Yo, it's been a while.

Sorry for the long absence, there is some serious crap going down here- with my family and friends. So I often find my attention devided. However I got an idea for this story after reading something similar (which kicked ass by the way) and I wanted to try my hand at writing my own sort of TMNT dark fic.

The main pairings are Leo/OC/Raph.

Anyways like I said this will be a dark fic with some unsavory things done and mentioned in it.

So... R&R, ok.


It was happening again.

They could all feel the restlessness and myraid of emotions that had lain long since dormant, kicking in, as they ran across the rooftops.

It was September. The sixth to be exact. Which was right around the time they became unusually active. They jumped the roof and landed on the one below as a single unit though they were four single entities with four single minds.

They had run around the city three times tonight and found nothing of interest. No Foot Clan, no Purple Dragons, no thieves, not even hookers walked the streets- Which was a damn shame really, but it had been that way since the new law had passed.

Kelly's law that had gone into effect several years ago when they had started to kidnap young women to wile away their lonliness and boredom during their inactive months. And while the law itself was meant to inhanse saftey of the people in the city, there were many who knew that the law wouldn't stop them from coming into their homes to get what they wanted.

However it was rare for them to kidnap anyone during their active time due to the fact that they probably had six or more women that they had been holding captive for the past several months.

And it took them a while to give them the choice of staying underground with them indefinately, or kill, and get rid of them. Then clean up after themselves since they couldn't just let the females go. Not when letting them go could cost them dearly. Besides it wasn't like they killed often or even wantonly.

They stopped running when their eldest brother gave them the signal and stood on the edge of the roof, staring down at the streets. There was only a few people out and about, which was fine with them since it meant they could switch from moving across the rooftops to moving along the streets without much trouble.

Especially since the little humans were afraid of them.

And that was understandable since they were nearly six feet of pure humanoid muscle and meanness that had gone from protectors- to walking the line between good and evil in the past few years.

But what else could they do? They couldn't continue living a half life. Not with the things they had done and seen since they were kids, eating at their hearts and souls. They wanted to be a part of the world. To have to same things that the pesky humans had.

Lovers were denied them due to their species. Hell, everything was denied them due to their species! And it wasn't fair. They had done everything for the humans, short of dying, and never got anything in return. It was frustrating. No scratch that, it was beyond frustrating.

It made them feel hopeless.

So much so that their eldest brother had finally snapped after rescuing a young woman named Kelly a few years ago, and kidnapped her. It wasn't something that had been planned, or even well thought out on Leo's part. But he had still carried out the kidnapping and upon reaching their home had set the woman on her feet and said for her to pick which of them she could show her appreciation too first.

That had been their decent, the woman's kidnapping and eventual death at their hands had opened them up to a new world of possibilities. And whole new levels of depravity.

Someone sighed, and the eldest turned his head slightly to study his younger brother out of the corner of his eye just in time to hear the younger say, "Fuck this is boring."

"Training is necessary." Another said automatically, making the elder smile grimly in the dark.

They were such good little brothers that they sometimes bordered on puppets. Man he had mind fucked them good, hadn't he? He mused to himself when he saw something out of the corner of his eye and turned back to the streets, his eyes seeking out the object he'd seen.

It wasn't all that difficult to find. But it surprised him nevertheless considering the saftey laws currently in effect and so on.

There on the streets below, trying to blend in with the few people on the sidewalk, was a female. The eldest knew this as surely as he knew other things. Like ninjutsu, like he knew the three beside him were his family, like he knew his honor was in tatters...

The female in question was small looking from his perch above the street, her mid back length curly blood red hair, curling this way and that around her shoulders as she pulled her black cotton jacket more closely about her. He could make out a few more things, like her build- she was petite. Weighing in between one hunderd and five or one hundered and ten.

Her bone structure was delicate, and very fine. Giving her the appearance of fragileness. Meaning she wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight if they did decide to grab her.

He could make out bits of her features such as the curve of one smooth ivory cheek, the soft pink of her lips when she turned her head to look into an alley to her left. He could calculate that she was tall for a woman, close to his height give or take a foot and four inches.

But everything else about her was hard to make out.

Which made him frown in annoyance. After all, he liked being able to see the features of a potential toy to see if he would even find her marginally attractive. And if he didn't, he could just hand her off to one of his brothers and see if one of them would take to her.

If they didn't then they would just go ahead and use her for tonights training and then call it a night since they needed to work on their stealth just a bit.

He heard the faintest sound of someone kneeling down next to him on either side and glanced away as one of his borthers let out a low whistle, while another said in an shocked tone. "Holy shit. Is that a woman?"

"As far as I can tell...yeah." He said as his dark blue eyes went back to the woman's back. His mind going over possible reasons why she might be out. There were a few that were acceptable to him. Things like her grandma was in the hospital or her kid was ill and she needed to get some medicine.

"God, it's been forever since any females broke Kelly's law. I wonder what brought this one out of hiding?"

"Dunno, but we'll follow her and see." He said as he slowly got to his feet, his brothers mirroring his movements and getting to their feet before all of them leapt from the building's rooftop and landed on the streets below and started tailing their prey.

She seemed totally oblivious to them and the small ruckus that the others on the sidewalk were kicking up behind her, in their effort to get out of their way. Instead she seemed to be paying more attention to the bright neon signs that flashed above stores and checking out a few street signs. Is she lost? He wondered at first as he looked over at one of his brothers who was at his shoulder.

This one was set apart from himself and the others by his intelect, and could often be looked too in instances where the rest of them were confused. And right now he was pretty confused.

His brother must have realized this by the frown marring his emerald green face as he watched the woman stop then do a little spin around and stumble. Giving him and the others the first real look at her. She was young, perhaps younger than they were. Her eyes were a peculiar shade of forest green that was just stunning in contrast with her hair.

Her facial features could only be described as haunting. Truly she was a lovely young woman.

He still couldn't see much of her figure due to the fact that she had her jacket pulled so tightly around her body as she tipped her head back and did another little spin, and again stumbled. They were much closer to her now, closing in like sharks scenting blood when she looked right at them.

And he noticed the strangest thing, that there was no spark of fear in her eyes like there ususally was with humans who have never encountered them before.

His heart thudded in his chest as she stared at them for an uncomfortable moment or so before finally speaking, "Leo? Don? Mikey?" Her eyes went to the fourth brother and she frowned and got a pained look on her pretty face. "Raph? Is that really you?" Her tone one of disbelief, making the four frown as they stared back at her.

He was about to ask her how she knew their names when she suddenly crumpled and fell, coming to rest on the sidewalk, at their feet unconcious. Leaving the four with shocked and stunned expressions on their faces.