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Lexy giggled as she slipped in Phil's empty room backstage. She hadn't even told him she was coming to his show tonight. That and what she came to do were both surprises for the self proclaimed 'Voice of the Voiceless'.

See, she'd been his best friend, his next door neighbor since they were babies practically. And for nearly as long as that, she'd been in love with the tattooed Straight Edge sex symbol. But she'd had to move when they'd started their senior year of high school, to Belvedere. Though it wasn't that far, it seemed then like it was a million miles away.

And she'd grown a lot since back then. Hopefully tonight, she'd be able to make him see just how much.

She smiled to herself as she raked a hand through her long light brown hair, and leaning into the mirror in his backstage room, she puckered her lips into a pout, before applying the cherry gloss carefully. The sexy smile filled her face as she looked down at what she wore.

Oh yes. Tonight, she was going to get him EXACTLY where she wanted him, and she had wanted him, for years now. One way or another, tonight, his resolve was going to crack.

She had to have him. And Lexy was a very determined girl.

So into her private musings, her fantasies, she failed to hear the door opening, or see Phil. Nor did she see him when he walked towards her, eyes locked on her, shocked beyond belief.

No she didn't see or feel him until his lips brushed the soft skin at the base of her neck and he whispered in a low rumble, "Lexy? Is it really you?"

Lexy's knees went weak, but a smile filled her face as she turned, pressed her trench coat clad body against Phil's firm body and giggling looked up at him before asking, "What do you think? Is it?"

Phil's cock stood at attention when he walked in the locker room, saw the leggy grown up version of his childhood best friend. He'd heard she was back in their hometown, where the show was being held tonight, but he'd been planning on surprising her. And then he'd come into his empty backstage room and found her leaned in against the mirror, putting on lip gloss.

He'd gulped when he realized that yes, those were 6 inch cherry red stiletto heels, and yes, that was a tan trench coat.. With no visible traces of clothing sticking out from beneath. He'd started to walk towards her like he was in a daze, and now, he stood in front of her.

"It's good to see you again, Lexy." his voice sounded deep, husky and his tongue passed over his lips, lingering on his lip ring a moment in thought.

But Lexy had other plans. She placed her hand firmly but gently all the same, over his chest and backed him up until he was directly in front of the chair in his room. When he sat, she straddled his lap and with a pout she asked, "Didn't you miss me, baby?"

"God, did I ever." Phil muttered as he held her gaze, tried to hold his restraint. It was a failed attempt because moments later, he pulled her completely against the growing bulge in his wrestling trunks, and his hands gripped her ass tightly, squeezing.

Lexy squeaked as her teeth grazed her plump lower lip and her eyes flashed a lusty blue as she fixed them on his deep brown ones. "Phil." she whispered as she grinded herself daringly against the still growing bulge in his wrestling trunks.

Phil growled and thrust against her, as he looked up, put his hand on the back of her head, pulling her mouth into his, his tongue finding hers, tangling greedily.

"Mmmm. Lexy." he growled as he gave up trying to restrain himself and standing, keeping her wrapped around him, he found a folding table nearby, sitting her on it, gently pushing her back as his mouth worked down from her lips, then lower to her neck, sucking he left a huge purple mark, and with an almost animal like growl, his hand crept up, and through the slit of the trench coat, growling when he found her completely and totally nude beneath.

His finger danced up her thigh before plunging deeply inside of her soaking wet heat, and he whispered, "Now I'm gonna show you how much I missed you, Lexy, babe." before dipping his mouth down, teasing her nipples with his teeth as he gripped her full breast in his hand, growling again.

Lexy moaned and her leg went up, wrapping tightly around his waist, holding the rock hard erection against her as she thrust against it pouting. She had to get control of the situation again, because this was her surprise to him, but how?

A lusty light filled her blue eyes as she sat up, making him pout momentarily. Rubbing against him one last time, by now his erection was beyond hard, it actually hurt pretty fucking bad to be him right at that particular moment, she slowly kissed her way down his body, and quickly tugged his wrestling trunks down, before sucking in a sharp breath and then taking his cock into her mouth, letting the cool air she blew out make him shiver as she started to stroke and suck, trailing her tongue lazily around the head.

