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Tick, Tick Boom!

Romulus laughed darkly as he reached down and grabbed Matthew in his hand. "Happy Birthday, Matthew." He bellowed.

Matthew cried in shock as he was lifted into the air. "Crap! This is so not good!" He started to stab Romulus in his grubby hand with the chainsaw. He was not going to get killed by him today.

"There has to be a way to do this!" Cried Gilbert. "We just have to think!"

Without warning Romulus spat a zombie at the pair. Matthew screamed in surprise and cut that fucker in half. "NOT COOL! I CAN HANDLE THE LASERS! I CAN HANDLE NEVER GETTING THE SMELL OF UNDEAD OUT OF MY HAIR! BUT I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS FLYING ZOMBIE BULLSHIT!" He started to shoot Romulus in the eyes. "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"

"… You don't freak out about all the other freaky crap, but you freak out about that?" Muttered Gilbert.

"DIE!" Screamed Matthew as he continued to shoot Romulus in the face.

"This isn't possible!" Cried Gilbert. "He's too strong!"

Matthew just growled and kept shooting at him. Romulus reached over with his other hand and attempted to flick Matthew's head off his body, but Matthew jammed the chainsaw into his hand, making him move it just in time.

Romulus growled in frustration and threw Matthew up into the air. "Bon Appetit!" He bellowed as Matthew flew towards his mouth. Matthew just grinned and did a cannon ball right into the zombie's mouth and as soon as he closed his chompers Matthew started to brutally cut up the inside of his mouth. This caused Romulus to spit him out onto the roof of a building.

Matthew slid across the roof's surface, almost falling off the other side. He was not used to getting covered in zombie spit. He quickly got up just as Romulus slammed his hands against the roof. Matthew ran up to him and started to cut off his fingers, just as a bit of payback for spitting him onto the roof in the first place, but his fingers kept regenerating.

"Try jumping onto his body!" Cried Gilbert. "It might work!"

"I guess…" Muttered Matthew. He was about to try and jump onto Romulus's body, but he moved his hands away, and started to throw zombies with TNT strapped to them at him. "Oh come on!" Cried Matthew as he ran for his life, avoiding the exploding zombies and Romulus when he slammed his hands against the roof, almost crushing him.

"LOOK OUT!" Cried Gilbert. Matthew gasped and jumped out of the way just as Romulus's long rotted tongue shot out of his mouth and landed on the roof with a thud, making him look like a frog. "I'll be so happy when you kill this guy!"

Suddenly Romulus slammed his hand over Matthew trapping him. Matthew just growled and chopped off his nails and the tips of his fingers. "Stupid zombie." Hissed Matthew. As he quickly jumped out from under the hand.

"Jump on his body now!" Cried Gilbert.

Matthew didn't need to be told twice. He jumped onto Romulus's arm and started to run up it. "Did you see the way that zombies head back their splattered all over everything? If I'd have put you in a mail box you would have missed that." He jumped out of the way as Romulus tried to squish him.

Suddenly his phone went off. "Matthew-kun, can you hear me?" Asked Kiku. "Now listen carefully as our connection is tenuous… you must do as I say."

Matthew nodded. "Okay."

"You're making good progress." Said Kiku. "A path will open for you if you move ahead, through his mouth and into his body."

Matthew shrugged. "I'm pretty good at keeping guys out of my body… Never really tried getting inside someone else's…"

Suddenly Romulus started shooting lasers at Matthew again. Said Canadian quickly jumped, flipped and ducked out of the way, but with all the complicated flips Matthew tripped over his feet and fell flat on his face. He looked up just in time to see Romulus glaring at him, his eyes charging, ready to zap him and Gilbert into oblivion. "Matthew! Look out!" Called Francis.

Matthew gasped in shock as he saw Francis flying through the air on his motor bike towards Romulus's face. The side car was stuffed with TNT. Matthew gasped in shock. "PAPA!"

Francis simply smiled as he pulled the pin out of a grenade and Romulus stared at him in shock. There was a huge explosion as a huge hole that ripped right through Romulus's head, but the monster still stood.

"Go Matthew-kun!" Cried Kiku. "Go now! Before the hole closes!"

Matthew could move, he couldn't think. He just sat there and cried wept. "But… Papa… He… PAPA!"

"You have to go into Romulus's body!" Said Kiku frantically. "You have to go before the hole your papa created closes! His weakness is inside his body!"

Matthew shook his head as tears streamed down his face. "I… I can't…"

"Matthew, listen to me!" Said Gilbert firmly. "You have to go now! Your Papa did what he did because he trusted you! Show him he was right to believe in you!"

Matthew sniffled a little and wiped away his tears. "Okay, Gil…" Slowly he stood up and picked up his chainsaw. "Let's get this over with…" With a burst of energy he ran towards Romulus's face and jumped down his throat, cutting his tongue along the way.

He hit the soft, damp, fleshy insides of the zombie with a thump. He quickly got up as his phone went off. "Matthew, can you hear me?" Asked Kiku. "I don't know what's going to happen next. Something very frightening… something demonic… is in the air… Be careful."

Matthew nodded and hung up, picking up his chainsaw at the same time. He gulped. "Oh my God, Papa. I really hope this was worth it…"

He ran forwards, starting to butcher any part of Romulus's insides that got in his way. He jumped and ducked and dodged as thick cartilage shot out of the sides and almost impaled him. Eventually though, they made it to his core.

