Showdown, Chapter 13 by patricia51

(Brave New World)

Back in the secret fortress constructed under Tokyo Albert Wesker sat stunned as the reports continued to flow in. Not only had both his assault forces been defeated and surrendered but word had just came in that the crew of the cargo ship Arcadia that he had directed to head for the ocean battle had mutinied, taken over the ship and were refusing to follow orders. Sunk in his thoughts at first he didn't notice the quiet slipping away of personnel from the command center. When he did his anger rose to the surface.

"Get back to your posts," he snarled, drawing his pistol. "This isn't over."

The remaining techs responded by bolting for the exits. Enraged he fired again and again, not even caring that the bullets smashed consoles which flickered, sparked and went dark. His pistol empty he slumped into his chair and brooded.

What could have gone wrong? He was Albert Wesker, chairman of Umbrella, the largest and most powerful corporation in the world. How could he have come to this? He never stopped to considered that although he was an extremely able and astute businessman he had no military knowledge at all and had brought Umbrella to the brink by assuming he was a genius at that as well as business.

Screams woke him from his thoughts. He staggered out into the larger control center which was still slightly manned by terrified personnel.

"Mister Chairman!" one of the female techs screamed. "The outer doors have short circuited. The zombies are coming in!"

"Have security hold them back until the doors can be repaired," he directed.

"But sir!" the panicked woman responded. "All the guards were sent out on the raid. What shall we do?"

Ignoring her and the rest Wesker spun on his heel and headed for the hanger where his personal VTOL was kept. He was still standing there, staring at the empty spot where the craft had been before he ordered ALL craft to take part in the double attack when the zombies found him.

Far out to sea Dwayne and Morganna had reached the derelict with their load of aviation fuel and a reunion with their friends. It turned out that Dwayne had been in the Marines with both Mark Drake and Jenette Vasquez.

"I'm not surprised Umbrella recruited them," The former Umbrella officer remarked. "They're both tough, smart and were deeply involved in the smart gun program." He grinned. "They're also deeply in love with each other but have never admitted it, claiming they're just buds. I know better."

A discussion among the three of them, with Jenette participating by radio of course, solved some of the problem of what to do with the surviving Umbrella troopers. The discussion continued to widen, Mikey going crazed linking the various groups together in one conference. Finally he had Alice, Dwayne, Bill Henderson, Jenette, representatives of the floating communities and the Alaskan government, the newly elected Captain of the Arcadia and the commander of the Carrier Battle Group all together.

Many details would have to be worked out later but the basic principles were agreed upon easily. It was time for the scattered groups of survivors to work together, not fragment the human race even more. Mutual defense and trade relations were settled. The Arcadia would head for Alaska and began carrying cargos up and down the coast and out to the South Pacific where the carrier groups was reclaiming island chains one by one, including their new home port of Guam. There was even talk of a voyage to the Atlantic, The Georgia survivors' mainland foothold included the old King's Bay Naval Base and supplies from there were sorely needed by the carrier and the Alaskan Coast Guard. Missiles and torpedoes are not reusable after all.

Scattered transmissions told of the collapse of Umbrella Headquarters including an eyewitness account by a shaken survivor of the devouring of Chairman Wesker. A large group had sealed off a section of the complex and was temporarily safe. Reinforced by some of the carrier's Marines the Umbrella troops on the derelict agreed to mount a rescue mission from the Arcadia, a mission much more to the liking of Mark Drake. They would be joined by Jenette and her remaining troops, both commanders giving their word of honor as to their intentions.

"That you can take to the bank," Dwayne assured the gathering. He also pointed out the two of them had eagerly accepted his offer to join him and Morganna along with some of their troops in the effort to push back the undead in their area. Also apparently none of the executives had made their way to safety. The remaining employees were pretty much all lab and science techs, medical personnel (not the ones given to dissecting teenagers they were all informed), mechanics and other workers. Plus there was a lot of stuff stored in levels still unoccupied that was in great demand in the outside world.