Phil growled and bucked his hips, thrusting into her mouth as he bit his lower lip. This was fucking hot. Anyone could walk in at any second, and it made the adrenaline surge, made his heart race and made his cock all that much harder. At this rate, he'd never be able to walk straight again when he was done fucking her.

He placed his hand gently on her head and Lexy slipped his cock into her mouth deeper, causing him to arch his back and growl loudly ,"Lexy... Oh fuck..."

Lexy groaned, she was getting wetter, even hornier by the second. The door wasn't locked, she knew this. She knew anyone could burst in at any second. And then Phil removed his cock from her mouth and with a lust hazed gleam in his eye whispered quietly, "It's my turn now." before pushing her back on the table he'd sat her on moments before.

Both knew they couldn't take much more teasing, and frankly, Punk was more than ready to just all out fuck her, but this had been in his mind a long time. She was the one who got away, after all. And damn it all to hell, he was going to take his time, or as much time as he had before they were caught, rather, enjoying this moment.

Lexy pouted as she lie back. A gasp slipped past her full lips as she felt his finger speeding up inside of her, and then another one added. She kept getting so wet and it was taking all she had not to scream out, but she almost couldn't resist. His lips began their path down her body, lingering on her nipples, teasing them until they ached, but then he kept going lower.

A low satisfied growl escaped his lips as he thrust his tongue inside of her completely soaked heat, and began lapping at the wetness, the sweetness greedily, as his fingers kept thrusting at a steady pace.

All of this was simply too much for Lexy to take, so she screamed out, "Phil!" as her body began to shake and her back came away from the table as she gripped it's edge until her knuckles were white.

He growled as he felt her cumming hard and a smirk filled his face before he realized that now, he was beyond ready to all out fuck her 9 ways to sunday, and he picked her up, carrying her to the chair, sitting down, pulling her body down onto his fully and beyond erect cock, and his hands went to her hips, guiding her body up and down.

Lexy pushed herself up and down, gripping his shoulders, kissing him feverishly as he sucked her neck, his hand tangled in her long light brown hair and he groped her breasts with one hand. She groaned as his hand traveled down and his thumb grazed across her clit. Her back arched and she sped up, but his hands quickly went to her hips, controlling her speed.

She pouted as Punk smirked and began to slam into her from where he sat in the chair. But he wasn't going to go just yet.. There was something he wanted to do to her. The full length mirror on the wall had him thinking..

He picked her up and carried her to it, standing her on her feet. Lexy pouted at him as she panted and tried to catch her breath while she was in his arms.

As soon as she was standing again, he slid his hand between her legs, slipping his fingers back into her soaking wet heat, thrusting greedily, watching her beautiful face in the mirror as he used his fingers to fuck her while he let himself calm down so he didn't finish too quickly.

Pulling his fingers out, he slowly stroked his cock, slicking it with the wetness on his fingers. Then he thrust into her, pressing his body against hers, as he put his hands over her hands on either side of the mirror.

Lexy groaned as she thrust her hips back and forth while he slammed into her from behind. "Phil.. God.. So big.. Oh babe you're in so deep."

Punk growled as he sucked her neck again, marking her yet again. He muttered quietly, "So tight, Lexy.. God I used to imagine this, babe, you have no idea how many nights."

Lexy felt the warmth pooling again, makig her sticky wet, coating him as she shook almost violently and her second orgasm took her by surprise. "Oh fuck... Phil..." she groaned as she tried again to speed them up, and again his hands gripped her hips, keeping them the same speed.

As soon as she started to clench tightly around his cock, he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. As he fucked her into a surprise second orgasm, his own orgasm started slowly, but rather intensly, and he gripped her long light brown hair gently, speeding up his thrusts as he took her from behind.

"Lexy." he muttered as he inhaled sharply, "I'm gonna cum, babe.. " and slamming into her a few more times, he spilled his hot seed inside of her as she started to cum even harder , and leaned against her, panting for breath, resting a moment. He turned her around, smirking as he said "That.. was the best birthday present ever."

Moral of the story: If in doubt, give your man birthday sex. Works every time. ;)