After eating a light snack and grabbing a book from his lab, Don made his way upstairs to where the woman was settled himself in a chair that he had found next to the bed. A small frown marring his features as he wondered who had brought the chair into the room. Raph? Or Mikey?

It was possible that after suffering through the traumatizing murders of all but one of their former companions, Mikey had decided to pay the woman a brief visit. Maybe he had seen her laying so still on the bed and might have felt the need to check for a pulse to reassure himself that she was alive before going on to bed.

Whoever had placed the chair there, Don was thankful since it made his vigil over the female that much easier.

He could monitor her current condition just in case she took a turn for the worse.

Turning on a small lamp so that he could see better in the dark, he flipped the book in his hands open and started to read. And read the first paragraph on the first page- nine times before stopping with an aggrieved sigh.


How was he supposed to read anything when the most fascinating subject was laying well within his grasp?

She had acted like she knew them... That still nagged at his mind a bit. It had been many years since any human had known them. And back then, they had still been young, naieve, hopeful of acceptance. Had she been one of the many thousands of females they had saved at one point or another? If so then it was possible that she had gotten their names from them. But he doubted it.

Her facial features didn't look familiar to him. And he if his photographic memory served him well, then they had truly never met before in their lives. So how then had she gotten his name? The names of his brothers?

He sighed again and closed his eyes for a moment, a small frown marring his features. Could she be an enemy? He wondered. Or had she worked for their enemy without knowing what they were doing then after finding out- panicked and run? It had been many years since such a thing happened, but it did happen nevertheless.

It was one explanation. But it wouldn't be good enough to prevent her from winding up like the other females they brought home. Not unless there was another explanation.

But what? He wondered when the woman let out a soft moan and stirred slightly on the bed. Opening his eyes, Don sucked in a breath and waited for her to awaken completely. However was disappointed when she didn't awaken, but instead settled back on the bed with a soft sigh.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Don thought in frustration. He had hoped that he could somehow manage to interrogate her without his brothers around to screw things up, but it looked like that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Which was all the more disappointing to him since he would have liked to speak to her in private about how she knew them and other things.

Sitting back in his chair he flipped open his book again and tried to read when he heard something her mutter something that had him looking up from his book with a calculating look on his face. "Raph..."