tenfold. He then watched as Ogichi more than likely set the wallpaper on his phone.

He caught Luppi's glare again. Was that ass still staring at them? Damn, work on his own damn work please. This time he glowered back twice as hard. 'The fuck you want?' Ichigo lip-synched to the short dude. He didn't want Hichigo hearing him. Not because he was embarrassed an' all, but it was the factor of clear annoyance that the albino might miss-interpret as defensive ownership.

'Stay away from My Hichigo.' Luppi synched back. Ichigo sat, a hiss appearing through his lips as he growled at the shorter teen. The few canvases in between them felt even shorter as Ichigo leaned forward towards the left, his eyes narrowing dangerously in hope to piss of the bastard.

"Fuck off, slut." Ichigo accidentally said aloud. Woops. Kurosaki glanced over at his partner. Hichigo cackled.

"Ya jus' love callin' people sluts, don'tcha?" Hichigo called out from the side of him. Ichigo only raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you both are. He's bottomed for every guy in the school except me, Chad, and Renji, including you from the looks of it, and you're hitting up every person that happens to walk by you. There a difference? I think not." Ichigo really didn't like these types of cocky guys. Why was he attracted to this son of a bitch? He swore he always liked the wrong type of men. No one he cared for really had any good emotions – apart from Chad and Renji. Even Renji though – he was an annoying little fucker at times.

"Nice choice of words." Hichigo spoke, getting a bit riled up himself. He probably deserved it though…Being what he was sayin' happened to be true…"But I bet he ain't half as good as you in bed, Ichi." Was the choice of words that he decided to spout out.

A snarl. "Too bad you won't ever get that far, jackass. Now sculpt before I just happened to relocate my fist in your face." Ichigo grumbled. He really wanted to be in Hichigo's bed, however. It looked like the albino knew it, too, judging from the smirk on his face. What a son of a bitch.

"Why aren't you sculptin' yet then, Ichi?" Hichigo questioned the teen. Ichigo immediately responded.

"Because your bothering me."

"Am I, now?"


"Then ya don't mind if I bother –…"

Ichigo held up a hand that told the fucker to shut up before he combusted. The albino was probably about to say something perverted again, and it wasn't only annoying now, it was really starting to piss him off. Deciding to ignore Shirosaki for a little while, he laid back, his gaze drifting to the teacher. She also was glaring at him something fierce. Oh, come on. Not her, too? He let out a sharp, angered breath. "What the fuck?" he hissed. "I get partnered up with you and suddenly I become the world glaring post for all the hungry sets of fucking eyes. What a fucking load of bull." Ichigo rubbed his eyes in anxiety. He hated when people stared at him. It made him stand out even more, and it was growing uncomfortable with the orangette.

"Told ya I'm irresistible." Hichigo cackled, waving at the teacher, who blushed and looked away.

It was hard to get that bitch to blush. And Hichigo managed to do it. Man, they've all fallen hard. Ichigo thought. And I think I'm getting there, too. He added. It was probably true, too. But it's not like he would admit to anyone but himself that little fact.


Within the next thirty minutes that they had been working, the teacher called for a break. Most of the room stretched and stood, wiping the clay off of their hands as they traveled to the bathroom, including Hichigo, leaving only a few people in the compact art place. Ichigo and Luppi were included in this small bunch.

Kurosaki was minding his own business and all, ignoring the penetrating gaze that held him down for what seemed like forever. He didn't feel like talking to that short bitch known as Luppi, because nothing good would come out of talking to that fucker. He might even lose a few brain cells while doing so. But apparently, Luppi had other plans, because within a few seconds of the room clearing out, that purple-haired, diamond-faced, cunt of a man strutted up like he owned the goddamned place.

"He's mine, Kurosaki-san, so I advise you to back off of him." Luppi snarled at the orangette. He narrowed his own eyes and stuck his hands in his pockets. How did he even get his hands in those tight-ass things? Ichigo truly wondered how.

