Showdown, Chapter 1 by patricia51

(The Raid)

(When Umbrella conducts a deliberate attack on the Abernathy-Olivera family Alice, Carlos and their family and friends decide it's time to end the menace of the corporation once and for all. Sequel to "Homeward Bound". Carlos/Alice, Chris/Jill, Claire/Sam.)

Special thanks to WhatHurtsMeMost whose supportive remarks made me think of how to start this fic.)

The moon was down at four o'clock in the morning on a cool October night. Only a few scattered soft lights peeked through windows and they did nothing to dispel the darkness. Several years after the world-wide zombie apocalypse sources of power such as electricity were becoming more and more scarce. Large scale production was a thing of the past. Even generators were few and far between and the gasoline or diesel fuel needed to run them even scarcer.

That suited the almost invisible figures moving silently through the scattered building and homes of the small Alaskan settlement. They moved in pairs, one covering the other. Black garments were topped with light-amplification goggles. Suppressed submachine guns mounted infra-red sights.

Only clicks came from the radio each man carried to indicate progress. The leader nodded in satisfaction. The mission he had been given personally by Chairman Wesker was proceeding according to plan. He rose from his crouch and waved his men on. Picked men, they represented the cream of Umbrella's para-military forces.

The group closed on the target house. Satellite imagery had been confirmed by a camouflaged long range spotter who had crawled to within telescopic range of the target. Remaining basically motionless for an entire day he had been able to specifically locate the bedroom where the mission's main objectives were located.

One last rush and the team would make its entry. That entry would be surreptitious if possible but if that was not possible all available force would be used. Surprise should allow them to complete the capture even if the resistance from the targets' guardians was as fierce as reported.

The team leader doubted that. He was certain that the reports exaggerated the prowess of the individuals in question. Tough perhaps, he was NOT in the habit of underestimating his foes, but no one was as capable as this Alice and Carlos Abernathy-Olivera were said to be. Especially her. Besides, even tough and extremely capable people were worn down by caring for twins, especially those under the age of one.

In fact the Umbrella commando was correct. Alice and Carlos were snuggled together and sound asleep, exhausted by yet another long and hard day.

Nobody in the post-apocalyptic world they lived in could simply sit back and take life easy. There were crops to raise as the supply of pre-collapse food ran out. There were borders to be patrolled against incursions by undead and marauders alike. There were expeditions that need mounting to recover items that couldn't be reproduced in the remaining factories or were needed to keep those factories going that produced essential items that kept civilization going in the North. At the state government level there was even talk of trading voyages that might be able to link the scattered havens of survivors together and create a new world. In fact Carlos, along with Chris, had just returned from accompanying a unit of the Alaskan National Guard that had made a contact run down to the survivors' colony in LA, stopping along the way to visit the floating communities along the coast.

In the meantime Alice had been busy, as busy as only a mother with twins only a few months old who also had additional responsibilities could be. Fortunately K-Mart and Angie were available to help out after school and between chores. In fact with Carlos just returned K-Mart had put the baby monitor in her room while her parents got some much needed together time.

Because of past experience at how loud her parents got when they got some together time K-Mart was glad that when they had insulated the interior walls as well as the exterior when they had first moved into the house. Maybe tonight she wouldn't have to wrap her pillow around her head or head over to Angie's. And of course she couldn't take the twins with her. And she loved her baby brother and sister so much anyway. She tiptoed in to check on them one more time before settling down to sleep. All was well with the world as she dozed off.

Everyone was asleep. But then someone's eyes popped open and she jerked upright in her bed, shaking her head as she tried to wake up all the way.

"Something's wrong," the teenager said aloud.

Everyone gets feelings. But for Angela Ashford Valentine Redfield sensations like she was experiencing were more than just feelings. One of the two people to have successfully bonded with the T-Virus on a cellular level she had powers and abilities far beyond those of normal humans. What those powers even were no one was sure of except that they seem to have been growing stronger as she passed through her late teenaged years.

One of the strongest abilities she had demonstrated was that she could sense and sometimes control the undead, probably because of her own link with the T-Virus. That one wasn't important right now. But two others were. The first was that she could somehow sense the approach of danger, although her Mom and Dad, Aunt Claire and Uncle Sam and most especially Aunt Alice and Uncle Carlos as well as several assorted scientists who had visited had no idea how that happened or even how her mind defined "danger". But it did and right now it was blaring warning signs.

She slipped from her bed and ran to the bedroom window, her pistol already in her hand. Using the skills her family had taught her she carefully peeked from one side of the blinds through a barely lifted slat. It took only seconds for her to spot the stealthy figures closing in on the house next door. Even as she ran for the door to wake up her parents she was using another power.

On the road home after her rescue from Umbrella's clutches in LA Angie had demonstrated telepathy. Perhaps it was connected to her ability to sense and control the undead. Regardless, she was capable to contacting others mind-to-mind.

Those contacts could take place in one of two fashions. Someone she knew really well she could call to personally. If that person had practiced with her then the communication could take place both ways. And the person she had the most experience with, in fact the first person she had been able to contact with one-on-one, was in the house the invaders were surrounding. Angie concentrated.

"K-Mart!" There was no immediate answer from her best friend who would be, of course asleep. Angie repeated her call.


