Everything was set and ready to go. Ada stood out on the football field, the lights flooding it with light. Luckily Scott, Isaac, and Stiles were able to convince coach not to have practice that night so they could use the field for their plan. With the others all waiting in their positions, with Alison as an addition to the group, Ada concentrated on her task. Standing out in the open field she began to think about calling the Kanima to her. If they were linked emotionally he should be able to feel her calling for him with her heart and mind.

Closing her eyes she thought over when she had first met Jackson. She was drawing a castle for her alien princess when little Jackson Whitmore came along and took all of her crayons and broke them in half. From that day on, he tortured her and her friends as he slowly became the most popular and the top jock of their class. Ada turned her thoughts next to the change that had slowly happened over the past few months. A friendship began to form between them, a miracle to say the least.

Finally she opened her eyes and spotted the creature at the other end of the field. Slowly Jackson crawled his way over to her, tail swishing back and forth, eyes glowing in the lights above them. Ada stood completely still and waited for him to come to her. Her eyes quickly darted around her trying to catch a glimpse of where the others were waiting. Finally Jackson came to stand in front of her.

Ada reached out her hand towards him. He took it and looked up at her. "I'm sorry but I'm trying to help."

The syringe she'd been holding up her sleeve slipped out. Ada jabbed the needle into his scaly skin and pressed down on the plunger. Jackson let out a creeping moan and looked down to where she had injected him. His hand clamped down on hers, the claws dripping goo and digging into her skin. In a flash Derek, Scott, and Isaac were out on the field and running towards them.

"Hold him! Hold him still," Ada commanded.

Alison and Stiles followed them out, each of them holding guns filled with tranquilizers to help keep Jackson under control. Derek, Scott, and Isaac grabbed onto Jackson and kept good grips on his limbs and torso. Once she was sure everything would be okay, Ada reached out and touched Jackson's cheek.

"Listen to me. Focus on me," she told him. He struggled against the others but could not do much with the tranquilizer Ada had injected. His unfamiliar eyes looked at her as she spoke, following her command. "I know you're in there somewhere. I know my friend is there. This isn't you, this is not who you are or who you're meant to be. You are the annoying, rude, sarcastic, jock who has become a good friend. Please come back to me…Jackson."

Slowly the creature before them transformed into their classmate. The scales disappeared, his hair tuffed out, and his human features resurfaced. His familiar eyes looked about him almost in shock as he began to sink to his knees. Derek, Scott, and Isaac helped him down as Ada kneeled with him. Alison handed her a blanket they had brought along. Ada wrapped it around Jackson as he sat silent for a long moment.

Finally he looked up to her. "Archer…what happened?"

"I just gave you back your humanity," she smiled. "You can thank me later."

Jackson shook his head. "I don't really remember what's been happening…"

"I can explain that," Derek offered.

He extended his hand out to help Jackson up. The two of them began to walk toward the other end of the field, Jackson listening as Derek spoke. Meanwhile the others began to follow behind them slowly.

"Well everything has been fixed pretty much," Stiles said as he leaned the gun against his shoulder. "I think everything can go back to being semi-normal now."

"Not everything," Ada said under her breath.

As the group walked off the field she caught sight of where Peter was standing. He watched her pass by with a smirk on his face. He was the last thing to take care of. She couldn't have his ghost haunting her or egging her on to make Derek give back the alpha powers. He had to go.

Lucy smiled as Ada and Derek walked into the shop. "Hey I thought I gave you today off."

"I need help," she confessed. Lucy's eyes darted to Derek before looking back at Ada. "No it's not him. I…have an unwanted spirit. Can you get rid of it?"

After a moment's thought the woman nodded. "You young man come help me gather the supplies I'll need. Ada I need you to go upstairs, do you remember that Wiccan symbol carved into the floor? Go lie down over it and we will be up in a minute."

Ada and Derek did as they were told. Climbing up the stairs of the shop Ada saw the symbol carved into the wooden floor just under a table of books. Moving the table aside she lay down over the symbol and listened as Lucy and Derek moved around below her. Finally their footsteps climbed up the stairs and came towards her. Lucy set down everything they had gathered and began to combine everything together. A burst of smoke shot out of a bowl before it began to spill out in a fog like mass. Lucy picked up a feather and handed it and the bowl over to Derek.

"Spread the spoke up and down her body," she commanded. "Ada I want you to think about the spirit attached to you. Think real hard about why you don't want them around. Think about being disconnected from them as your own person."

Ada nodded and began to think. Derek moved slowly as he used the feather to spread the smoke along her body. Lucy began to quietly hum and mumble words as the process went. Ada kept her eyes open as she thought about why she didn't want Peter around. He had hurt her, her friends, and he had hurt Derek. He wanted to use his power to create a pack, much as Derek had wanted to, and killed his own family to do so. His spirit had come back to try and gain that power again and she knew that if Peter were ever made flesh and blood again he would kill Derek for sure. As much as they had fought, hated, and attacked each other she still loved Derek and could not let that happen. She would not. She would not let Peter bully her or force her to put him in harm's way for the sake of power.

Gradually the smoke began to cloud her vision and Lucy's words began to get louder and stronger. Ada could feel herself being parted in two as something began to rise from her and into the smoke. An image of Peter's face hovered above her and rose up to the ceiling away from her. Lucy's words grew more and more causing the smoke to swirl and finally dissipate. Ada sat up as the smoke cleared, coughing and waving her hand around to clear the rest of it.

"The spirit is gone," Lucy confirmed. "You will be in peace now."

"Thank you," Derek said as he placed his arms around Ada.

Carefully he lifted her up off the floor and the two headed for the stairs. "He's really gone. I can't feel him around anymore." She looked to Derek and smiled. "Maybe Stiles is right. Maybe things can be semi-normal now."

Derek nodded as he opened the door of the shop. "Maybe."

Coming out on the sidewalk Ada turned and wrapped her arms around him. "I love you Derek."

"I love you Ada."

Ada stretched up and kissed him. Derek tightened his grip around her, never wanting to let anything come between them again.

The End

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