"What makes him yours?" Ichigo raised a brow in anger. "You're only a toy, like the rest of them." He replied. And it was true. Luppi was going to become just another man who Hichigo fucked and walked away from – probably gave the albino STD's too if given the chance. Ewe again. Another shiver – but this time it was of disgust.

Luppi smirked. "That makes you a toy, too." Oh, what a smart reply. Snarky little idiot didn't seem to understand that it was in no line of sight to see himself in Hichigo's room anytime soon. Even if he liked the guy a little more than he let on, he still wasn't prepared to let the man get in his pants. No way, no how.

Also, Ichigo subconscious was angry at being called a toy. He wasn't a toy, and definitely not Hichigo's toy. Whatsoever. They were just conquests. "I have no intention of spreading my legs for assholes."

"Liar, you want him." Luppi taunted.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't. What're you going to do about it?"

"…Something." And that's when that short as fucking hell midget decided to throw a punch. Ichigo, with years of practice under his belt, easily side-stepped it and let the teen fall…right into Hichigo's sculpture. Ichigo stood, shocked for second, the teen covered in clay blinking in shock. Overcoming rage engulfed the teens face right then, and the midget stood, getting up into Ichigo's annoyed face.

Ichigo tried the best he could, he really did, but as some students glanced over to see the commotion, a snicker passed his line of hearing.

"Look what the fuck you did!" Luppi cursed as he threw another punch. Ichigo caught it and twisted a couple of his knuckle's causing them to crack and break uncomfortably. Luppi cried out. Ichigo threw another punch to the jaw. It connected. Ichigo smirked at the man fell. Down on his knees, he was, in front of Kurosaki, which not only made Ichigo wind up with undeniable pride, but also made him feel uncomfortably disgusting making a comment like that. Shorty could never try and get him – he was too good for assholes like that.

Damn, he really had a bad habit of rambling.

"Gentlemen! What happened?!" the teacher shouted as she ran into the room just in time to see Ichigo smirk. Hichigo stood behind her, a brow raised; seemingly seeing all of what happened. Ichigo ignored his eyes and settled on the teacher instead.

"Sensei! H-He attacked me for no reason!" Luppi bawled as he hung up a cracked load of fingers. The group 'oohed' in sympathy for him. Ichigo shut his teeth. The class glared at him. Renji smirked, knowing that his friend was in the right.

Narrowed amber eyes became all but wide as the mere slits glared down at the kid as his feet. He was crying his goddamned little heart out towards the teacher and it was beyond infuriating. Oh, so he had the nerve to start a fight but once he got hit he crumbled? What kind of man was like that, gay or not? No one should be that weak.

"Ichigo, please go to the office. I'll have to call your father." Mrs. Matsumoto spoke calmly, her face blaring with fire. She got fucked by Luppi, too, he guessed.

"…" Ichigo rolled his eyes. It wasn't like this hasn't happened before. Maybe not with Luppi, but because of all the teacher's dislike towards him, Ichigo quickly became unpopular with both the school population and the teacher. Unlike last time, though, he didn't something that landed him in a hell of a lot more trouble. "Then I can do this."

Ichigo roundhouse kicked Luppi in the face. The class cringed back in fear. Hichigo stared. Renji held back a smirk. The teacher almost screamed. Ichigo dropped back down on his feet elegantly.


"I'll be going now." Ichigo said as he walked past the teacher, not bothering to glance at the midget on the floor who was screaming at him. Renji gave him a grin. He then passed Hichigo, who was standing there, stunned with a bit of confusion. A grin tugged on his face. What a feisty little motherfucker. There was no way he was letting Kurosaki get away after that little show. Hichigo thought. There was no doubt that the man would be expelled, so he needed to pull some strings. Legit strings.

It wouldn't be hard.

