Letting out a yawn she turned on her side. Pulling the covers up to her chin, she cuddled closer to him. Ada pressed her hand to his chest. His skin felt rough under her touch and there was a burnt smell lingering in the air. Ada opened her eyes and sat up. Her eyes widened as she pulled the covers away. It was not Derek lying next to her.

"I'm still here puppy." Peter Hale, burned to a crisp, lay next to her.

Ada tried to scramble out of her bed. Peter grabbed her waist, trying to keep her by him. She kicked and pulled and screamed but he kept his hold. As she struggled she felt hands come to her face and another voice call her name. She woke with a start and found Derek hovering over her. He held her face gently in his hands.

"It's just a dream," he assured her. "Just a dream."

She pressed her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes. "It was Peter. He was here…it felt so real…he was…"

Derek stroked her head. "Peter is dead Ada. He is gone. Everything is alright."

'Everything is alright' was becoming a very popular saying with him. He said it so often that she was losing more faith in the words each time. But she nodded nonetheless and tried to relax. Derek rested a hand on the still healing knife wound before pulling her close to him. Ada closed her eyes and prayed for a dreamless night.

"Archer are you listening?"

"Hmm? What?" She looked to see Danny sitting next to her. "Why are you sitting in Jackson's lab seat?"

Danny gave her a look. "Cause he hasn't been to class the whole week. Is he okay?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"Cause I'm his best friend and he's not answering my calls." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Thought you might have an easier time getting a hold of him."

"Oh," came the lame response. "Well yeah guess I could try."

Danny nodded. "Thanks Archer."

She gave him a smile. Had Jackson really not been to class all week? How could she have missed that? Then again with Derek becoming the alpha is was easy to overlook little things like that. Through Chemistry Ada sat and thought some things over. Why was Jackson not in class? Nothing traumatizing happened to him. He wasn't kidnapped by a psycho, beaten, stabbed, and electrocuted. If anything it was Ada who should have gotten the week off.

But oh no she still had three Cs and couldn't miss more than a few days. What a load of bull. The bell rang signaling another useless day in Beacon Hills High was done. Ada went to her locker where Stiles and Scott were waiting for her.

"Hey there's our girl," Stiles greeted with a smile. She smiled back as she opened her locker.

"How've you been feeling?" Scott asked leaning on the locker next to her.

She shrugged. "Fine. Insides are healing, not really sleeping, weird dreams."

Scott let out a laugh. "After what we've been through I think weird dreams are the least of our problems."

"Agreed. So need a ride to work?" Stiles offered.

Ada closed her locker and the three of them headed for the parking lot. "Nah Lucy's given me some time off. Could you drop me at Jackson's though?"

"Jackson's? Why are you going there?"

"Just a favor to Danny. Jackson hasn't been into class this week."

"Weird," said Scott. "You don't think something is going on do you?"

She shrugged. "He's probably just sick or something."

"Yeah," agreed Stiles. "I think something is going around. Isaac hasn't been in class either."

Stiles dropped Ada off at Jackson's house. She walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. Jackson answered the door soon after. A pleased smile came to his face upon seeing her.

"Well you don't look sick," she said looking him over. Jackson raised his brow. "You haven't been in school."

He leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms. "You were worried about me Archer? How sweet."

She rolled her eyes. "Hardly. I'm here because Danny asked me to check on you. So give him a call and tell him you're not dead." He nodded. "So why haven't you been in school?"

Jackson unhitched from the doorframe. He gestured for her to come in and said, "Something I want to show you."

Ada walked into the house. Jackson closed the door behind her and led her to his room. He shut the door too before lifting his shirt over his head.

"W-what the hell are you doing Jackson?" she asked wide eyed.

"Look." He beckoned her over. Ada hesitated. "Ada would you just come here and look?"

She walked over and looked at him. She shrugged, not sure what she was supposed to be looking at exactly. Jackson sighed and turned to one side. Ada looked down at his waist. Just above the waistline of his jeans were teeth marks. She reached out and touched the red skin.

"I feel amazing Archer. I-I've never felt more alive than I do right now." He pulled away from her and looked in his floor length mirror. "I mean for a while there I felt like I was dying. But now…I just feel…"

"Jackson we're friends and friends don't lie to each other," spilled out of her mouth. "How did you get that?"

He turned away from the mirror and looked at her. When he hesitated she could already tell what the answer was. But she needed to hear it from him. "I must have gotten it the night Peter was attacking you and Derek."

"Jackson," she warned.

"Alright, alright," he said raising his hands as if he was being arrested. "I-I got it from Derek. He owed me this…"

"What did I tell you Jackson?" She smacked him on the back of the head. "I told you to leave it alone! I told you it would ruin your life and it will!" She ran a hand through her hair.

"I'm touched you care Ada. It means our friendship is really happening but this is my life. I can do what I want."

She held up her hands in defeat. "You're a friggin idiot. And now I need to yell at Derek who is also in the giant idiot category!"

With that she turned and walked out of his room.

And we are back readers! Here is the start to our sequel, hope you like it =)