"What is it Angie?" came the reply finally.

"Emergency! There are dark figures closing in on your house. They're heading for the babies' bedroom. Wake your Mom and Dad."

Even as she sent that mind message Angie burst into her parents' bedroom, repeating basically the same message aloud. Chris and Jill Redfield snapped awake. Without wasting time they grabbed the weapons they kept close at hand and headed for the Angie's room. Chris snatched up a modified radio and in a low voice broadcast the alarm. Throughout the settlement men and women hastily dressed, armed themselves and prepared to respond to the threat at hand.

One of those radios was in Alice and Carlos' bedroom. Even asleep Alice had been stirring restlessly as her unconscious mind caught the edges of Angie's mental communication to K-Mart. Tired or not both survivors were instantly awake and ready for trouble. They sprang from their bed and made for the babies' room.

K-Mart had not taken time to dress. She had taken her Walther .380 automatic from her night stand and rushed to her brother and sister her terrier "Sparkles" at her heels. Since she was wearing no more than a floppy t-shirt and panties she had no place to holster her weapon when she snatched her tiny siblings from their cribs. Therefore she was unarmed when the bedroom window shattered from the grenade thrown though it.

Fortunately the grenade was a "flash-bang" type, designed to stun from its bright light and ear-splitting report. Also the teen had bolted for the door the moment she had the babies in her arms so her back was turned to the explosion. Still it drove her to her knees although she clung to little Alice and little Carlos, refusing to drop them. Rather she twisted around to fall on her back in order to avoid landing on them. The impact drove the breath from her but she hung on for dear life.

The third thing that told in the defenders' favor was that in order to avoid damaging their Night Vision Goggles or their eyes the attackers had to wait until the stun grenade had gone off and the light faded. The result of that was that when the snatch team of four jumped through the window there was nothing between them and two enraged and extremely capable parents who were already surging through the door.

The mingled roar of a Galil assault rifle and two machine pistols stretched two Umbrella commandos on the floor and blew the other pair back out the window before they could fire a shot. K-Mart stayed down, wiggling on her back out into the hallway while covering her brother and sister as best she could. In the hallway she found her pistol where she had kicked it with one bare foot after setting it down to free her hands. Squirming to an inside corner she positioned herself so the babies were sheltered by her body and she could sweep most of the hallway with her regained weapon. She vowed that anyone trying to get her siblings was going to get them over the dead body of one really angry older sister.

Outside in the darkness the team leader cursed under his breath. In one moment everything had gone to hell. Guns opened fire from several locations behind his people. The thunder of what had to be a large caliber shotgun all but picked up one of his rear guard men and flung him through the air to fall limp and bleeding from multiple wounds.

Retreat was not an option. Chairman Wesker did not forgive failures. He broke radio silence and instructed the covering team to lay down a suppressing fire while he rallied the remainder of his troops for an all out assault on the target.

For a moment the fire from the surprised but rapidly assembling villagers died down as the four covering team men opened up with their belt fed light machine guns. Hastily the team leader gave instructions and directed his surviving raiders.

As he rose to lead the charge he realized that only three machine guns were still firing. When they started forward in a rush the number fell to two. His keen ear sorted through the conflicting sounds, picking out a deep single report that reduced his covering fire to a single weapon.

"Sniper!" he thought. "And a damn good one," he added grimly. The defenders' fire increased and he knew the chances of them accomplishing their mission were falling to near zero. Still, he took point in the mad dash to the target house.

Three weapons spat from the window his first assault force had gone through. Since intelligence had shown there were two adults and a teenager present in the house besides the targets it seemed likely all three were firing from that position. At the last possible moment he jumped sideways and plunged through the bedroom window to the left. Barely managing to keep his balance he careened through what was obviously a teenage girl's room and through the door.

Something caught his feet as he staggered into the hallway. He fell even as he realized he had tripped over bare legs belonging to the teen whose room he had just passed through, a teen he had thought was in the other room. He managed to turn his fall into a roll, ending up on his side facing back the way he had come. His eyes widened as he realized that sheltered by the teen's body were the very infants he had been sent to secure, or if he was unable to take them to eliminate them.

He had admitted doubts to himself when he received those orders. The idea of killing children was repugnant to the warrior code he had been raised in but duty was not always pleasant to be performed. He had lost his personal weapon but reached down and pulled a combat knife from his boot. Perhaps he could do this quickly. He raised himself and lunged, right into the barrel of a pistol held in a steady grip and the glare of a pair of unflinching blue eyes.

The final machine gun had fallen silent. Carlos noted that Claire's aim was obviously as good as ever. The last attackers had fallen as Sam, Jill, Chris and even Angie along with the other members of their village had cut down the last of the raiders. And then gunfire, a single weapon, opened fire from behind them out in the hallway. Alice's superhuman speed and agility carried her there in micro-seconds but Carlos was right behind her.

In front of them a black clad figures sprawled on the floor. Smoke curled from the muzzle of K-Mart's Walther, still carefully trained on the fallen attacker. A knife lay near to his hand. A small growling ball of fur still clenched that hand's wrist in its teeth.

The last shots of the attack had been fired. But the actions that would be precipitated by the raid were just beginning.

(To be continued)