"Mrs. Matsumoto?" Hichigo purred out as he walked up to her. "Would you mind if I talked to you outside?" he poke soothingly and lovingly toward the teacher. He held back a disgusted look as the busted blonde nodded, another blush appearing on her face. God, he hated women that just bent at his ever will; even though it was extremely funny, he preferred men like Ichigo – guys who would fight back even when he knew he lost. Somehow, Hichigo gathered, somehow these people don't understand that.

"Sure, I don't see why not."

They walked out, leaving the class in a fit of surprise and Luppi bleeding.

"Mrs. Matsumoto, Ichigo really doesn't need to be expelled, does he?" Hichigo asked, a soft shiver appearing in his voice as he glanced submissively at her. Shirosaki willed his eyes to darken a bit in false lust, trying to win the woman over with a bit of his charm.

"O-Of course he does, Shirosaki-kun." Matsumoto Rangeku murmured. Hichigo knew what he was doing was working. It always did. It's like getting people to eat out of the palm of his hand – they would do it without question.

The albino jutted out his bottom lip, his eyes beginning to water. "B-But he was so nice to me when I first moved here…Please don't make him go!" Hichigo begged his best; inwardly smirking at the teacher hesitantly shook her head.

"I'm sorry, S-Shirosaki-kun, but-"

"Rangeku…" Hichigo purred his teacher's name. "It would make me upset if he left, so I just might resign from the class –" the frantic look on that bitch's face said it all.


"I won't tell the principal! I'll say he was cheating, and needed a couple detentions! As a matter of fact, you could go for me! I'll call." Rangeku said as he hurried into the classroom. Hichigo turned around towards the hallway with a smirk. Bitches never learn. He thought.


When Hichigo reached the principal's office, he saw Ichigo sitting in a chair, staring out the window. His gaze wandered over the relaxed face and noted, albeit hesitantly, that the orange-haired kid appeared satisfied with landing a few hits on that irritating little shit. The eyes that Hichigo adored on the teen were half closed, and, if Shirosaki didn't know better, he would've thought that Ichigo was beckoning him with his innocence. However, he knew that was not the case. So instead the albino smirked as he crept over to the teen, knowing that the orangette hadn't seen him yet. Pale lips leaned down to Ichigo's ear as he reached his destination. "Look like I gotcha outta expulsion, Ichi."

Now that reaction was priceless.

Ichigo hopped out of his chair in shock, tumbling onto the floor as he looked at the albino, surprise written over his beautifully angelic face. He fell with a plop on the ground, his face then twisted into pain as he glared at the form that scared him. Awe; so adorable. "Hichigo, fuck. Don't scare me like that." Ichigo grumbled as he took a deep breath, calming down from the momentary shock he experienced. Hichigo cackled out loud.

"Well, Ich-"

"Wait…What? What do you mean you got me out of expulsion?" he cut Hichigo off instantly. Out of expulsion? How? There was no way, with how Rangeku was, that she would've let him off with flying colours – which was what it seemed like.

Hichigo puffed out his chest in mock sobriety. "Because I'm badass." The teen answered. When Orangey gave him a glare, Hichigo elaborated. "I had to pull some strings, and Rangeku fell for it, that's about it." The albino didn't elaborate too much, only for the fact he knew Ichigo would catch on. He also really hated it when he had to talk about his lustful tendencies with Kurosaki, even if he only did so a few times within his time of being here.

Ichigo nodded, not needing to hear anything else. He didn't want to, in all honesty. Tanned lips tugged down. He didn't like the thought of Hichigo getting all close to other people, but he was in no place to say anything, nor did he want to. Truthfully, it was Luppi's words that set him off, but not because they were false, but…because they were true. And Ichigo knew it.

"T-Thanks." Ichigo found himself saying to the other teen, who then placed a smug look on his face.

Sometimes Ichigo really hated that son of a bitch.

"Yer welcome, Ichi~." Hichigo sang out.

"Well, what's the story then?" Ichigo found himself prompting. He knew for a fact they had a cover-up story being the fact that he already showed up in the office in the middle of class hours. As long as he didn't get expelled, he was alright. It's not like he had a father to worry about him or anything.