"Enough to give the Arcadia quite a load for their first trading voyage," noted Stan when informed of the stuff Umbrella had kept to itself.

The rescued Umbrella personnel would be screened and offered the opportunity to apply to join any of the survivor groups or they could be given the chance to found a colony of their own if enough wanted.

"After all," Carlos said with a twinkle in his eye, "some former Umbrella employees have turned out to be pretty solid citizens."

"This is all great," agreed Alice with a sigh. "But right now I'm ready to go home."

A few hours later they were on their way. It seemed a long time but soon they were landing outside of their homes. Ah they disembarked they were met by charging teenagers carrying younger siblings. There was a great deal of hugging and leaping into eager parental arms. With shinning eyes Jennie showed Emily to the house that was now their home. From the way the pair held each other it was obvious there would be a lot more "I love you's" in their life together. Mike and William announced plans to move their families here.

"I had no idea they even HAD families," whispered Jill to her husband.

At first it appeared that Trent would be the lone one leaving. However Christina invited the former Mountie to spend a few days at her house "just to relax a bit first" before going home. The lone bachelor on the team lost no time in accepting and seemed to be hitting it off with Eliza and little Jim.

As for the rest they settle back into their homes to rest and recover for a few days. All were astounded at Angie's continual strenthening of her mental abilities and the connection she had forged with the other girls. Researchers from the still fuctioning University of Alaska were making arrangements to come visit and study it all. Remembering the last time she had nearly been "studied" Angie was leary at first but was reassured when she met the woman who would be in charge of the study and realized she was not in the least like those monsters in lab coats she remembered.

The Abernathy-Olivera home needed a few repairs after the last two break-ins but everyone pitched in and within a few weeks Alice, Carlos and K-Mart sat in front of the fireplace watching the flames dance. The adults were snuggled together while the nearby teen kept a close eye on her sleeping siblings. Her puppy Sparkles was comfortably stretched out on a piece of blanket and helping her watch the babies. She gave a sigh.

"What is it sweetheart?" asked her dad.

"I guess this will sound pretty silly given all that we have been through but I'm almost, almost mind you, sad that the days of our adventures have come to an end. I mean I'm looking forward to being a stay-at-home family and me being a regular high school teenager and all that but still..."

"Well they were important days," her mom pointed out. "Without those adventures we never would have become a family. Besides, you're going to be busy at school and in a few months you and Angie and everyone will have more baby-sitting chores besides your brothers and sisters."

"It's great that Aunt Claire and Aunt Jill are both expecting and all of us, including Eliza, Sally and Marian are expanding our baby-sitting, not just for them but for other families here. But you know what I mean. The days of wild adventures are over."

"Over?" smiled her parents together before Alice took over speaking again. "Sweetheart there's an entire world that needs reclaiming. There are pockets of people to be brought together, places to explore; a new civilization to build that hopefully won't make the same mistakes the last one did. There will be plenty of adventure and new experiences to come for everyone. For you, Angie, your friends. Heck," a twinkle lit Alice's eyes and she shared a secret grin with her daughter, "Even your father will be plunging into new things."

"Huh?" Carlos looked back and forth from his wife to his daughter, catching those grins. "Okay, what's going on?"

"Do you remember Robert and Sue?"

"The couple we first met in the smugglers' cave? Sure. The last I heard they have become the liaison between the floating communities and the Alaskan State government. What about them?"

"They're coming to Alaska and they're coming here."

"That's great but..."

"Why is that leading you to a new experience?" his wife finished the thought for him.

"Well, yeah," Carlos said in puzzlement.

"Do you remember their son Ted?"


"He's coming too," K-Mart said. Carlos sat up with panic in his eyes as he saw the dreamy look in his daughter's eyes. "We're going to the school dance Friday night. Together. Without you. Or mom."

"Yes Carlos Olivera," Alice tried desperately to stifle a giggle, something their daughter was unable to do. "If you think the last few years have been filled with danger and excitement well guess again. You are about to embark on the most frightening adventure any man can undertake. You are now the father of a teenage girl who has begun to date."

"Oh my God."

(The End)