[ finding strength ]

[A/N]: this is my first story I hope it pleases I wrote this after playing katawa shoujo (if you haven't played it go know! Its free but not for those who do not wish to see adult content) in this story we follow callum who transfers to yamaku after an accident but I wont give away any spoilers here! I do have a learning disability so please excuse any bad grammar or bad spelling I will try my best!


-the academy

On the morning of the… incident, I was at school in England I was leaving late as I had to finish some work for our teacher, whose name now escapes me. Due to my lack of listening and thinking about my lunch I missed the bus back home so had the prospect of walking all 20 miles to get home. I should be back by 10 pm I thought to myself sadly, my mind was still on how sad I was when I walked out of the front gate. That was when my phone rang I stopped to sea who it was not thinking to look where I stopped, it was my girlfriend, Alexandra or Alex as we called her. That was when I heard the screeching behind me, I turned to see my bus hurtling towards me. The last thing I remember is an excruciating pain in my right leg, as I lie here in this sterile hospital bed I can't believe my luck on being alive but due to the shock of the incident and the amount of blood I lost getting hit by the bus I haven't been able to move my legs so I don't know what the pain in my right leg was. My doctor comes in he greets me with a false smile that leaves me worrying, me sits on the end of my bed and I feel it dip a few inches. Me start to talk to me:

"hello Callum , how are you feeling?"

"Ok I guess but I can feel my legs now and they hurt rely badly"

"its good you can feel them now though, but I have some bad news"

"Oh" this cant be good I think to myself

"the crash broke your right leg in 24 places so I'm afraid to say… its difficult for me to say"

My hart sinks as I begin to think about what might of happened in the 4 days I was unconscious.

"I'm afraid we where forced to… to… hhh amputate.

I let this sink in but it doesn't want to, I don't believe it I must be dreaming before I can register what the doctor said I'm trying to get out of bed my jump up and prepare to feel the cold floor on my feet but I only feel it on one foot. I begin to fall over I can't stop myself I fall.

I drag myself onto the bed looking down at my right leg or what used to be my leg instead there is a stump halfway down my shin. The bottom of my shin and the whole of my foot, is gone my leg ends in a bandaged stump my doctor helps me up and onto the bed I apologise profusely but he just sais

"that's quite all right I knew it would be quite a shock lets get you to the rehab ward there you will have to make a decision whether to get a prosthetic or just use a wheel chair, I will wheel you to the other ward"

And so he did, we got to the rehab ward and I was dumped into another bed but I was sitting up this time and on the wall was a range of prosthetics from realistic ones to running legs.

"so witch would you like to try on? Or would you like just to choose a wheel chair?" the nurse asked.

"I think I w-will try on some prosthetics"

And so I did, lots of them until I found a running prosthetic I liked.

After 4 months learning to walk I now feel confident walking on my prosthetics I have been told to were my walking leg when (obviously) walking but I much prefer my running ones so I think I will were that mostly the nurse comes over with my parents they look very ofput being in a ward full of cripples.

"hello callum how are you feeling" says my mother

"fine" I say with a note of resentment in my voice

"I'm sorry we didn't come earlier we were busy"

"I'm sure you where"

"I have some news callum, your old school does not have the capability to take you back I'm afraid, but don't get down hearted we have found a school that is especialy designed to help people who are.. I don't know how to put it well disabled I suppose, it is called:

Yamaku academy….

[A/N]: as I said at the beginning this is my first fanfiction so please leave a review I will make more chapters and acts until it is finished NOTE: this Is a completely different story to katawa shoujo it is only based on it this story will have completely different characters but still only 6 female characters and a few minor characters and other stuff but thanks for reading!