"Yer here cause ya got caught cheatin' and your punishment is serving two detentions." Ichigo whistled out loud in idealment. (A\N: Is that even a word? xD)

"You pulled a lot of strings…" Ichigo muttered more to himself than the albino. He frowned again; he didn't want to know what he was saying just to get him out of whatever he got himself in to. It kind of hurt.

Whether he liked it or not, he was jealous.

Hichigo raised a pale brow. "What, yer not happy?" Hichigo said, a little taken aback by the frown marring his all too pretty features.

"No, no, I am." Ichigo quickly covered, waving him off. He noticed the other's speculating gaze, but dismissed it, not wanting to explain his jealously. Luckily, Hichigo left it alone. What a player. Ichigo found himself thinking after a few seconds of aimless pondering. What the hell was I getting myself into with this guy? I'm another toy. Shit, I'm no toy. Ichigo thought again, anger burning in his fire-like orbs as he turned his head away from Hichigo suddenly.

He, in no way, would ever be thought of as a toy. And with Hichigo, that label would be put on him so quickly that he would never, ever be able to escape from it again, not matter how hard he tried. And with that resolve in his head, Ichigo decided to completely and utterly ignore Shirosaki from now on. He wanted nothing more to do with the man, even if he was grateful that he got him out of expulsion. It was probably only because Hichigo wanted in his pants, anyway. Like everyone else.

"What the hell's up with yer attitude? I just saved yah from expulsion and ya look pissed." Hichigo commented with narrowed eyes. Ichigo snorted.

"Better than staying in a place where everyone hates me because you've taken an interest." Ichigo let the words slip out, the way it rolled of his tongue suddenly tasting like poison in his mouth. "And now that I've fucked up Luppi, they hate the shit out of me." He added as an second thought. That was true also; he was extremely unpopular now. Oh well, who really gave a fuck? Surely the orangette didn't.

Hichigo raised a brow. What the fuck is up with that attitude? "They don't hate ya. I don't hate ya." Ichigo snorted. Toy, should be added at the end of that sentence. I don't hate ya, toy. Ichigo placed a sarcastic poker face over his disappointed one. What was he thinking? It wasn't like Ogichi was going to miraculously change for him, become pure and all of that good shit. It was just wishful thinking in the start, and now that he thought about it, it was pitiful and disgusting.

Silence engulfed them both. Hichigo stared at the orangette peculiarly as Ichigo stared forward, his once again angered orbs dancing with flames, wondering if the kid was bi-polar. It made sense.

After a few seconds of silence, Hichigo cut in, his voice tainting the quiet with a drawing purr. "Really, I don't." Ichigo rolled his eyes and ignored him. Hichigo narrowed his eyes. "Look at me." He told the orangette. Okay, now he's getting on my fucking nerves. "I said, look at me." He spoke in a more authorities tone. The orangette still ignored him. "Bitch, look at me." He said rather harshly as he grabbed the front of the others school uniform. Ichigo snarled and pushed the albino off of him.

"Don't fucking touch me, bastard. Call me a bitch one more time and my fist will be the new lover to your fucking ugly ass, STD infested face." Ichigo hissed out. He glared at the bright yellow orbs also blazing with fire and hate, not caring one bit that he pushed the other away from him. He's just another dick. He thought to himself. He's just another bastard who lived for sex. He was nothing more than that. Nothing more.

"Fine, do whatever the hell ya want. I'm going back to class." Hichigo hissed, turning away from the other. He couldn't stand the others tone of voice right now.

"Works for me." Ichigo said himself as he sat back down in the chair he was previously sitting in. The orangette refused to even risk a peek at the skinny albino because he feared he would lose it and beat the shit out of the man in the middle of the otherwise absent office – and that, of course, would land him out of there. And that was also bad.

Without looking back or showing any signs of any other emotion other than anger, Hichigo Ogichi Shirosaki walked out the office.'

What a ton of shit they just landed their selves in.