Slowly Matthew and Gilbert approached the core of Romulus. The core as it turns out was Vlad's body wired into its system via nerves. They could still see his head a few feet away from his body.

Matthew's phone rang again. "Matthew, are you there?" Asked Kiku.

"Yeah, we're here." Said Matthew.

"That's its core." Said Kiku. "Listen carefully. This is your final lesson. Romulus is a mountain of tainted flesh, all held together by evil spirits. You have to send a signal from its core commanding it to self-destruct. Once the body is destroyed all of the captured souls will be sent back to Rotten World. Take control of his core and make him destroy himself!"

"How?" Asked Matthew.

Kiku paused for a moment. "By detonating a Gil bomb."

"A WHAT?" Cried Gilbert and Matthew in unison.

Kiku cleared his throat. "Like you have throughout this battle, you must connect Gilbert's head to Vlad's body."

Matthew gulped. "But what will happen to Gilbert?"

"I am so sorry…" Said Kiku. "Gilbert will die but-" The line went dead.

"Sensei?" Cried Matthew. "I can't hear you!" Slowly he put his phone away and dropped to his knees. He couldn't handle the thought of losing Gilbert, not right after losing his Papa. Tears of sorrow silently fell down his face.

A thick silence fell between them, only broken by Gilbert as he sighed. "You were right all along, Matthew… There's a reason I'm here. There's a plan greater than all of us. But it's time to say goodbye. Put me there and make the bomb."

"What?" Whimpered Matthew.

"You need to put me on Vlad's body." Said Gilbert calmly. "It's the only way to stop him."

"No!" Cried Matthew. "He said you'll die!"

"It's okay Matthew." Said Gilbert. "I feel strong of the first time in my life. I feel lucky to have been on this journey with you and your family. I feel like a… zombie hunter."

"I can't Gil." Sobbed Matthew. "I don't want to be without you!"

"I know Birdie." Said Gilbert. "But sometimes there are more important things than what we want in life."

"Gilbert…" Whimpered Matthew. He knew that everything he was saying was true. So with a heavy heart he slowly got to his feet and walked over to Vlad's body and placed Gilbert's head onto it. He leaned forwards and kissed him softly on the lips. "I love you… So much…"

"I love you too, Matthew." Said Gilbert with a small smile. "More than anything." There was an explosion as Romulus's body blew to smithereens.

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

"Gilbert… Gilbert?" Called Kiku.

Gilbert slowly opened his eyes, he was still a head and seemed to be floating in the vacuum of space. Kiku's disembodied voice echoed around him. "What the?"

"Because of your honour and sacrifice the mad feast has come to an end." Said Kiku. "You have truly been a hero. The Glorious Ones have chosen to bless you with a reward… But unfortunately, in the shuffling of this death and that death, this body and that, there was a small mix-up."

"A mix-up?" Asked Gilbert. "What kind of mix-up?"

Kiku cleared his throat. "Oh… nothing too big… But I will be watching you from above so please look after Matthew okay?" Suddenly there was another flash of blinding light.

XoXoXo page brake oXoXoX

When Gilbert next opened his eyes he was standing where Romulus once stood among the crippled buildings. A few feet away was Matthew, sitting down and crying his heart out. Gilbert grinned. "Matthew!"

Matthew looked over at Gilbert and stood up, not being able to believe his eyes. "Gilbert!" They ran towards one another to embrace each other in a hug, but when they got close they realized a small problem. Gilbert, who used to only be a few centimetres shorter than Matthew now only came up to his chest.

Gilbert looked down at himself and shook his head. "The mix-up… I got Kiku's body… but slightly younger I'm guessing… I… um… Oh what the hell, I guess."

Matthew chuckled. "I'm just glad that you have a body now… even if you are a little shorter than you used to be, I still love you." They looked into each other's eyes lovingly, slowly moving closer to each other, arms wrapped around one another as the slowly moved in for a kiss.

"Hey, face-suckers, over here!" Yelled Steve. Matthew and Gilbert pulled away from each other and looked over at Matthew's family; Steve was grinning and jumping around as Alfred and Arthur helped to keep the slightly singed Frenchman from falling over.

"Papa!" Cried Matthew, his voice full of joy. "You survived!"

Francis grinned. "Yep… Though I think I lost a testicle in the blast… But who cares, you only need one."

Gilbert grinned. "Looking great sir." He took Matthew's had as the group started to make their way back to the house as the sun started to rise on a new day.

"Hey Frog…" Said Arthur. "Don't you think you should go to the hospital?"

"Not necessary." Said Francis. "I used a staple gun up there to put it back together again. I'm a new man!"

Steve chuckled. "That's gross."

Alfred shook his head. "It's completely horrifying."

"You know what?" Asked Matthew. "This really has been the best birthday ever!"

When they got back to the house Steven and Alfred went straight to the kitchen to grab the candles and the cake. "Uncle Francis, Uncle Iggy, set the table!" Said Steve.

In a matter of minutes everyone was sitting around a table singing happy birthday. As they sat around eating cake Gilbert pulled a box out from under the table. "Hey Matthew, this is for you." Matthew smiled and opened the box. It was filled with red and white roses, but underneath it all were two large bottles of Canadian maple syrup. "Happy birthday, Birdie."

The End

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