So this is an old idea of mine that I've decided to dust off thanks to Zept for their Birthday! I own only the insanity. This prologue takes place before the first movie.

He was running. He was running so hard that his lungs burned and his legs felt stiff and wooden. He was used to running, escaping, fleeing. But this was different. He had to get away…far away. Those thoughts kept turning over in his head as the scenery blurred past him. It was bad this time. He felt familiar frustration well up in him. It wasn't his fault. It was never his fault. But his Uncle had been really mad after the Zoo. More made than he had ever been. Harry hadn't waited to see what his punishment was going to be. As soon as he could he had gotten out of the car and just started running. Neither Dudley or his Uncle could catch up with him and his Aunt would never do something so undignified as running after a delinquent child. So he had run and kept running. The thoughts of getting away told him that he couldn't go back. He could never go back. He was ten, soon to be eleven, years old, running away from the only family he had left. There was nowhere to go; and he couldn't stop smiling because he had never felt so free.

Three Months Later

Harry was huddled back against the bar wall. It was late and he knew the bartender was going to chase him out soon enough but there was nowhere else to go. He tried to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself. Weird things had always happened around him but it was starting to get worse. He was travelling faster than he should have been. He had been running and somehow ended up in Canada. He had cried in frustration knowing that his Uncle had been right. He was a freak.

But he couldn't go back. So he kept moving, kept going forward. He started figuring out how he could make things happen for him. He got food easily enough, his clothes kept him warmer than he knew they were supposed to. The hardest thing was finding a place for him to stay. Sometimes if he hung around the bars late at night the bar tenders would let him sleep in a back room after closing. He was lucky enough that his…thing…let him always convince them not to call anyone and just let him stay for a night. It was strange. Sometimes he came to the same bar a few weeks apart and they never seemed to remember him. He tried not to think too much now a days. He just tried to focus on surviving.

He wasn't paying enough attention to where he was going and he bumped into a rather large man. He had been around these places enough that when he did something like that he just looked at the ground until the person went away. That usually worked. Not this time. The guy looked at him a moment before saying gruffly "Hey kid what are you doing in a place like this? Does Tom know you're lurking around here?

Harry tried down the panic. In these situations he knew the worst thing he could do is panic. He figured out that the freaky things he did were harder to control if he didn't concentrate well. "I'm just…stepping in for a minute to warm up. He doesn't mind." He tried to say the words in the way that usually made adults seem to forget him. Again…Not this time.

Looking up he saw that the man wasn't going anywhere. His dark eyes narrowed and then he shrugged as he said "Look kid it's not any of my business but you're going to cause a lot of trouble for the rest of us."

Harry didn't know what to do. This hadn't happened before. He started backing up and looking for a way out. The guy gave him a curious look and for a second he thought he was going to press the issue when two larger guys came up. They didn't pay him any attention though. It was almost as if they couldn't see him. That was normal for him though. What wasn't normal was when people could see him.

The man's attention shifted from him to the two guys. Harry backed up against the wall as the two men cornered the guy who was talking to him. "I want my money back. That fight wasn't fair."

Harry tilted his head to the side as the guy smirked at the two guys. "Well I wouldn't call being better than you cheating bub. But hey if you want to settle this again outside then I would be more than happy to oblige you."

The guy growled and fisted the man's shirt "Look we know what you are and we know it ain't right so if you don't want us to turn you in then you better hand over the money freak."

Freak. It was that word that got Harry's attention. He looked up at the guy and wondered if that was why he could see and talk to him. He looked at the other two and narrowed his eyes as he pushed his way in front of the one man. "Go away." His green eyes seemed to flash as he spoke.

The two men looked at him for a moment before they wandered off. Harry sighed in relief that was short lived when a hand grabbed him by the collar and dragged him outside. He tripped but caught himself as he turned to look at the man. He was tall, and big, he had a lot of muscles and looked really tough. Dark brown hair in a slicked back style and eyes that looked hard. "I'm Harry!" He said excitedly, happy to finally have found someone like him.

Logan looked at the kid in front of him and knew that he was in trouble. Something had seemed off about this kid for awhile. He had stuck around this area getting money through fights and construction. He had been to this bar frequently and several times he had seen this kid slinking in the back. He didn't know why Tom let him stay around and when he asked the man acted like he had no idea what he was talking about. Finally he had confronted the kid knowing that it wasn't a good idea to let him keep hanging around. Now it had led to this. Great. He should have realized the kid was in a mutant.

He stared at 'Harry' for a moment. Mutants seemed to rarely use their birth names. He went by Wolverine most of the time and kept Logan to himself. He looked the boy over and noticed that he looked a little worse for wear. He had obviously been taking care of himself for awhile. Probably a runaway and he tried to ignore the feelings that rose at the thought of a kid this young trying to escape from home.

Unaware of the battle Logan was waging with himself Harry began to speak excitedly "I thought I was the only one. Uncle always called me Freak even when I tried to tell him I didn't know how I was doing what I was doing and that sometimes things happened that I couldn't explain. But you're just like me!"

He should just pass this kid off to someone else. He knew that. He was in no position to take care of him. He looked the boy over again. Apparently no one else could either…He sighed and rubbed his temples. "Look staying with me probably isn't the best idea… It's going to be rough going and I'm not really the type to be around kids much."

Those bright eyes looking up at him just kept shining and he motioned with a thumb towards his camper. "Alright well if you're okay with that then get in. We gotta get out of here."

Harry's laughter echoed in the parking lot as he rushed towards the truck with Logan looking from behind as he shook his head and followed after. It was too late to take it back and strangely he found himself not wanting to.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEPT This is just the prologue I hope everyone enjoyed it!