We dash along the girls dormitory floor and into toras room she shoves her glassed my face and I can no longer see we enter her room and she pulls off my tie violently

"so are you a virgin?"


"me too, I just watch a lot of porn so expect some epic sex!" she screams

I fell my shirt coming off then she takes off the glasses she is naked and I am only wherein my boxers she rams my face into her breasts and I proceed to lick them she moans and starts to bend me over and we fall on the bed the grabs my cock and sucks it hard I shout out

"jesus your good!"

She dosent respond she just puts her ass in my face I lick her pussy and put a inger in her anus and dosent tense up making me think she hap put her own fingers up her ass before I decide to give her more pleasure I shove her on the bed and ask:

"you ever tried anal?"

She shakes her head and I ram her ass she titens wich feels awesome and pleaseuable

As we finesh anal she grags me and rides me up and down and I fell awesome but I know she has more to offer…