Part 2

Chapter 1 – Rin's Past

Two year old Rin hopped through the hallway of her house. Her destination was the playroom. As she thought of the toys she wanted to play with, angry voices coming from the door of her parents' room caught her attention.

"And what would you have me do, then?!" Her father screamed.

"Nothing! Fine, Just do as you please. They won't remember, Rin is only two and Rika is barely a week old! Who will arrange the papers?" Haruko said.

"Nakago will help me. He knows a lawyer suited for this. Hanabishi, Kouga. Rika will be the older daughter and my successor." Iwao replied irately.

Haruko winced. Iwao still had no idea… she hid the fact that she had an affair with Nakago, and let her husband think that Rin's father was her ex-boyfriend, Miroku, instead. It was a good thing that Miroku no longer lives in Japan and it was impossible to contact him. She couldn't tell her husband the WHOLE truth… because of her fear that it will destroy his relationship with Nakago, his closest friend and right hand man in the company. She had done enough damage as it is.

"What a pest. She is YOUR mistake Haruko. I cannot get rid of her because my reputation will be tarnished. You should've told me you were pregnant with a child that was not mine early on, and didn't wait until that child was born." He crumpled the paper he was holding.

"I don't believe in abortion, you know that. But I told you the truth anyway, didn't I?"

The sound of a slap resounded in the room.

"You dirty woman. Don't try to justify your actions! You gave me this problem! Rin is a constant reminder of your infidelity! I will have NOTHING to do with that child." Iwao slammed his fist on the desk.

"I'm not trying to justify anything!"

The door opened suddenly, revealing a teary-eyed Haruko holding her cheek. She saw little Rin standing outside the room who looked confused.

"Mommy?" Rin didn't understand anything she heard. All she knows was that her mommy and daddy were fighting in angry voices. She didn't like it.

Haruko looked at Rin, her child, painfully. Maybe birthing Rin really was a mistake, but she can't go back and undo her actions.

"Go in the playroom and play with your toys, Rin." Haruko fled towards a guestroom to find solace.

[4 years old Rin]

"Daddy, look! I made a drawing for you!" Rin hopped around her father's desk, trying to show him her drawing.

Iwao gnashed his teeth together. "Rin, what did I tell you about bothering me? I'm working!" He ignored the child and continued sorting the papers on his desk.

Rin pouted but was persistent. "But Daddy, I made this for you! Please look at it!"

Iwao didn't acknowledge her. Where the hell was this child's nanny?!

"Please daddy look!" She made her voice a little louder.

That did it. His temper snapped and he stood up abruptly, knocking the chair loudly behind him. He grabbed the paper from her hands and waved it in front of her face. "THIS? And what should I do with this useless piece of crap? It's childish and it doesn't interest me!" He tore the paper to pieces and shoved the remaining pieces at Rin's chest.

She fell on her butt, a sob rising in her throat.

"NOW SCRAM AND GET OUT!" Her father screamed.

Rin stood up and ran outside her dad's study room, crying. She didn't understand why her dad seemed to dislike her so much. Did she do something to make him mad?

Little Rin approached her mother who was plucking flowers in the greenhouse.

"Mommy!" She hugged her arm, crying.

"Why daddy doesn't like Rin? What did I do?" She couldn't forget the image of her dad tearing her drawing apart. She drew her father, mother, sister and herself in the form of stickpersons holding hands and just wanted to show it to him.

Haruko held Rin's arms and gently pushed her away, looking into her eyes. "I told you Rin, not to bother your daddy when he's busy." She seemed solemn.

She hiccupped. "But I just wanted to show him what I made."

Haruko shook her head. "Just listen to him and do not go inside his office. It's what's best for you."
Rin nodded, but couldn't help the tears from falling.

"Stop crying. It won't do anything. Go back inside and play with your toys." Haruko resumed trimming the dead leaves on her bougainvillea plant.

Rin wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. "Can I play with Rika-neesan?"

Haruko froze. "No, Rin. Iwao don't want you to bother your sister. She's taking a nap."

Rin crossed her arms. "I can never play with her! It's always this reason or that reason!"

Haruko shook her head. "I'm sorry. Maybe next time, okay? Now go back inside the house."

Rin turned around and ran unable to hide her frustration.

Haruko sighed to herself. Life would be difficult for everyone in this house.

[8 years old]

That was how she felt living in the huge house. Her father would barely acknowledge her existence, ignoring her for as long as she could remember. Her mother was always busy too, attending to a chain of floral shops she owns around the city.

She wanted to go to school and make friends, but her parents wouldn't accept it, and she was homeschooled like her sister, Rika. Rika, who disliked her like her father.

"I can't play with you. He says playing with you will make me dumb. I don't wanna be dumb." Rika 'hmped' and tried to walk past Rin.

"I'm not gonna make you dumb!" Rin fumed, annoyed.

Rika rolled her eyes. "But you can't even read properly! What if that's contagious? I need to be able to read so I can someday help daddy with the company, you know!"

Rin winced. She remembered it all too well. Few days ago, an educational psychologist had to see her because Tsubaki, her personal tutor, told her mother that she needed to see one. And the doctor diagnosed her with "Dyslexia," giving her the reason why it was hard for her to read and improve her academic performance.
Her father had called her shameful, stupid and useless. His words were like knife.

"Maybe instead of playing, you should force yourself to study. Daddy is taking me to see dolphins later, because I got an A on my last exam." She smiled widely, seeing the hurt in her sister's face.

Jealousy clawed at her heart. She cleared her throat. "Can I come?"

Rika stuck her tongue out. "Of course not! Only me and daddy!"

"Can you ask daddy to let me come? Please?" She begged.

Rika shook her head. "No way!" She ran out the door, leaving a sad Rin behind. She kicked the toys on the floor and grabbed a book. Maybe if I study and get smarter, he'll let me go with them next time.

[9 Years Old]

"Be a good girl and don't give grandma Kaede a hard time, okay?" Haruko said, before knocking on the door.

"Why am I staying with her again?" She asked. She was far away from home, in a small province where her grandmother lived. There was no electricity because her grandma was a technophobe. Rin wrinkled her nose when the wind blew her way. It smells like barn animals and poop.

"Because me and your dad have business to attend to in America. We'll be back in a week."

"You told me that already! But how come you're taking Rika with you and you're leaving me here?!" She complained, trying not to cry. It was so unfair.

"We're not going to take long, so just stay here and stop complaining." Haruko turned around and tried to go back towards the car.

She grabbed her mother's arm. "Daddy still doesn't like me, does he? He doesn't want me to go!"

Haruko looked at her daughter painfully. "Please… just be good. I'll bring you back souvenirs."

"I don't want souvenirs. I want to be with you and daddy and Rika." She tried to insist, although she already knew it was futile. It's not like this was the first time they were leaving her.

The door opened and Kaede appeared. "Hello, Rin."

"Take care of her, mama." Haruko walked quickly towards the car. Rin remained standing, rooted to the spot, until the car disappeared from her sight. She turned around, and saw that her grandma was staring at her with pity.

It made Rin mad. "Why do you look at me that way!? Why does everybody treat me like this?!" She cried and then ran out towards the fields.

"RIN! Come back!"

Kaede's voice faded as she ran. Her old grandma couldn't keep up with her. She ran and ran, feeling the pain in her chest, the combination of exhaustion and her feelings.

It hurt.

She collapsed in front of a huge tree. She wiped her eyes of tears and hugged her knees. My mother doesn't care about me. My father and sister obviously hate me. No one stands up for me. I'm invisible.

The sun was setting, but she refused to go back. Here, she was surrounded by trees, the sound of the birds chirping and the smell of wild plants.

"I wish I can be noticed!" She yelled. Her heart aches. All she wants was to be loved and accepted. To feel like she was part of the family.

The temperature suddenly dropped, and Rin felt chills along her spine. Something tugged at her being.
Slowly, she stood up and turned around, staring at the huge tree.

I can make your wish come true.

Her eyes widened. "Whaaat?! Who's there?!" She yelped. She stared dubiously at the tree. "The tree TALKS?!"

No. Reach inside the hollow.

Rin gulped and hesitated to stick her hand inside the small hole in the tree. What if a monster grabs her hand?!

Don't be afraid. I'm a friend.

After much thought, Rin took a deep breath and did as she was told by the strange voice. When she took her hand out, she was holding a pretty jewel on a string.

"Wow. Cool!" It was a white jewel, but once in her hands, it turned in a hazy shade of gray. Little did she know, the jewel sensed and fed from her despair.

You poor thing.

The voice originated in her head.

"Wha what?! Who are you and how did you do that!" She almost dropped the jewel. Before the strange voice could answer, she glared at the jewel "…and I'm NOT A POOR THING!"

I'm sorry, Rin. I feel your pain. I see your memories. I am called Magatsuhi. I am a spirit of the Shikon jewel.

So this jewel is called Shikon… "Oh. I see. What do you want from me?" She asked. She felt a little silly talking to the jewel.

I shall help you. I will be your friend. I promise you'll never be lonely. I may only be a spirit, but I can help you. Together, I will help you overcome your pain and make your father accept you.

Her eyes widened. "Really?" Then she frowned. "How do I know I can… trust you?" She had never trusted anyone before in her life. Her own mother kept breaking her trust and promises, she just gave up eventually.

Ah. Let me show you. I will give you a gift. Go towards that temple.

Rin's eyebrows furrowed. "The Higurashi Temple?" She glanced at the temple across the field. She's been to her grandma's house enough times to know some of the landmarks in the province.

There you will meet an older child. She will be a faithful friend to you.

She blinked. She never had a friend before. What if… what if I'm not good enough to be a friend like I'm not good enough to my family?

Don't think like that Rin. Go ahead and meet her.

Ignoring the fact that she was listening to a voice in her head, she pocketed the jewel and ran towards the temple. As she approached, she saw a kid sitting on a step in front of the temple.

"Hi." Rin said shyly, not used to socializing.

The kid with long, dark hair and brown eyes stood up, gazing at her. She smiled timidly. "Hello."

Those simple words became the catalyst to a long conversation between them, and eventually, a close friendship that surpassed distance for years to come.


And that's how Rin met Kagome. I'll continue with Rin's past for the next chapters until we get to the part with the massacre(Beginning of the story)! I'm sorry this is such a sad chapter (Its angst after all) Haruko isn't exactly mother of the year, right? If you noticed in my story, Magatsuhi met Rin around the same age when Sesshomaru first met the beaten up Rin in the series. This is a little bit of a perversion of that; this is my version of, what if emotionally battered Rin ends up with Magatsuhi, a manipulative evil spirit, instead? Uooh.

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